Planck Mechanical Keyboard Review & Build

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Red Phoenix says:

@1:00 and you lose functionality because of the layered approach. The lack of font faces on a non-standard layout makes memorizing the layout difficult. Let alone the lack of scientific prove for tangible ergonomic benefits for this configuration.

xFoxDeath says:

What shitty keyboard

Absolomb says:

Smooth job slipping in the advertisement for the cables.

Victor B says:

having blank keys would make sense if you still had the raised bit on F and J – which is what all power typists are using. having absolutely nothing at all on them is plain stupid and it makes it obvious that whoever designed it had only WSAD in mind for “pro gamerz”

Gekon Productions says:


Bernd Lippert says:

Very good video! However, just proof that the IT consumer market is full of dumb shit.

MonsterTeegs says:

Half the size, double the weight, three times the carpel tunnel, and double the price as your grandmas keyboard. Why the fuck would I buy this? I could get a nice Corsair or Razer OR even just steal my grandmas keyboard for free. Wtf

anthony-y says:

Not to mention the fact that the driver for it is open source so you can fork and compile your own driver. It has a whole 32K of memory lol

Rudy Ivan Juri says:

You rotated the keyboard with the cable on 360 degree… O.O
I died…

Salty Mac says:

ugh i want a planck board. but it just wouldn’t really be useful for me personally, and its like 150 for everything i would need.

JarynGames says:

whoa, that thing is kinda cool!

Zeusek ϟ says:

How did you make your own case for computer? i mean your logo on case, it’s only sticker?


That is one stupid keyboard.

Ryry91 says:

absolutely hate this guy

Sky says:

i cant belive i skipped this drop.. 🙁

Adrians Kronbergs says:

$125 for that! you can buy a razer chroma and still have money left over

31 Savage says:


Darren Ung says:

rip wallet

Lo631k MVM says:

This keyboard only for games, right?

joel T says:

Guys i need to know what is that mouse?

Nathan S. says:

Howbout you guys stop hating on the dude and just watch his reviews ffs.

Marc Muñiz says:

all these sprint hate ads and I’m just here like…wtf sprint is great for me 0.o

RealSykes says:

$120 and you have to build it yourself? If it were far cheaper that’d be great, and would make sense considering you’re cutting out the middle man (assembly line) so they could opt to cheaper prices. For $60 there are hundreds of premium boards out. I couldn’t justify that much for the board. looks great though!

MutantSoupp says:

120$ for this trash? no way

CaracalGaming says:

this keyboard is fuckig retarded

ItachiNai says:

What is it with all these really cool kits and concepts that only go through Massdrops? It’s weird, I’d never even heard of that site until I started rummaging around for mechanical keyboard info. Sadly by the time I run across these really neat ideas, the stupid “drops” have already ended, so I’m pretty much s-o-l for snagging one. 🙁


I like this keyboard, but I think it’s going to take a lot to put on the lettering

Alejandro Bello says:

Building and DYI its a nice concept…
BUT…! Squared-out layout? What are we? Going back to 1st Gen Blackberry?

Mirko Neuhaus says:

I don’t get this…. I’ve just restored a M-122-Key, remapped and macro-programmed it.. full-size 4 life ^^

InVader- Slayer says:

wow, 47 keys? we have to build it our self? the key doesn’t have an the words? wow it must only cost 30 do- oh… 100$? what, ok lets just check massdr- the user is inactive? uhh…

TK TLK says:

please just stop

GodEater PL says:

lol so how do you know which key is wsad or arrows lol

Hazzanka says:

Nice video at check out

Depopa says:

is it only me or did he spell “planck” wrong

Khairuddin Haji Mohamed says:

So much negative comments for a video. on. a. frikkin. KEYBOARD.
For goodness sake people we all better do some life reflection and rethink our priorities.

ANYWAY. Nice, informative vid, as always. Thanks for your quality vids 🙂

Noah Crea says:

Could this be used with a game like cs competitively cause I like the detachable USB with that price and size?

Shawzzam27 says:

I don’t understand how people type on keyboard without the printed letters

Tom L says:

Decent review – the first one of yours I’ve seen. You might want to drop “nice” from your lexicon and work on using more nuanced descriptors.

Jad Zeineddine says:

if you wanna look like you know anything about keyboards before doing a partnership with massdrop or custom USB cunts, inc. please learn what programming a keyboard is and please ffs learn how to solder. how can you make videos recommending the quality of certain kits without even talking about their programmability? If you wanna talk about something know what your talking about first.

Andy Andreev says:

much fail such wow

Roku says:

I wouldn’t pay $120 for that and yes I did watch the video but I really don’t think $120 just to build a keyboard for sentimental value really isn’t worth it.

Dale Foster says:

The clicking/ticking in this video almost drove my sanity out of the literal window. dafuq has nobody else commented about it?!

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