NEW Razer Blackwidow Chroma V2 Keyboard Review – What’s new?

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Let’s review the new Razer BlackWidow Chroma V2 gaming keyboard!
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Razer BlackWidow Chroma V2, Clicky Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, Programmable, 5 Macro Keys – Green Switch –


CoC Rival says:

When the Razer r fanboys start spooging all over the comments with blind hate for Corsair welcome the game 🙂

JRLM says:

the fuck does linear and silent mean?

Chroma says:

Im going to try the Greens in this keyboard, and a keyboard with MX Blues to see which one i want to buy. CANT WAIT

Sam Hammich2 says:

i got a razer blackwidow chroma v2 today, and i so far love it and i have only had it for like 6 or 5 hours lol

Martin Waithaka says:

Dude hope you cut off those little skin things that come off on the fingernails. Love the keyboard though lmao

John Smith says:

– no dedicated media keys (shitty FN key)
– no illuminated secondary characters (!@# etc.)
– cheap plastic build
– ports on the right side (impractical)

Corsair K95 Platinum is WAY better than this

Captainkiller91 says:

This cost more in Canada ugh lol

Rikagaming says:

I did a reveiw on it too so pls check it out

Maxtorym says:

You forgot the F1 is now above the 2 key :).

TheQuadFauder says:

I just wanna know how much it cost no more than 300$

Joshua Paro-an says:

i bought it yesterday and its very nice to type and play gamesand the wrist rest is so good

ilPrincipe says:


DaProSkillz - Minecraft says:

Love razer

Oliver Kozul says:

I know this might be a stupid question but, I have a blackwidow chroma V1, could I buy the wrist wrest and use it? Where could i buy it?

Mudge says:

those scratches are probably from the wrist rest on its hard part under it…

TriNite says:


Jeronimo Stupenengo Pefaur says:

which keyboard would you recomend and with which switches, the ROG Claymore or this one?

Ekaterina Vavilova says:

I find their decision to make keys have the classic letters on them a bad idea, they just look too simple and cheap for this keyboard, like being taken from some memrane kbd :-d. Old stylish letters perfectly match and 100% correspond to the overall look of BW board! But not the new ones. I’ve ordered this one because of the rgb backlit and bigger distance between F-keys block line (finally!), but have replaced it’s ugly keys with the ones from my old BW Ultimate ^_^

Jkl Goh says:

Macro meepo….welcome into the air!!!!

Mason Breakwell says:

but can it run knack?

_xRazer8Gaming Gaming4Ever says:

Razer is better then corsair i think, They’re having their own Switches, its good, Cherry Mx blue / red / brown, they’re have a long Distance then of Razer, Corsair’s mouses is shit as fuck

Adiprima Sulakstono says:

I personally love loud and clicky mechanical keyboards, in fact thats why I want a mechanical keyboards. K95 Platinum doesnt come in MXCherry Blue( which is so clicky that i like)nor I might be going for this…. Owned a Rapidfire( MX Speed) K65 Switches are not for me.. it made me a lot of misstype, pressed a button i didn’t want to and the frustation is real.

Ultimate Drago490 says:

Guys my blackwidow x is rusting did this v2 rust?

Aqenix says:

Good video

Kaspar Kesamaa says:

i love those leds

Hafifi Sahin says:

Im thinking on getting the v2 or Masterkeys TKL from CM. Also, no corsair please. Im not a fan of open board design.

John Damatan says:

Honestly don’t know why Razer is getting trashed on. it looks nice quality is great in my case and this is based on experience. I own a blackwidow which lasted for 4 years and counting, A kraken pro and a Naga both 3 years and counting no issues whatsoever but I might need to get new ones tho since they’ve really served their purpose well

Im a TROLL says:

Where to download software?

RexGamingYT says:

Is anyone watching these videos like me DESPERATELY wanting a razer product?

정채창쌍둥이 says:

I just have a question… do you need to set up the keyboard to do breathing, stars, wave etc ?
what about the colours?

plmvirginiauva says:

The bleeding of the light sucks compared to the logitech g810. But it does come with a usb pass through and wrist rest. Ridiculously expensive though. I’d choose the g810 for the aesthetics alone and cheaper price.

Ariel Luces says:

I’ve actually tried to sleep on the wrist rest before lol

GabrielGamer105 says:

Yup, i’d rather keep the keyboard that came with the PC :v

Stella Stavridou says:

how much does this cost??

Zzzzaydieeee737 says:


Milad Broghani says:

I hv the razor nouse n i want the keyboard as well. But its a bit expensive. Which one wud u recommend ?

KIT LTD says:

So this or the Ornata?

That New Kid says:

This dude reminds me of the professor

OverwatchPSN ArsenicLemonade says:

How much does it cost?

Ethon says:

who else likes the loud keyboards

Sam Hammich2 says:

randomfrankp i got this keyboard with green switches and it is awesome

Richuz says:

I saw you somewhere…

Alejandro Gomez says:

Razer Blackwidow X Chroma it is.
I like my personal keyboards loud. Such a satisfying sound to me.

oGs_Slush says:

Did anyone notice that on 1:05 he says “going over all those Razer green switches”

Milad Broghani says:

Can i use it with xim4?

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