Massdrop CTRL Keyboard Review – The Board for Everyone!

•CTRL Keyboard:

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Jan Dominguez says:

Huh mass drop needs a mothafucking pricedrop foh

TikiTillmanPhotos says:

I just got my keyboard in today, man it was a great idea… So many problems with it…

ImSizo says:

Name of watch?

Gorrilazshock LoL says:

Is this a gaming keyboard or like a lifestyle keyboard

Gerry T says:

RIP keycap stems because of box stems being too thicc.


Review the HyperX Alloy fps rgb mechanical keyboard.pls

Alpha says:

what is your pc background?

julian23561 says:

PBT keycaps are known for their grainy texture which prevents shining on use, it also can change the sound profile of the switch which is cool and is generally the best quality plastic you can get. They’re also better for dyeing if you’re into that.

Ronald Robert says:

The customization is spot on, but the price is less than stellar. I wish this model was more around the $150 mark, and a full keyboard would be $200. Then I would be tempted to buy it.

Pokemondragonk CoolDude says:


Jake Enders says:

$200???? ),:

wolf gaming says:

Your setup is the best

_MundySeme says:

I really wish this was black anodized and came in a full size version. The $200 price tag is alot, but I wouldn’t mind if it was exactly the way I wanted it. It’s so close to perfect that it hurts.

AH M says:

that is a nice sound indeed

Brian M says:

I think it looks great

Rotring 800 says:

WTH IS 1440p
Btw love the ctrl keyboard

ceasar entila says:

This very much reminds me of the Ktype keyboard. It looks like it but the usb connection is on the different side.

J C A says:

Wake me up when there’s a tenkeyless, wireless, rgb keyboard with dedicated media keys

Transcend says:

has anyone bought this in Canada? whats the duties like

Austen Austen says:

For a low low price of 200 dollars

duploleon5 says:

damn it looks dope really thought about buying one. but 200$ god damn

Mr Man says:

If bare bones was around 100$ and less and instead, keyswitch manafacturers were to handle the price bundles, this really wouldn’t be such a huge letdown. Because otherwise, who even cares about the chassis and PCB. If you’re gonna sell it as a product and not as just a new way to create and manafacture keyboards, then I would atleast have expected more than one chassis option, key layouts, and a wrist rest. Hell, make a bluetooth one without any Rgbs for all I care. Just making an individual product and selling it for an msrp that isn’t very forgiving is just making it too niche for what it really is.

And since it’s massdrop branded, you already was allowed to sell it MSRP with no price drop since it’d probably only be fair.

Jeff Does Stuff says:

Oh man! I was so close to buying this keyboard. I would’ve been so conflicted when I saw the true color. I specifically asked them if it was dark or light gray on the massdrop page before thinking about buying it :/

randomfrankp says:

Check out my review of the CTRL – this review is more than just obnoxiously yelling about the lights for 4 minutes and calling it “the most insane keyboard yet…”

GetOffaMyLAN says:

Not bad, but I’ll stick with the Ergodox.

Tyler says:

Wish they made one with a numberpad on the right side :/

Enzo & Sean says:

I love it

Radar Lund says:

I don’t think I could move away from box blacks

Pro Gamer says:

Review the Tesoro Gram Spectrum! Espessially the white one!

Ionut Mihalache says:

200$ is not for everyone gtfo please

Steven Souillard says:

The board for everyone (especially on a budget) is the cooler master ck552. For 80$ it has RGB, a num pad, gateron red switches which many consider to be better than cherry, its made of aluminum and plastic so it feels like good quality, and it has minimal branding on it. If you’re on a budget, this is the best keyboard for the price, especially when its on sale. I got mine for 65$.

Gary Poppins says:

Here come the anti good key keyboards lol

Nick Tiesi says:

Do the Blackwidow Elite!

Jaadnn says:

The Board for -Everyone- people who have money oozing out of their ears

Wzardsarecool says:

Anyone know a keyboard with this same design? I don’t need fancy lights or swappable switches. Just mechanical and simple looking.

SureRox says:

Why does this video only have 50k views?

Alexandr Kravchuk says:

$200 for this crap? Are you kidding me?

Benjamin Smithynunta says:

I want to touch it

PeanutButterLolipop says:

What is the difference between the CTRL and the ALT?

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