NEW Romer-G? Logitech G513 RGB Gaming Keyboard Review!

The G513 gaming keyboard features some new Romer-G switches, let’s check out this RGB mechanical keyboard!
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V Voskanyan says:

can someone explain why the fuck keyboards are going up in price. I thought the the whole high price bs was because of cherry holding the patent to cherry mx switches.

Josh T says:

I use Romer-G’s at the office and as a person who does data entry for 10hrs day – I find a significant difference between my G413 and my K70. I’ve used Blue, Red, Black, Romger G, Razer greens and I can say that Romer-G’s are my favorite. I average about 12-15WPM faster than using the reds with less keying mistakes and that alone from an efficiency standpoint at work is huge. They did take a couple weeks to get used to but I wouldn’t change them out for anything else I’ve used.

killerzeroXD 1234 says:

Do a review on Razer Seiren X

Jose dela Cerna says:

I was waiting for your review on this!! Thanks!

Dylan Angel says:

i love the romer g switches but logitech feels limited in software and the caps break all the damn time

Rico Vergara says:

is it mechanical? sorry stupid question but please answer. tnx


I lost it when u mounted it to the tripod

miigs says:

How would you compare these switches to Cherry MX? Particularly Browns

Aji Priambudi says:

does logitech selling keycaps for romerG? what if i lost or break my keycaps? if the answer is no.. i think i’ll stay with cherryMX

TenorTreble says:

the Y key at 6:50 🙁

Vince Xavier Duncan Barriel says:

That thing in the keyboard is a camera made by Marc zuckenburg so he can spy on us

Jose dela Cerna says:

Can you please do a review on the Logitech G Pro headset?

Sam Firth says:

Could plz plz do a vid on Razer Electra v2 plz

StrugglePuff says:

@0:02 “revdoing”? lol

RajiTheTechGuy says:

what is that extended mousepad??????

Stove says:

What sort of fucking heathen uses a felt mat as a mousepad?

Matthew Rotchford says:

I picked up the G513 Silver Edition (which is Tactile keys only) a few days ago, and I can say it’s the best keyboard I have ever owned. Butter smooth keys, great looking, wrist rest is perfect, RGB looks nice and no light bleeding. The extra keys and puller they include is a really nice touch.

EpikDy says:

Easter Egg xD

Ornstein the DragonSlayer says:

So it’s a silver g810?

Aditya Bayu_P says:

no audio visualizer? whyy?? this keyboard is good

yuval ov says:

Hello! I really love your videos and I would like to know if you can make a video of this keyboard vs ornata chroma?

Rainbow M&M says:

Great vid!

Sam Ps says:

Hello randomfrankp which one is better – Logitech G513 or Razer blackwidow chroma v2

UltimateJakeFTW says:

I have g213 “)

Tory Allen says:

Does the “G” in Romer-G stand for garbage?

Such a terrible switch.

ZE KENZY says:

I will stick with corsair keyboard for while , This keyboard looks nice and beautiful, I love Logictech

Corey Baldridge says:

This is a beautiful keyboard. But like most, W E B R O K E

Agga Viriyo says:

So… linear is loud… and tactile is even louder (?)

tomofthed says:

@1:09 dat transition

Tim De Vos says:

Omg i’m so pissed right now. This is exactly the keyboard I want. But since there was no announcement of it coming I spent about 2 months if not more looking for an alternative. And just when I decided an bought the hyperx elite rgb (I just got it yesterday) this happens!

Žygis Rudys says:

Nice review, it’s good to see key sound test and all rgb effect test

CHIZZ'd says:

Don’t get a board with romer gs. They are mushy and pingy. Cherries aren’t great either but still better. Gaterons are best when it comes to consumer ready keyboards. This isn’t only my opinion, but also the mechanical keyboard enthusiast one, too. Take it from the people who know what they are doing.

Pokemondragonk CoolDude says:

Which is better hyper cloud alpha or razer man o war?

Tony says:

Plz review the Logitech G Pro Headset!

VanguardRonin Alex says:

Why does it sound so similar, I thought they would have made the switches with a little bit more of a different sound

Owl says:

Frank nice video, very explanatory, as always. One thing that caught me off-guard was the transition to the starting video that you have done, first let’s clear right away, i don’t say i didn’t like it, but the sudden change of peace, still shock me a little while i write this comment, i mean i think your intention was to caught the attention of the viewer, but for me it was like a change of your chill peace type of video, if you know want i mean.
In fact i was expecting ’til the end of the video for some edit or one clip, i don’t know, to completemented that transition and that searching for that thing was bothering me a little during the view.
I don’t wanna mean that was a mystake, but maybe try something a little bit slow and not so “explosive”, or try to speed up the tempo of the whole video, i don’t know i am not a video maker like you, i edit when i have time just for fun.
With that said, i wanna make clear for the last time what i said at the beginning(for possible hater that could comment ahahah), this is my opinion on that specific part of the video, i understand that someone, maybe frank himself, could disagree with me, i share this thought because, as i said, was bothering a little during the view.

And know for the knowledge of who read the entire comment until now i was typing with a keyboard with cherry blue so with my bloody ears, thank for the time wasted and keep it up frank 😉

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