Massdrop CTRL Mechanical Keyboard – Unboxing & Review

Today we check out the CTRL keyboard by Massdrop! It packs a lot of features, including RGB lighting, hotswappable keyswitches, programmability, and much more!

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Kenneth Ng says:

the keycap puller untwists to show a tool to open the keyboard!

Ryjox says:

I should’ve gotten one of these instead of the Alt, it’s just a little too cramped, but the Ctrl wasn’t available and I was in a hurry. Amazing workmanship and design, I love being able to program the lights myself too.

cabra says:

Epic video! Can you please review the ducky shine 7 please. Been wanting it for a while but want to be 100%

Acksium says:

where’s the gk61 mod video i’m waiting for it!!!!

Jordan Fish says:

They must have improved their stabs. My stock laser ALT had awful rattle, though it was easy to fix since they pop right out.

RE4PER says:

I have the smaller ALT, and absolutely love it. I highly recommend it for anyone who likes the 65% form factor.

SJStudioz 019 says:

In my language taekeyboard is poopkeyboard

jackie says:

Greatly enjoy your channel!

R C says:

Congratz 50k!

Fijy says:

The ALT is my favorite keyboard out there

Ficti0n says:

Are you going to do a review on the high profile one? Or at least a video covering the differences? I’m hoping to pick one up on r/mechmarket after the drop ships out.

doizzer xd says:

is it cherry

NowakVulpix says:

Been typing on this keyboard with Kailh Box Royals for a while now. Pretty impressed by it.

LC Siew says:

can u recommend similar clean legend keycaps for 104 keys keyboard? and i need them in black

Yeet Yoink says:

Why would you want to toggle between 6-key rollover and n-key rollover?

Nano Reef Freak says:

Review the GMMK Compact keyboard from Glorious PC gaming race please, $59.99 hot swappable switches too

Anton Repkin says:

Anyone know type of the screws they use? I overtightened one and it broke, i need a replacement one. But i dont know what screw to look for.

idroppedmypocket says:

My buddy sent me custom firmware for mine. It now has extra features, including different scrolling options and multiple modes for how it lights up.

Marc Dandoy says:

Halo clears sound so good but were so fatiguing to type on, I caved and switched out for Zealios after just a month.

David Hoffnung says:

Protip about this keyboard: don’t use USB 2.0 ports or extension cables if you want reliable RGB.

Joe W says:

Typing test at 7:00

No problem

A55tech says:

They need a kailh choc version.
Also Razer does it nicely with the cover so that light doesn’t blow out of the front, below the spacebar.

mohamad itani says:

could you review the GK707 fom hexgears?

Royce Lee says:

That picture of Tzuyu at the end. Great video as always!

Izzy123_92 says:

Would like it if you picked up the hexgear dusk when it comes out and do a comparison of both since the hexgear is a bit cheaper, would like to see what they may have sacrificed

KingofHearts67 says:

I have the CTRL high profile coming in May but the wait is excruciating, I got the barebones version because I’m going to be using maxkey portland keycaps and khail box navy switches.

Sam says:

I got serial number 000004 on mine. I was so hyped when it came in.

TaeKeyboards says:

The drop is inactive at the moment. ETA from Massdrop :
Alt: Late April / Early May
Ctrl: End April / Early May.

Also, thanks for 50k subs! Video on that coming soon ❤

Zack says:

PLZ do a review of the upcoming Varmilo Sword 87!

John Matthias says:

I didn’t know the case was available in high profile. If you can plug Alps in, I’m sold.

LostStream says:

9:00 The keycap puller can unscrew revealing a hex head to use to unscrew the bolts too.

julian23561 says:

It’s a beautiful board but the side glow definitely needs more diffusing.

illumy ! says:

Are there any keyboards similar to this?

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