Logitech G613 Review (Wireless Mechanical Keyboard)

There is a lot to like about the wireless mechanical keyboard from Logitech, the G613, especially being able to switch between Bluetooth and Wireless mode, so you can quickly type to friends on your phone while you’re gaming, or whatever you can think of using the two connections. I actually hope to see this feature on future keyboards, not just wireless. Bluetooth functionality is great!

It’s the usual Logitech keyboard other than that, so if you’ve ever watched a review of keyboards like the G810, you should know what to expect (Romer-G switches, matte plastic, standard form, etc, but this one has a palm rest).

Good keyboard that’s great for gaming and a no-wires desktop, especially with the impressive battery life; worth a look if you’re in the market for a wireless mechanical keyboard.

Note: The key caps are “pad printed” apparently, not sure why, doesn’t seem as good as the usual ones.

If you’re wondering about my key configuration, here’s a video on it: https://youtu.be/kUr4OiJZQ9s

You can buy using my Amazon Affiliate links here:

AMAZON USA… not available at the time of this review, I’ve included a search link instead:



UK Layout http://amzn.to/2xzOKjG
US Layout http://amzn.to/2xzS7Hi

If you’re from Australia, you can search MWAVE here: https://www.mwave.com.au/searchresult?w=g613


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salty says:

Hey Ninja, I’ve heard you once talking about a diet that balanced your energy. I was wondering if you could make a video on that?

the blue hammer says:

God damn the sound of this this is horrible, sounds cheap, bulky, plastic and just all around bad

American PI says:

Why do companies make wrist rests that are non removable? It ruins some keyboards for me.

Teddy Radclyffe says:

Logitech? urggh! Wireless? urgh! Pad printed caps? urgh! 150 for that pile of junk? Fuck me!!

The Goon says:

yea idk i think they shouldve had some dim lighting on the keys, just for night time typing. I mean i pretty much know my way around a keyboard by now but sometimes i forget which numbers have which symbol and the lighting definitely helps with emojis and just symbols in general.

Smirnoff Vodka says:

trust gxt 155?

Kikoo Kikaboo says:

As usual, great review. Zy, the reference for Gaming Mice and Keyboards reviews!

Keep up the good work!

Brandon Key says:

Good review! Do you think this keyboard is a more liable option in comparison to other wireless options?

PanzerIV says:

Well I hope it’s a wrong price cause it’s all backorder and unavailable anywhere in Canada cause if it’s really gonna be 212$CAD only to remove the wire that isn’t an annoyance at all on a desktop, then it’s reallllly a huge scam and not worth paying at least 2x more than you’d usually pay for a mechanical keyboard, yet it doesn’t even have LEDS or Lithium batteries, wtf.

It’s cool though that there’s however finally 1 option for a quality wireless keyboard if you’re on the couch as you were previously forced to use garbage, but gotta be rich however to justify paying that much as I say it’s not worth more than 150$ for sure. Kind of like their “Powered Mousepad” that charges the mouse, it’s genius but at the current price let me tell you I’ll just continue to plug my G403 before going bed once every 2-3 days.

FelixFTW says:

Lol a keyboard? Why not just get a controller? It’s got a knob for moving AND buttons! Stupid PC peripherals

Patrick Ronan says:

If you wouldn’t mind doing some range testing on wireless peripherals it would be appreciated.

Ádám says:

the asmr part is at 2:05 thank me later

givemeajackson says:

Would be a nice thing for me,i can turn my 34 inch ultrawides monitor arm so it’s at the foot of my bed. It would save me a bit of hassle if i could just grab my main keyboard off the desk and use it in bed, i have a g403 to go with it

Totally Radical Dude says:

wish this was black, tkl and had a removable wrist wrest

Jansuix says:

What do you think about g413 ?

T W E R K B O N E R says:

Please review the Trust GXT 155

Rocket Jump Ninja says:

If you’re wondering about my key configuration, here’s a video on it: https://youtu.be/kUr4OiJZQ9s

Mikael Hadad says:

Hey Zy! Rival 310 or EC2-B?!

natu19900 says:

On your Logitech G Pro review you said you have trouble sniping and doing 1 other type of aiming with it? That’s the first time I heard you say something like that, can you expand on that? I’d like to see a comparison of the G Pro vs the FK2 as they are both small ambidextrous mice.

Clownfish says:

Got any wired gaming headsets with a good mic and sound that you can recommend? Currently using arctis 5s but the mic isn’t that great

hypergalaxy8 says:

Will a 12 year old stand a chance in Quake Live? My answer is probably not.

Sentry :D says:

great review as always!

aiSoju says:

Hey, Zy! Great video as always! I wanna ask if is too much wireless peripherals can interfere with each other?

MegpoidNebri says:

Solid review as always. Also sooo much yes on the wired keyboard + BT idea! A keyboard like that would be amazing. With decent enough quality I’d buy that right away pretty much.

Christian Perez says:

please try out the ducky secret M!

ThunderbyteNet says:

Have this keyboard and can recommend it. It enters sleep mode however after some minutes and needs a key press to be woken up. Although it has a physical power switch on the right side, I never switch it off. Use it with a G903 and Powerplay mouse mat. Great combo. The keyboard could be paired with the Powerplay receiver, I use its own receiver however.

OnlyNeedJuan says:

Will you ever review wireless headsets that don’t have a mic?

Kpaxlol says:


Betty Bobatty says:

Foot reveal when?

Jeffrey Morgan says:

If they did this in a 10keyless small keyboard I’d pick one up

Schiz0id says:


Will Simonds says:

Zy are you going to review the Final Mouse Classic Ergo 2?

Luchiio86 says:

IM waiting for The TKL version of this keybord!!! hop they make it quick!

JarAxe says:

Wireless keyboard for desktop PC’s is just as pointless as wireless steering wheels for cars.

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