OLKB Planck 40% keyboard review – ON HELIUM! (Zealio purple 65 g)

Don’t forget to check out the gameplay video coming tomorrow!

Skip to 12:14 for a typing demonstration.

My other keyboard reviews: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL285ATFsHGY9JnaQemdjRLEMmLRKpmbfB

I’m Thomas and I do keyboard videos and reviews. Today we look at the OLKB Planck, a 40% ortholinear keyboard. As someone who hates small keyboards and layout weirdness, I’m obviously the best person to judge this keyboard. Note: the caps on this keyboard are not stock, but the stock caps are also blanks. The owner replaced the original DSA keycaps with SA ones.

The practice sentence was: “Hello my name is Thomas and I’m typing on a Planck keyboard right now. This is bound to be by far the slowest typing demonstration I’ve ever done. I’m guessing ten minutes?” – which I took over four minutes to mis-type!


ze_or says:

i use this keyboard as my main keyboard lol.

ok2094 says:

whew i’m faster on my gherkin than you on the planck lol.

Shy Bry says:

Do you think you can review Logitech’s G13? I’d love to know your thoughts on it .

Deldarel says:

Hertoch Jan! My man!

Aaron Mitra says:

For those wondering, the benefit of a Planck is that with the 40% layout, you don’t have to move your hands to hit any keys, which in theory should reduce your risk of RSI. If you are a hunt and peck typist like Thomas, there is really no benefit as you have to move your hands no matter what key you’re pressing

The layout being confusing is a legitimate criticism, but a significant portion of the people who buy them become intimately familiar with their own layout by writing their own firmware.

Planck’s are also as versatile as the layout you program. I’ve had a Planck for almost 2 years, and I use it for typing, programming – both C# and Python, and even gaming. I use a slightly modified version of the default layout. For gaming, I’ve made a persistent layer (i.e., you don’t have to hold down a key to use it,) with arrow keys in the inverse T shape, numbers on the top row, and basically no punctuation.

KinChungE says:

Could you please review the mactini?
It could be the smallest keyboard in the world!

Nootch says:

Now for the vortex core! it has such a better feel. the planck is the worst 40% imo

TuxKey says:

Braided cable the norm hahaha tell that to massdrop bought a $250 keyboard with a cheap looking USB-c to a cable

Maciej Nadobnik says:

For the first time I actually couldn’t wait for the typing demonstration!

EllipticGeometry says:

I might actually try an ortholinear layout at some point. I can work with staggering just fine but it’s still staggering. If I extend my fingers, they move inward about 0.25 units per row. That’s okay for my right hand, being pretty close to the staggered pattern and even matching the finger–key combinations you’re “supposed” to use. My left hand is just a mess, however. In practice I use a different fingers sometimes to reduce all that sideways travel, hitting ZXC starting with my ring finger instead of pinky. Not that that makes it less of a mess. Anyway, I guess a bit of slant is okay, perhaps desirable and more so than the full rotation you see in ergonomic boards (which doesn’t compensate for finger length), but it should be made to fit finger movements.

mtsi21 says:

This was wonderful.

Erin Wiebe says:

As someone who’s spent the majority of their career in IT typing at a Linux CLI, I can only say why? This layout looks like an ergonomic mess to me.

darkholyPL says:

No tears please, it’s a waste of good suffering

Jesse H. says:

One benefit of an ortholinear layout, that I can think of, is that for gamers the “WASD” keys are in-line. That is, the W is directly above the S instead of above and slightly to the left. It has always mildly triggered my OCD when I think about how pretty much every gamer uses a crooked WASD cluster and no one seems to care. Obviously, if it really mattered, people WOULD care, but as a dirty console peasant I feel like I would want my WASD keys straightened out if and when I decide to ascend to the master race…

Barry Loper says:

They should have at least given you one with blue Alps.

Thomas, you are too keyboard poly-amorous for a Planck. One really must commit to that board, customize its layout, and make it one’s own. You need to be free, and a Planck is too high-maintenance.

Maybe they should stop calling it a keyboard. It’s more of a macro pad that you can configure to work similarly to a keyboard.

On a side note, we need a series of “Thomas learns to touch-type” videos.

Yamzee says:

I was waiting for your review of a 40%, and now you’re going to do something smaller? You tease. Can’t wait, though. 🙂

Tobias Wegener says:

10 finger typing is definitely worse learning.I just learned it. If you like u can try this website: keybr.com It is quit entertaining way to learn it there.;)Nice and informing Video and viedoes in general!:)

Kevin Y says:

Hey’ Chyro. There’s this alps clone switch from Taiwan called Tai-hao green with 280g actuation force (yes, 280g…) can you look into it?? 😀

Wicky says:

Haha I definitely understand why people don’t like the Planck. It’s not for everyone. Not very many people can touch type and memorizing such an unorthodox layout with different layers is no doubt difficult, in which case the Planck probably seems like a keyboard from hell. But I use one as my daily driver (with blanks) and it’s one of my favorite boards. I haven’t lost any speed and now I’m instead slower on a full size because I have to move my hands so much. I use it for everything from gaming to programming. Definitely miss the numbers on the base layer when playing a few certain games though. The portability is also a huge selling point as I carry it almost everywhere.

bamdadkhan says:

hertog jan < 3 i approve.

Chevy Monsenhor says:

My head hurts just by looking at it and trying to figure out which keys are which, let alone thinking the owner uses this thing in Dvorak mode…

Drew Rios says:

Wow, never expected you to do a Planck review! Really enjoyed this one. I’ve wanted to make a Planck myself as I really love the experimentation of this design, but I have no doubt my typing experience would be similar to yours 🙂 I hope we get to see more reviews of modern boards like this in the future!

CwalkPinoy says:

i need to see you review an ergodox. you’ll probably get arthritis during the typing test.

TuxKey says:

I would really love for you to go in depth zealios kailh hako clears

Ata Vax says:

the one switch i’d like to see you cover that i haven’t yet seen you cover is Logitech’s romer g switches.

Kurtis Sewell says:

The perfect keyboard to make sure no one else uses your computer

spoonybard64 says:

What materials are the case and mounting plate made of?

Ensue85A says:

I learned to type on a non electric typewriter. My instructor pointed me out to the class as a pianist, because I typed soooo hard and loud. Take it easy on the keys. Is there a computer keyboard that can stand up to regular use as such?

Paianni says:

Inhaling helium is dangerous.

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