NEW Corsair K95 Platinum Keyboard Review!

Let’s check out my review of the new Corsair K95 Platinum RGB Keyboard!
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Additional Corsair Gaming K95 Platinum RGB Keyboard info:
● Aircraft-grade anodized brushed aluminum frame: Built to withstand a lifetime of gaming. Lightweight and rugged durability, necessary for a keyboard that’s going to see a lot of action.
● 8MB profile storage with hardware macro and lighting playback: Allow access up to three stored profiles on the go, independent of external software.
● Dynamic multicolor per key backlighting with LightEdge: Adjust each key’s color and illumination level in addition to 19-zones on the top edge light bar for sophisticated and dramatic animations and effects.
● 100% CHERRY MX Speed RGB mechanical key switches: Unleash blistering speed with the 1.2mm actuation and durability of gold contact CHERRY MX mechanical keyswitches.
● 6 programmable G-keys keys for in-game macros: Assign single keystrokes or complex multi-key combos to any of the 6 dedicated macro keys.
● USB Pass-Through Port: Provides convenient access to an additional USB port for your mouse or headset.
● Detachable, dual-sided soft-touch wrist rest: The comfort to enhance your gameplay during marathon gaming sessions. Choose between two different surfaces for optimal comfort.
● Dedicated volume and multimedia controls: Control to adjust audio on-the-fly, without interrupting your game.
● 100% anti-ghosting with full key rollover: No matter how fast your in-game actions are, every keypress registers correctly.
● Fully programmable with CUE: Intuitive and powerful Corsair Utility Engine (CUE) enables sophisticated macro programming and fast, fluid dynamic multicolor illumination.
● Windows Key lock mode: Stay focused and prevent accidental Windows and Context Menu key presses.
● FPS and MOBA keycap sets: Textured and contoured keycaps provide maximum grip and enhanced feel.

Products in this video:
Corsair Gaming K95 RGB PLATINUM Mechanical Keyboard, Cherry MX Brown, Black (CH-9127012-NA) –


Gerardo Aguilera says:

When will amazon have the brown keys in stock!

Sơn Hoàng says:

Why the brightness is too low =_= it should be more shine

Taintly says:

Why does the razor keyboard (better one) cost less then the corsair one (shit keyboard)?

[Insert Name Here] says:

Cherry MX Brown > Speed.

Daniel Dickey says:

I don’t like the gray key caps for the macro keys, other than this key board seems really nice!

Ngo Quang Tuan says:

I need K70 RGB Platinum, not this f*cking Macro key line on the left side >__<


Mannn why are there no white key kaps???

manic .miner says:

At that price I would expect to be able to pick the switches I want which is blue, no sale for me. No blues for the Rog claymore uk consumer either.

Swigitty Swooty says:

The keyboard feet looks fragile, for $200 this is dissapointing

demonwares says:

I’ll hold off until the RGB fad is over. I just want white lit. You can’t achieve true white when you have RGB’s.

ShockwaveHD says:

Are Cherry MX speed switches any louder/quieter than MX brown?

[Insert Name Here] says:

This guy’s a retard. Doesn’t know anything about the product he’s ‘reviewing’.

HakuGman says:

Holy Bananas… $200?! for a keyboard?! Eh it looks nice, the price though is too steep. Turned my eye back to the Rzr BW Chroma V2 unless, anyone here can kindly suggest me another keyboard within that range?

Chergio says:

Try watching this at 0.5 speed, and thank me later.

FrosTy theNoob says:

brighter leds = more dead leds

Draugluin says:

this or the strafe rgb ??

MustFix says:

My best keyboard should have: MX Blue’s without annoying sound, lighting effects of Razer,Quality and price of Corsair, Wrist rest from Ornata Chroma, Macro keys from K55 Corsair Gaming, and the brushed aluminium effect of K95… Where the f*** should i get that keyboard!?

Skishy Gaming says:


Slush ヅ says:

Does it sync in with your games like the BlackWidow X Chroma ?

ICanHazMuffin47 says:

uʍop-ǝpᴉsdn sᴉ ǝuᴉɯ

Richuz says:

I came here to see the volume wheel in action…

Pizza Pizza says:

What should i get
Corsair K95 Platinum Keyboard or the Razer V2 chroma new

ed0985587 says:

Awesome, I was just going to ask you about your setup you have behind you and now I see you have a video on it. Looks slick nice work!

jibba02 says:

when i turn my speakers up it sounds really fucking loud!!!

YIC says:

your intro is too loud

DokoBG1 says:

Thanks for the review it made me get the K70 rapidfire… Who would pay more $$$ for 6 G keys ? lul

Zen Wolf says:

Wow this is so cool

Sabby Neko says:

Which switch color requires the least amount of force and effort to type on?

Vaqu! says:

Yeah, i Will buy Razer chroma v2

hapEloot says:

FP, thanks for the updated review on K95. It was very helpful. Any reason not to just get the older K95?

TAMMMS says:

I’ve got it! But I have a problem.. when i press a key it will continue spamming a key!! Pls help

Morgan Freeman says:

had to dislike, we all know you dyed your hair black *cough fuckin red headed dog cough*

Skill Spieler says:

That plant in the end….

robert ruiz says:

“Find one at bestbuy and try it” funny you say that the Best Buy in my town has had the same keyboard and mouse display for like 2 years no changes except for like a head set it would be nice to test the speed switches though

Brian Ahrendt says:

The reason the wrist rest is magnetic and comes off is it is reversible, different textures on each side.

Secret Secret says:

Could you please do a comparison of steelseries apex m800 with this one. Also plz tell which keyboard u would rate better.

Jack Dalton says:

chroma v2 vs k95 platinum? i have a Razer Blackwidow Ultimate 2014 edition and looking for a upgrade

Andre Gamer says:

do you use the k95 or k70

Julian says:

So cheap cant wait to buy it 3017

Davida Kim says:

I just knew that you have ring on your left hand 2nd finger

Nazo says:

we need more gaming keyboards with extra thumb buttons damnit

RampageExtreme 5820K says:

Glad I got the old k95 rgb. Calling it a k95 and removing the macros is stupid, just another excuse to charge stupid amounts of money

Maister1 says:

That rubber wristrest is detachhable because it’s a lot more easy to clean

Mike Knupfer says:

The name says “Platinum” but I can’t help but notice that there is no actual platinum incorporated into this keyboard. There’s only one conclusion I can come up with………. I’ve been smeckledorfed!!!!

Korkki880 GT says:

Oh what a relaxing sound 1 sec later… *EARRAPE* UGH WTF WHY DO I HAVE THIS GOOD EARBUDS…

Tyrone says:

the new razor keyboard or this?

Cooper Piper says:

I think there’s a better switch than this other than the Razer v2

It’s the nentindo switch

Crispy Cuck says:

You stated the wrist wrest was duel layered and then you didn’t understand why it was removable?

Flapyrapy says:

I think I’ll get the strafe instead

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