Logitech G513 Keyboard Review with NEW Romer-G Linear Switches

In this video we take a look at the new Logitech G513 with the new Linear Romer-G Switch. I will also be doing a back to back sound test of both Romer-G switches for comparison. Enjoy!

** Correction. I said 1.2mm but it’s actually 1.5mm actuation distance for both switches.**

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G513 Carbon Romer-G Tactile (Carbon) https://amzn.to/2I0KBKm

G513 Carbon Romer-G Linear (Carbon) https://amzn.to/2ucbeK6

Silver model is a Best Buy Exclusive.

*Full Disclosure : I received a product sample to make a review. I was not paid to make this video. My opinions expressed in the video are my own. My integrity is not for sale.

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AniRayn says:

What the fk? No NumLock indicator? Simply briliant. I’ve been always wondering how companies can create (otherwise) nice products but still fk up on such details. Seriously Logitech, did your lead designer just have a brain fart when creating this? Also, PLEASE bring back the media keys and maybe also some macro keys (no more than 5). Thank you!

CrispeeKreem says:

I was wondering if the metallic sound you talked about happens on tactile too

chubbies says:

Imo a wrist rest & rgb are not worth $60

Brainbean says:

Hey everyone! Don’t forget to click the notification bell (Subscribe 2.0) so you don’t miss out on any uploads. Lot’s of great stuff coming in the next few weeks!

Xombie says:

No media keys with a $150 price tag? Hard pass

Matt Crowley says:

They should now make a CLICKY switch.

Aditya Bayu_P says:

logitech nice build quality
poor rgb mode -50% fps

Crusher says:

Great review, you deserve far more subs, keep it up the good work

Edit: How you compare this linear switch vs Cherry Reds? which one do you like the most?

Ana Kakulia says:

true, I was wondering where was the F key lol

Michael Gusevsky says:

Both seem loud but I do seem to hear that buttoning out there once or twice… Didn’t like it… Felt rough…

Mads Westerdahl says:

So…. They didn’t change anything?

Plog says:

If it had a volume wheel i would 100% get it but now Im deciding between it and the new asus flare

Jenna says:

I’d be happy if Logitech developed and released Lightspeed Wireless G910 Orion Spark, G810, and G513 Mechnical Keyboard in the near future. And must come in different color scheme such as Black, Silver, Carbon, Grey, etc. which I will definitely send feedback to product manager at Logitech G such as Chris Pate, Ujesh Desai, Logitech G etc.

Tess Kirk says:

Another quality video!!

Kenny Lay says:

So is it worth to upgrade a g413 just because of the switch or not?

Tjenaretjenaremannen says:

The good thing with the Logitech Software is that you can toggle the FN-key which means if u wanna use the media keys, u dont need to use both hands 🙂 Litterly almost becomes dedicated media keys on such a minimalistic design. Im a huge fan of this! Kinda amazed no other brand does this, u basically a need third party program with other keyboard brands to do this.

Everthing man 0072 says:

He has an xbox 360 in 2018

Mustafa Sakib says:

i really don’t like how the keyboard does not have a light for numlock

Rain0ver says:

Don’t you think that this keyboard is just g413 with the wrist rest, rgb and new switches?

Nambudy says:

Should I go with the G413 or the G513? I really like that wrist pad but i don’t know if it’s worth it…

FlyingPenguins says:

It’s hard to pick between this and the blackwidow v2

GamingWithMus says:

Wow dude! Logitech featured you on their twitter! congrats man 😀 awesome review keep it up (btw the new intro is pure dope)

william yang says:

what is the different with g513 and g152

xXXFirestorm27 says:

real pro dont use wrist rest, they use their ARMS as a wrist

brent jones says:

So I know that this keyboard is $150, but the G413 (which I own and love) is $90 with no RGB and no wrist rest. So would you say the $60 premium is worth the RGB and the wrist rest? Great video btw.

xbloodblade says:

i could deal with the multifunction media keys but not MACRO keys on a GAMING keyboard? not to mention didn’t Logitech invent that shit? now to not have it. seems like such an upgrade and downgrade of the 910s… wtf

creation966 says:

This is basically the G413 but with RGB, USB port on the left side instead of the right side (yay) and the wrist rest. Almost $100CAD more expensive though.

Michael Gusevsky says:

I love that it’s not translucent! At least I think I do! I haven’t had new keyboards yet so I’d like to compare…

LeMucho says:


CreeP ToniX says:

Brainbean what’s the title of the music at the beginning pls ?

Imperial Trooper says:

Great video!!! Torn between this and the razer ornata chroma :/

Mikey Hope says:

That wrist rest looks exactly like the Razer wrist rest.

Jellied Food says:

5:44 Thank you

Fiskeben says:

I really wanted to buy this keyboard, untill you mentioned that its ABS plastic keycaps. Hell no

calvin yip says:

New swtich , rgb and wrist rest.g413 $99 this $150 not worth if they are about $120 I might give it a sho cuz they the difference are just way too small design layout all the same.But Logitech really build a great keyboard still Loving the g413

Rolfathan says:

Can you set the brightness of each individual key?

I can do this on even older RGB Corsair keyboards, and I abosultely love seeing the gaming speicifc keys at 100% brightness, then everything else at maybe 50%.

If this keyboard can do that I am buying it.

Miss Skyline says:

will they ever release the silver edition in europe?

Sooper Speedy says:

If they make a version like the masterkeys pro m then im buying it immediately

Jenna says:

Typing Sound Test

Chris Martinez says:

What’s that intro song tho?

LamaGamesTV says:

Ok silly question! Next to the Caps lock’s there is that G button! What does it do! It’s not the numlock button! So what is it? 😛 it is killing me 😛

Merin EREN says:

I have G810 and my only complain about it is whites are not white. Does G513 has the same problem?

Meshaxh says:

What’s the difference between Tactile and Liniar?


is the g pro keyboard linear or tactile ?

Fruko says:

I love my G410

ɑzɳ x1y1 says:


gelul12 says:

Mine didnt come with the
arm rest

Daniel E says:

That was an awesome review. Keep up the good work dude!

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