My Favorite Keyboard: Logitech K780 Review!

This is the Logitech K780 keyboard. It is a full desktop keyboard that supports multiple devices.
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DFink Design says:

Great Review! Can you please tell me about your desk? Is that the ikea butcher block top stained with ikea legs? Video review/diy instructions????

Jeffrey Wang says:

Random question, where did you get that plant?

TechNick says:

They should really make that cradle adjustable on sliders like headphones or something.

Android Tech says:

Awesome Video !

empiirik says:

Seems like nice keyboard but biggest drawback for me is missing backlight. Also I would prefer option to charge the device over using batteries. I have personal experience with Logitech K810 which has same features, like to connect with up to three devices over BT. I love that keyboard also it has backlight which turns automatically on if the room is dark and you put hand over it. Only thing that this device lacks is numeric keypad. Even though Logitech builds nice looking devices their customers service is below satisfactory. In my case one key came loose from keyboard and they couldn’t get it fixed nor replaced keyboard with to new one but just refund my purchases. It’s very odd behavior in my opinion as they keep selling this device on their official site.

Kahlil Spivey says:

Desk tour/room tour!!

Owain O'Neill-Turner says:

is this video sponsored? serious question.

Xervoo says:

Really enjoyed the video. If only there was this keyboard but without the stand… would make my life so much easier 🙂

TJ says:

Just got mine yesterday and this is by far the best keyboard I’ve ever used. I really didn’t want to spend $80 on a wireless keyboard but I’m glad I did.

W Fan says:

does the switch between devices have any delay?

kisspriss says:

would you ever take this around with you for traveling?

PepperPANDA says:

I just got the K380 today. Is there better performance in K780?

heyitsparry says:

the thing with bluetooth keyboards is that you cannot choose a OS if you are dual booting because bluetooth drivers have not kicked in at that point.

N R says:

Real shame the stand on this is built-in, it’s easy enough to buy a stand ourselves for a couple of dollars which would let us set the tilt exactly as we like. Instead we get this ugly addition which has to go everywhere with us.
What I’d really like is a K380-style keyboard with the added USB micro receiver functionality. That’d be perfect.
I don’t see what makes the K780 worth about _double_ the K380.

Max Patten says:

What’s the Mousepad you have?

derf 213 says:

how does this compare to the

Thuan Nguyen says:

say my iPhone is on lock and someone texted me can I do a quick reply without touching to phone

Elijah Ignacio says:

How about gaming with this keyboard? Not much reviews about chiclet keyboard which is what I like more

SirGuiles says:

I’d just like to say that I disagree about the batteries. Replaceable batteries are so much better. These will last you for ~2 years. Rechargeable batteries are usually not user replaceable, and degrade over time whether you use them or not. Their chemistry is such that they have a shelf-live. After the batteries die, you have to throw away the entire device.

I have a 7 year old Logitech Keyboard which still runs perfect! No need to change it, just recharge 2 AAA NiMH batteries every 3-4 months. Much cheaper in the long run, and more environmentally friendly.

Muhammad Ibnuh says:

No “end” or “home” button 🙁 I’m a programmer and really need that key

Asish Narayan says:

how does it compare against Apple Magic 2 Keyboard? solid built ? typing similar or better?

Ayham Kalla says:

The arrow keys are so tiny, not like a full keyboard layout. How convenient do you find that? And do you need to look for them when needed?

christopherjamesgunn says:

Keep up the great content Matt!

Matt Gonzalez says:

Quick note. I figured out how to adjust brightness. fn+ arrow keys. But the point stands that typical shortcuts are rearranged. Thanks for watching!

Robert Dunlap says:

I’m just changing to this keyboard from a solar powered Logitech. I never turned the old one off. Will leaving this keyboard on all the time affect the battery life or was the estimate of battery life factoring in that it would be on most of the time?

arxsyn says:

You can always use rechargeable alkaline batteries 😉

This keyboard looks fantastic, it’s just a shame the shops don’t stock them in-store, they can only be ordered online.

I am currently using the K480–the model with a cradle but no num buttons. I fiddled around with it in-store, that is how I prefer to shop for electronics–try before you buy–that’s my motto. Now I am psyched to get the K780 as well for home use!

NETVO TV says:

How’s it like to game with it?

sdhkg says:

I have a logitech MX Master mouse which also supports multi device (up to 3). Would you know if I were to switch the devices using the keyboard buttons, would the mouse also change to that device automatically?

Eric Mezenberg says:

I have the k380, basically this without the number pad or ledge for a tablet. Was only 20 bucks on sale

Nova Web says:

Great review, subscribed. Like the how natural seems, and that you don’t go crazy with processed sounds or effects.
I was wondering _which brand is your mouse pad in this video?_

OpherOfficial says:


Great vid though haha

CarlosTheGreat1172 says:

FINALLY SOMEONE WHO LIKES CHICLET OVER MECHANICAL. SAME BRO. I’m using the K380 right now because I also bring it to school with my tablet. I’d love this one though, but maybe that’s a bit of a luxury already. Right now it literally sits on top of my Razer Deathstalker (I bought this before because it said chiclet, but the razer is horrible.), I only still keep the Razer for when I need a number pad, but maybe in the future I’ll get this one to get rid of the Razer entirely!

Do you notice any latency when gaming though? Nice video by the way! Great videography, crispy and clear.

Julie Godkin says:

Love the chicklet style keyboards too. I have the K 780 too and have really enjoyed it. Looking at buying another for my iMac. Was also considering the K380 but think I want the keypad. Thanks for the review!

TheMoose2010 says:

There’s more of us?! I thought I was crazy for liking chiclet keyboards, and liking short key travel. It’s nice to know that I’m not alone on that, at least on the chiclet key side of things.

Darius Yang says:

new batteries are awesome. if the battery is embedded inside the device, what do you do when the battery is permanently dead?

that’s what they did for the new apple mouse

Edwin Iguina says:

I have the K380 and I hate it. Way too cramp. The K780 is definitely on my Christmas list.

ljts says:

Could you give me the link to that hoody?

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