Logitech G810 Keyboard Review – Is the ROMER-G Switch For You?

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Christian Schmidt says:

mx speed vs rommer-g? after i was disapointed of my g910. i love my k70.

invertMASA says:

I will agree, I hate the round buttons. But will never go to a keyboard without the volume roller.

Anyone have this and give me their thoughts on it?

StumptownRetro says:

Wish they made this in a TKL version like the K65.

Renan SiX says:

I’ve never used a mechanical keyboard before, and I’m in tremendous doubt of which to pick up, G910 or G810. I currently use a Microsoft Wireless 3000, it has low keys and is very comfortable, but I need to get out of that membrane thing and adapt with high keys (same as mechanical keyboards), but the lack of G810 wrist support is leaving me with fear. And my fear of getting the G910 Spark is that maybe I do not adapt to the format of the keys, but as I use the computer more for games, I think it will not be problems. So, what do you say?

Kambiz Naderi says:

Just got mine NEW for $40 🙂

Ardissa Puji Susanto says:

I get obsessed with logitech more and more

עומר משהו says:

Does this keyboard worth 130EUR?

Apatt says:

Why is the enter key different here then it is on the website?

Mr DerpyBurger says:

wow i watched this video March 3 2017

Leif Pile says:

Isn’t this just a G610 with RGB’s?

Edward Lau says:

the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog
I typed that on the very same keyboard and i think his review was really good. Thanks for the decision…

Mert Tosya says:

Clicking is at 4:22

Andre Gamer says:

why do people give a bunch of crap for logitech keyboards

Black Russian says:


Mark Wright says:

You can get a mode perfect white. Using the RGB value you just push back the red.

Bulgdoom says:

What kind of losers pay $160 for a keyboard?

Mikkel du Plessis says:

to quick switch in csgo poeople don’t tap 12 they rather double tap q (switch to prev weopon). So that your fingers dont leave wasd.


does anyone have this PING metallic sound everytime a key is pressed? is this how it should be or have i got a faulty one?

Mark Wright says:

Lol in 4k I can see the dandruff falling out your hair haha. Don’t worry happens to me too

Yannick Victor Gonzales Alagon says:

nice Video 🙂

ocir Suave says:

why is my keyboard is so glitchy

Mikhail Kalashnikov says:

Hey, nice review man but I have a question I live in a country where we use azerty keyboards, but the problem is I think of buying this keyboard but the azerty one is 170 euro en and qwerty is only 120 euro and it a bit silly to spend 50 euro more to just have it in azerty. Now my question is can you change the buttons and set your keyboard in azerty or can you switch like A in Q in setting of keyboard with program like u did with f1, f2,..
Pls help,

Davis Lawrence says:

Just picked up a G810 and it’s looking good along with my G Pro for a matched aesthetic.

Jaylaz says:

Cmon Logitech, no wrist rest is a massive fail imo.

Dota Ancients says:

I got a question. Im playing moba games (dota 2) and im not sure should i buy this keyboard? Would you recommend this keyboard for moba games?

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