Microsoft Surface Keyboard Review – What Apple Should Have Made (and then did this past week)

I review The Surface Keyboard by Microsoft.

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Giovanni Torres says:

Sexy ass keyboard

Joshua Correa says:

Have you not seen that new keyboard that was shown at WWDC?

Jan. Lotan says:

It’s resemblance to the Apple wired keyboard is striking except for the colour. Therefore Apple made it years earlier

xRarestName says:

I have the same typing style as you!

Gdffchyjvvffh says:

my surface keyboard goes to sleep after a period without use.. any way to turn this off on a Mac?

Calvin S. says:

I literally just bought a Logitech k800 a few hours ago!

xAmadeusHen says:

What about the new magic keyboard with numpad?

•Dilini W• says:


Killerlocke1 says:

Can you show how this keyboard works with a mac? 🙂

John Valatos says:

The Matias wireless key board is the way to go if you are using a Mac, looks almost the same with the same type of keys and build quality, but with a built in battery. Using it with a mac book pro, great keyboard.

Willi Hansen says:

I wanted to love this keyboard, but couldn’t. It goes to sleep after 10 minutes and every time you press a key, it takes two seconds for it to wake up, interrupting your workflow, having to look up to see what’s going on. It’s really bothersome. At times it lost Bluetooth connection altogether, forcing me to remove the battery and put them back. I wanted to used it on the same PC with Windows and a Hackingtosh install, but that wouldn’t work either. It only pairs to one, Windows or Mac, but you can’t easily swap. I returned it. Looked great though.

Elijah Ignacio says:

I type the same way I want this keyboard unfortunately I am from PH where it doesnt exist I have to buy it overseas :'(

slaWterCH says:

Batteries? No thanks.
I’d love to see a 2016 MBP style external keyboard. Love those keys!

zollotech says:

Note: Apple released a wireless keyboard with a number pad this past week. This was recorded before that, but the keys are still better on the surface keyboard.

Ray McCarthy says:

this is honestly the best thing I have ever typed on. I can never see this keyboard being phased out. so premium, so nice to type on, it feels amazing and the travel is spot on. the keyboard itself feels like a MacBook

wiredmusic915 says:

how you compare plastic to aluminum chassis? thats like saying you want to compare a 2000’s plastic cars to 1970’s metal cars lmao

sydjaguar says:

In order to say its a review, you need to connect it to a Mac and show how the pairing process was and how was the typing experience. Bluetooth Keyboards have some lag compared to wired keyboards. It will be good to have some details.

Mojalistic says:

Wow !

SweBass says:

Apple have an wireless numbered released. and do you love under a rock? its been ages apple peripherals have integrated batteries.

RSG says:


Zacharias Hoholm says:

Did you know that  has a new keyboard mechanism on their keyboards called the butterfly mechanism. It’s way better than what ever the f**ck that is. Old and bad stuff

koolkatken says:

I LOVE the Mac keyboards with their short throw. Feels very responsive and makes other things feel too squishy. This looks nice though, but probably rather have Apple’s.

omarbrandsen says:

But… Apple did release a numpad wireless keyboard this week…….

Irafan Paduka says:

Is it going to be dirty if you use long time like the surface?

MisterBassBoost says:

Great! Keep it up!

Łukasz Śliwiński says:

Zollotech, you were not specific to which Apple’s keyboards when you compared to M$ Surface Keyboard. As you probably know there is new Macbook Pro 2016 keyboard, Macbook Pro keyboard 2013-2015, Magic Keyboard 2 (without number pad), and new one Magic Keyboard with the number pad that has probably the same scissors mechanics like this MK2 (without number pad). Each of those has different key travel and feeling.

Lorenz May says:

Hey,zollotech! I love your video! I know this comment is marked as spam,that’s because it contains a link. But please check out this video and approve the comment! You are free to use this song in your upcoming videos!

Luca .b says:

Nice vid and keyboard!!

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