My Keyboard (Casio CTK-4400) Review

This video is a review of my keyboard that I use in some of my videos. By the way, I have created a SoundCloud profile. You can check it out at Enjoy.

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Background Song: Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Metropolis Zone Music
Here is the background music:


Jagannath Sahu says:

Please can you make the video in that you can make listen all of the Rythm of your keyboard

Mayank Sharma says:

I was going to buy this model but now I am confused because My friends told me Yamaha is better than Casio ?
What should I do?

Aakash Tamang says:

How many tracks can be played in Casio ctk 4400


how do I download a midi file to my key board..There may be communication problem.. I either have to use my computer the Android phone to download.

Chris Stedman says:

Are the keys push-sensitive?

Dixan De Clark says:

Which has good futures wk 220 or ctk 4400

ari s says:

I love the review! thank you ! Just to make sure, the keys are touch sensitive right?

MAXSUS says:

wanna add some oriental tones to my keyboard please help


I have the ctk 4200 Casio keyboard. spent all day trying to download a midi driver for my 32 bit windows 7. I’ve seen copies bit they are all being hosted by scam companies not directly on Casio’s site. Any ideas .. I’m anoob on midi.

bmw8889 says:

is it provide sound quality when use headphone at night ?

MAXSUS says:

wanna add some oriental tones to my keyboard please help

Michael Fleming says:

Does it have a MIDI output?

Mark Williams says:

What’s the annoying tune in the background?

Rebecca karen says:

Thank you so much for the review. I was thinking of buying one too. Now one question is, are you able to transfer the music you record to your laptop through the USB port? And also, the clicking sound you mentioned, is it too much of a disturbance? Or will the music drown the sound out?

Jagannath Sahu says:

Please upload the video of brush ballad on your keyboard part select B

supercommando440 says:

I wish Casio would make this exact keyboard in a table top version. I have the SA76 but its lame because no recording ability, no sequencer, waay too simple. This 4400 is almost perfect. Its too big.

Braulin Disla says:

how can i access recorded songs, I recorded alots of songs all ready.

Belita I says:

How do you change the auto chord tone? F1,F2,F3 and CC all sound like an organ. TX

shaannnnn says:

Is it good for stage perform and recording purpose?

MAXSUS says:

wanna add some oriental tones to my keyboard please help

MAXSUS says:

wanna add some oriental tones to my keyboard please help

Kuch Alfazz mere bhi says:

should i buy this?

Clash King Vishesh says:

Well can we make our own rhythms in this keyboard??

Paresh Mohandkar says:

Sir,…please replay me on casio ctk 4400 in rhythm editor button function… i am from India & i am edit the India rhythm help me

Adam Holloway says:

i check out your soundcloud profile… did you make those mixes with the help of the CTK 4400?

Vaio San says:

Hello, I bought a YAMAHA PSR-E363 16 Dec. 2016 . what is the best from these two in this category of money? My only complain is the mechanical clanking noise of keys. You can hear it in my video
Does this Casio make clanking keys noise?
I found (for white keys) a way to reduce it, to put under them without to disassembly it a thin soft material like the sound isolation materials that are like sponge and that solved the strong click noise of them.
For the black keys I can’t open it because I will loose the 2 years warranty. I will try to play the black keys more softly.

Jagannath Sahu says:

Please upload the video of brush ballad on your keyboard accomp B

Huchen Courouleau says:

Good review!! Can I download the songs I recorded?!

Samsung Dex says:

Which is better, ctk-4400 or PSR e253?

jk says:

Is this beginner friendly?

Papa Lazarus says:

Can you plug i mic into it?

Kaku Joshi says:

sir price btaoo

Pradeepa. B says:

sir it is including the hormonium sound

Bigshot Duelist says:

Can you make this synthesizer sound a lot like the famous synth sounds from the 80s?

Watch this video & listen

Cristian Reyes says:

Can you connect with an audio interface?

Julius Ceazar Pascua says:

Can use synthesia software together with this model?

Bigshot Duelist says:

I wanna hear all the bass sounds from this synthesizer.

Pianoj10 says:

WOAH! I’m blown away by the amount of views this video has received. Thanks to everybody for the support! I really enjoy answering questions and I appreciate that you guys are enjoying the video and asking questions. Once again, thanks for all the support! Also, anyone who is gonna comment about hearly clear, I know I messed up. I get it. You don’t have to mention it.

Paresh Mohandkar says:

Sir, setting multiple record

stigonutube says:

well done mate,greetings from Australia, these retail for about $290AU here as of 1/2018

Bigshot Duelist says:

Can this work without the battery, but with electricity?

Shamit Gandhi says:

What do music presets do?

Jagannath Sahu says:

Please reply

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