MantisTek GK3-61 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard – Unboxing & Review + Paint

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MantisTek GK3-61 60% Mechanical Gaming Keyboard:
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DHtechHD says:


Toufusoup says:

Just a note: the song you linked in the description is cut off and doesn’t link to the proper artist.

PaperGlazed says:

I can’t believe you would promote a product from a company who is notorious for keylogging!

Ignatius Amardio says:

for the arrow key.. is it on the primary or secondary layer?

Trevor says:

Does anyone know what 65% keyboard he shows at 3:55?

Dzu Nguyen says:

I J K L keys are the most important keys on the keyboard, and they must be mapped to the arrow keys so that you dont ever need to move your hand position. With that being said, Caplock must be the Fn key. I dont know how people can survive on no-arrow 60% keyboard without mapping the arrow keys to IJKL.

Witon Yee says:

What were the keycaps on the TADA68? Also what are the units for the enter, space bar tab and shift keys on the TADA 68 for stabilisers/keycaps?

Mynameis Jeff says:

is this sponsored?

Duy Linh Chu Ha says:

While the Filco I have is much more expensive and slightly larger and heavier than this. It is quite nice for general usage. I would recommend that for anyone with a little budget and need a lot of typing on the go.

Capta Praelium says:

That thing is exactly like the Royal Kludge RK61

Last Second Bloomer says:

“Anne Pro killer”…LOL.

Nepxune says:

The Anne Pro app isn’t even as sketchy as the Mantistek program, it doesn’t even send keystrokes, the Mic permission is for the audio visualizer that’s hidden. On the other hand the Mantistek software still sends keystrokes to random Alibaba servers, basically still a keylogger.

Edit: For those who don’t believe me check you Firewall or Services (On windows), you will see the program still “phones home” to a random ip occasionally, the keyboard itself is fine as long as you don’t install the software.

EinWildesSamuel says:

I am going to buy the Varmilo VA88M (light grey & dark grey) What mouse can you recommend to me? I do gaming and some school work… It has to be minimalistic and not scream: IM A GAMER!!!!!!!!!! I’m asking you because i think you have a great taste :p Thanks!

Braingears says:

Cute glove dude

Ricardo Lemos says:

Will you review the Ducky Shine 6 Golden White or similar in the near future?
Great videos, keep it up! 😉

Commodorefan64 says:

I love 10 keyless boards, but 60% boards are just too small for my liking, as layers are just a pain in the butt to use in my opinion, but I will say the Bluetooth function is interesting, just hope it’s a standard easy to replace battery when it dies in the keyboard.

Nukem Dukem says:

Ugly imo

jake robinson says:

looks a lot better after you painted it all black keyboards look very cheap to me. the orange makes it pop.

Timmy says:

You should do a video of your collection, I’m curious to see what you have.

zaq w3r says:

Hey, how about to give some of your keyboards to random subscribers?
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John Sihn says:

Mainstek is famous for their keyloggers. Watch out.

Sic Semper Beats says:

wait, what did you call “P” lmaoooo

Thantap Panmerost says:

Keep a good work!

Kaizer Beelzebub says:

Where did u get those keycaps for the Anne pro

Snapped Rabbit says:

Keep em’ coming.

arse says:

need more wireless kbs but without shitty bluetooth. 2.4ghz dongles 4 lyfe

Arrythmia says:

4:04 What’s up with the knit glove….?

davltay says:

Hi I just picked up an old leopold keyboard, but it’s showing signs of use. Could you do a video on how to refurb a keyboard?

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