New 2018 MacBook Pro 15″ Review – True Tone, Benchmark & Keyboard Test

New 2018 Macbook pro 2 Day review and my thoughts on the new features like True Tone and Hey Siri.

Macbook pro:

The Music I use: – AMAZING for YouTubers

The Tech I Use:

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ELoNZo says:

My only concern is how smooth playback is on Adobe Premiere with a few color grading layers. Planning on editing music videos as well.

fgh says:

Great video! Apple only kinda – sorta fixed the keyboard issue. Are you planning on getting the external gpu enclosure that Blackmagic helped design?

骚猪 says:

For a normal university student ,Pls tell me does it necessary to upgrade to 512gb and 16g memory,I hope that it can work with me about 5 years above…. 13”.Thanks

Gen Cl says:

Please beep ‘hey siri’ in the video! That wakes my homepod.

Brad Smith says:

Show how Fortnite runs

timothymichael79 says:

How are the thermals with 8th gen 6 core? Is it able to cool in order to prevent throttling?

Vincent C says:

Does the scrubby zoom work on Photoshop on your 2017 13″ MBP since there is no dedicated GPU?

RyChrome says:

My only concern is how it’ll be for me as someone who frequently writes code dealing with possibly pressing the keys on the keyboard too hard and my wrist accidentally hitting the trackpad while typing. Is this an issue you’ve ran into when using the 2018 model?

Sea Panther says:

With i9 processor, does it maintain 4.8 or not, due to thermal issues? If not, what’s the point in buying that upgrade?

Lens Watson says:

Great video!

Riky Yang says:

“MacBook Pro (13-inch, Late 2016, Four Thunderbolt 3 Ports) supports Thunderbolt 3 at full performance using the two left-hand ports. The two right-hand ports deliver Thunderbolt 3 functionality, but have reduced PCI Express bandwidth. ”

can someone confirm this left vs right port still have different speed on 2018 13″ MBP??

Ryan Mohammad says:

I feel that if they had a way to know what app you’re currently using it would be very helpful… for example: true tone option could be switched on and when you open any video/picture editing app it turns it off by itself so colour accuracy is not disturbed.

constantinos schinas says:

plase do a stress test. 100% cpu then 100% gpu then both onfor ie. half an hour. How much does it throttle? This is the most important test.

WaterArtz says:

Fortnite test?

09INV says:

0:44 my bro got girl(s)!

Falcon says:

Great review! Could you also do a Cinebench 15 as well as Geekbench test on your machine? So far most of the performance reviews are done on machines with i9 8950hk. It would be curious to see how your i7 8570h performs against more expensive models. Cheers !

MADpack says:

Man great job. Liked a lot your content. Hope to see more. Subscribe and following what you are going to put out next time. Im really thinking to buy this macbook pro to do my youtube videos.. it seams really powerfull and because im always traveling to portugal and italy it seams a great option. See you soon my friend

kipling1957 says:

I read somewhere that when you work in Final Cut Pro X and other pro video editing apps, True Tone is automatically disabled. Do you know if that is correct?

Antony Brown says:

Is it noisey? when the fans kick in vs imac pro

Froome Chris says:

I just want to know if the fan is able to discharge heat in time.

MarchOf TheLorex says:

When he does the keyboard test you can clearly see he is hitting the keys on the 2017 model much harder than on the 2018 model. Holy self delusion Batman. He is not the only one who is doing this by the way.

Sam De Prez says:

It’s a sad day when one of their best new ‘features’ is a ‘solution’ to a design flaw apple made in the first place.

puhgeh says:

great vid! how’s the temp? does it get uncomfortably hot on heavy tasks?

Hazuki Kimura says:

They said the keyboard is quieter but the macbook is probably still going to be the loudest laptop in the room.

theloniousMac says:

Apple said the new keyboard is quieter but that no mechanical problems were fixed.

JaryliOS says:

Hey what’s the stand you use for your iPad Pro (at the start of the video) ?

Shuffle Cloud says:

I don’t know if I should buy 13-inch or 15-inch (the first time I watch your video, very nice)

FlashGaming says:

Which model is this? Base core i7, mid-tier i7, or i9, and 16GB or 32GB of RAM? I’m just wondering because I want to know how bad the thermal throttling is. Thanks!

Humayun Hasan says:

What about battery life ? Any improvement over previous gen ?

Inho Kim says:

Thank you for great review! I’m waiting my new macbook pro 15inch with i9. I’m concerning 8th generation thermal issue. Thank you for reply all about thermal & fan noise questions!

MrHDInsanity says:

Definitely you need more subsss

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