Logitech K840 Mechanical Keyboard Review – Non Gaming Romer-G Mechanical Keyboard

Buy it on Amazon – http://lon.tv/js2nl (affiliate link) – Logitech’s K840 mechanical keyboard is a non-gaming mechanical keyboard with some of the same components found on their gaming devices. See more keyboards: http://lon.tv/7bbmo and subscribe! http://lon.tv/s

00:56 – Hardware overview
01:07 – Typing comfort and accuracy
02:10 – Not backlit, comparison to gaming keyboards
02:31 – Connects via USB
02:35 – Stands for adjusting angle
02:50 – Configuration software
04:34 – Build quality
04:54 – Pulling keycaps for cleaning

If you want something with backlighting this keyboard is a good alternative for only $10 more: http://lon.tv/uh6ct

I really like the Logitech Romer-G mechanical switches and it’s nice to see them extending the product line beyond gaming devices and into the business/consumer markets. If you have fond memories of typing on big heavy duty computer and typewriter keyboards in the past you will like something like this. The keyboard is solid (while not all that heavy) with keys that have a wonderful amount of tactile feedback along with a springy click too (but not too springy).

It’s a very comfortable typing surface in a minimalist design. The keys have deep travel (meaning they can be pushed down far) and respond well for touch typers like myself.

The only reason why I’m knocking a star off is because it is less feature-rich vs. their Logitech G413 gaming keyboard that costs $10 more and also offers the Romer-G keys. The G413 keyboard is backlit (this one is not), has a USB pass through port for mice, and offers a more extensive macro functionality through its software vs. the very limited amount you’ll get with the K840.

Built quality is nice and I like the minimalist design. It’s very easy to remove the keys for cleaning and they reattach just as easily. The top is metal which provides a nice rigid type surface but the bottom is plastic making this not a very heavy keyboard to move around on the desk or between PCs.

It connects with a USB cable to just about any device that supports USB keyboards (including PCs, Macs, and Android devices).

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saturnotaku says:

There’s only a single type of Romer-G switch, unlike Cherry MX (and clones) that offer linear, tactile, clicky, silent, and a number of actuation forces. Also, since Logitech is the only company to use these switches, any replacement keycaps need to be ordered through them. You can’t just pick up any old replacement set like you can for a Cherry-compatible keyboard. Fortunately, Logitech doesn’t charge an arm and a leg for them.

Senaxx says:

Keep up the good work! really like your videos

Trevor Paisley says:

Hey Lon. When do you think the Nintendo sd cartridge will go up?

Hello Mr. Computer says:

I’m not interested in keyboards specifically designed for gaming, but I really like typing on mechanical keyboards as they’re simply much more comfortable to type on than rubber dome keyboards, so it’s nice to see a company release a mechanical keyboard that’s just a regular keyboard for typing.

EposVox says:

o_o This looks almost exactly like the G413 Silver I reviewed, just less gamer-y. Weird.

ParadoxicGer says:

Thanks for the review, but for that price I’d rather go with a Ducky for example which also doesn’t look like a gaming keyboard, has some nice extra features, backlighting and has actual cherry switches.

Ralph McMahan says:

I have an IBM mechanical keyboard I bought for my 486 that I ran OS/2 on. It still feels great, it also weighs about 10lbs. Used to be white, now it’s beige. I break it out once in a while if I have to type alot.

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