Microsoft SURFACE KEYBOARD Review – My New Favourite!

What’s the best keyboard you can buy? For me, the wireless Microsft Surface Keyboard with it’s chiclet style keys offers one of the best typing experiences you can get. But is it any good for Gaming and is it worth $100?? Buy:


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Pavle Milićević says:

Really nice review mate ! Just one question, what is this Dell monitor ? Tell me so I can harras my boss for it 😀

Robert Aman says:

I’m with you Tech Chap I like chicklet keys when I’m typing Email or any thing with alot of typing but when I’m gaming I have to use a mechanical keyboard for example a corsair gaming keyboard.

Anthony Paterson says:

does it wake your desktop up from S3 sleep or S0 modern standby (wake with spacebar)?

And have you noticed any keypresses being lost when the keyboard hasn’t been used in a while – and gone into power saving mode?

How long does it take to go into power saving?
If it is more than the PC’s sleep delay then it is not an issue as long as it will wake with one spacebar strike.

I’m currently using a surface pro 3 (modern standby should keep bluetooth on and allow it to wake the sp3), but I will build a new desktop soon, and i want it to work for those things. My previous logitech dinovo edge was great – and if the 5v power to the dongle stayed on in S3/S4 sleep and power down it worked for wake, and for bios.

Dagga Soft says:

what sound bar is that

Rachit Patel says:

which games he play??

Frank Pérez says:

it lacks backlighting…I’ll wait for version 2.0. Until then I’m keeping my K810 from logitech…

1mfilms says:

Looks nice. Wish it came in black as all my stuff is black (including my Surface Pro type cover), and I can easily see that his gray keyboard clashes with all his black electronics.

William Saunders says:

If you think a membrane keyboard is no better for gaming than a mechanical then you clearly aren’t good enough of a gamer to notice

LZ says:

I really want it.. Sucks they haven’t released it in my country.

Vlad The Monster says:

Why would anyone want backlighting in a wireless keyboard? That will screw battery life!

YiXiong, Joel Li says:

Chiclet keyboards are fragile. I used to use Moshi Chiclet keyboards and they spoilt about 9 months or so. Switching to Mechanical prolongs my keyboard life to 3~ years.

Chiclet keyboards are nice to type on, but they die fast.

mtsi21 says:

There are plenty of mechanical options (the Anne Pro has RGB back-lighting and bluetooth wireless for well under $100) that are much better bargains than this. This keyboard should be no more than $50 in my opinion and even then it is a bit overpriced. Look at how the thing flexes as he lightly rests his hand upon it at 2:40–all metal my ass.

Ferhan Khan Photography says:

finally a pc keyboard that is minimalist in design yet big in function. I moved to windows recently and missed the small profile of my apple keyboard opting to buy a mechanical gaming keyboard. Too big bulky clanky and so many times i make typing mistakes. plus my logitech mx cherry red gaming keyboard looks ugly. Will be buying this today.

Ricardo Cameron says:

no backlit, no thanks

Daniel Wilkinson says:

No backlight? I’m out.

Byte Review says:

Just found your channel, great to see another tech ‘tuber from Britain! very tempted to get this keyboard, I’m using a wired mac one on my PC and it’s great, but I would love to have a windows based one!

noelsoong777 says:

wtf the mechanical switches feel the best

neonyx22 says:

not black… not cool

Nawaz Ali says:

Is that a sound bar resting on your monitor’s base?

mister x says:

You just said you prefer your Apple laptop keyboard for long periods typing, opposed to a mechanical keyboard. I’m afraid your opinion has lost all weight.

Stephen Houston-Moore says:

What soundbar are you using? Great videos BTW I’m a new subscriber 🙂

Edrick Vince Velicaria says:

if it was 50 I would buy it

Calle Braw says:

Logitech k810!



Nucelom says:

what if my desktop pc hasn’t got bluetooth? was it so difficult to include a stupid wireless dongle like the logitech one?

John Hanson says:

if they make a backlit version it would be a no brainer. I like it.

p1r says:

Has anyone actually tried this with windows 7? It says it won’t work but I have a hard time believing that..

Wali Choutri says:

*declutters the only 2 cables visible on his desk*

stan_sprinkle says:

Sure wish that thing worked with Windows 7. I found out the hard way… ordered it from Amazon and couldn’t pair it.

westfield90 says:

Isn’t it just too low. Doesn’t it give you carpal tunnel?

Syria MN says:

How to get this big Enter key in the US?

Sy7ygy says:

Trust me, any Razer keyboard should not be used when measuring a quality product. ‘naff.

Having said that; I like this keyboard – wonder if they’ll release a 10 Keyless..

Denis Strojanšek says:

What soundbar are you using?

Fart Knocker says:

Is this a good keyboard to watch porn with??

Padma Gamble says:

After years of using a mechanical keyboard, i bought mostly for its looks – but its been a treat though. so light on the touch and doesn’t take much space on my desk.

mocaxu says:

wait, aren’t mechanical keyboards designed for typing??

Elijah Ignacio says:

I like it but its only available in us? Cant find any here in philippines

Beefers26 says:

Looks very similar to Apple’s wired keyboard for iMac but has a big advantage that it has the numeric keypad at the side which the Apple wireless keyboard sacrifices. Tempting, even though I’m an Apple fan.

Tryphon Salade says:

I’m surprised nobody noticed: the keyboard shown in the video has a UK layout whereas the one sold in the description’s link has a US layout. I’m in the UK and I can’t find the UK layout version of the keyboard anywhere. Any suggestion?

The ABC Jug Band says:

I bought a Dell flat key wireless keyboard for $10 new off eBay about 5 years. Best keyboard I’ve ever used.

Alexandre says:

You should try out the Razer Ornata. It has low profile key caps but has backlighting. I type great on it and game on it regularly with no problems.

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