Logitech G603 Wireless Gaming Mouse & G613 Wireless Gaming Keyboard Review!

These gaming peripherals are wireless and meant for online gaming, check out the G603 mouse & G613 keyboard!!!
Buy the G602: http://amzn.to/2xEUKYS
Buy the G613: (link coming soon)

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Logitech G603 Wireless Gaming Mouse
Logitech G613 Wireless Gaming Keyboard


OldManSpock says:

I literally just bought the g603, this review really helps

richard yow says:

What game are you playing with just target practice?

Rohit Joshi says:

Please do a video comparing all the wireless Logitech mice! I would like to see the G603 and G703 compared specifically, but including the G900, G903 and G403 wireless would be really helpful too.

Alexander Wood says:

pop boundary wash hard disorder ban badly fuel rely.

Lewis Li says:

Only recommendation to logitech is to try to stop using batteries and use either micro usb or type C besides that perfect brand who agrees?

TheQuikMix says:

Didn’t you get the “lag” time wrong on this keyboard? You’re talking about the keystroke time, but lag time underneath looks truly bad with a few 1000ms reports.

Erythrocyte says:

Honestly don’t bother buying wireless keyboard and mouse for desktop. Because how much are you actually moving your desktop to where you need wireless things? I guess if you’re a clean freak then yeah. But that’s all.

PattyGaming says:

The point of the phone stand is so that you can hook up a tablet or phone to the keyboards bluetooth and switch back and forth from the computer to the phone. So it gives you an option to text people back using the keyboard instead of picking up your phone and using the touch keyboard.

Ducky DoGaming says:

Take one of the batteries out if you want to reduce weight. They are run in parallel, so the mouse doesn’t require both to operate. You will just lose battery capacity.

Natusch says:

The purpose of the phone stand is to improve your viewing angle by tilting it a little bit, since you can connect via Bluetooth. Although I wouldn’t see myself writing documents on, say a plane, with a large keyboard like this, the possibility is there. I think you can also put a tablet if you put it vertically, but I don’t know.

Nikola Vasilev says:

If the mouse is heavy to you, you can remove 1 of the batteries & play with only 1.

Ethan Ton says:

Logitech including the little phone stand is like being 40 words short on a 500 page AP Lit essay and just adding some fluff for the grade

NETVO TV says:

For real Logitech??? I wanted a mouse that perform like gaming mouse and with a lot button to customise for my productivity work and you just dump down G600 for this? Why??? Why not keep the button layout of the G600 and make it more modern looking? Why not make a perfect mouse? If you make G900 layout I will be fine since it is ambidextrous and good amount of buttons. Now you just dump down the G700 and G600 series and randomly call a mouse a G603 and G703??? What the hack Logitech?

And there’s no left and fifth tilt buttons on the scroll wheel!!! What the hack Logitech!

Radicool Gaming says:

This man is the best example of hard work makes a man perfect

TheMinecraftDuos911 says:

0:10 Nice rapping 😉

Gerard Dresch says:

Thanks – Like the G602 better — Also First 65 or Older

Domantas Bronušas says:

Need cherry mx switches and wireless ! So i could change my keycaps 😀

Amit Biswas says:

its amazing review about Logitech G603 Wireless Gaming Mouse & G613 Wireless Gaming Keyboard . actually i m also used this prouduct. thats are so good product for me.

otherwise i am a seo marketer, if any type o help about this mrketing .you can check it here

Arnaud Borne says:

Is it rgb?

TBNRSlam says:

Now we w8 4 da Razer copy

TheleagueofDawn&Hope Phone says:

Call me a gaming scrub but why can’t you just use a normal wireless keyboard or mouse for gaming I got a wireless mouse at Walmart and it has worked fine for gaming for a long time. And web browsing as well. Plus you’ll save some money too. Idk about wire less key boards though. Never hade one so idk. But I might get one in the future. So yea.

Tadashi TG says:

The 1ms is not the end to end latency, but the report rate of the device. What does that mean? It mean that the keyboard/mouse will send information to the wireless receiver on the computer once every 1 millisecond (or a thousand times per second). Latency is something else, it’s the amount of time it takes for the keyboard to send one command( one of those 1000 command a second). So all commands come with some latency but they are 1ms apart from each other.

The Techaholic says:

no rgb? how dare they call them gaming.

Ashley L says:

It’s a shame it doesn’t support left-handed gaming for the mouse.

LousyLuke says:

I think the phone stand is so that you can type on your phone with the keyboard

Focal1 says:

I have the G603. I love the extra weight, but that can be because Im a old gamer.
I have ordered the G613. No wires is just sick. This combined with the Dell S2417 DG, makes my total setup look like old and maybe bland compared to the crazy RGB setups. But man, everything are HIGH end products and top of the line for serious gaming.

simmyjer says:

not rechargeable, no rgb huhuhu. i just want a white g403 wireless

fishywtf says:

This is a buy for me since reconnecting or disconnecting cords is a hassle for me due to how my setup is.

ChyroBeast says:

I’ll stick with my g602 mouse

Dr. Emmett Brown says:

3 words that dont go together. wireless gaming peripherals. What a joke.

Avery Mock says:

too bad it’s got the rubber-g switches

also, the phone stand is to use with the arx control app

MrPolypropylen says:

Can we use the G603 and G613 with the same USB dongle or do we have to use both?

Rolfathan says:

$150. $70. Hahahahaha. No. Just no.

Also, the G602, a wonderfull wireless gaming mouse from logitech is often on sale for $40. Sometimes it’s even less. Seems like a better mouse too, for less.

Client Publisher says:

Finally a video on wireless gaming keyboard and mouse!! Thanks bro!

BrotherO4 says:

the questtion is not if wireless is just as good as wire….we already knew that since the 900/403 mouse. the question is….if this new sensor is just has good as the old. for that we need Rocket Jump Ninja for the Real testing.

John Doe says:

I know why they didn’t include RGB, but it’s an important selling feature for me. Guess I’ll pass on this version. Maybe strides in power efficiency will allow RGB integration one day.

DaemoniumCC says:

Your speakers are set up so incorrectly. Way, way too high.

Nathan McClymont says:

I think the entire reason behind the phone stand is the ability to hit the bluetooth button and be able to type a message on your phone.

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