Logitech G213 Prodigy Gaming Keyboard Review (4K)

Pricing and Availability:
US: https://amzn.to/2rXyaJL
UK: http://amzn.to/2p0pFNO

Gaming software for those that can’t Google it… http://support.logitech.com/en_gb/software/lgs

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The Italian Dildo says:

Where do you download the software

Haikezeeh says:

Does it work for ps4?

NoVa_ playZ77 says:

is it still worth buying now

Zuno says:

Logitech 213 or corsair k55??

wenco84 says:

Thanks for the good review .. I was getting info to get my first RGB keyboard .this one seems affordable overall at this price point .

Galf506 says:

Was going to buy this, then I heard the noise it makes… why so loud what the hell! My current mechanical is much more silent :/

kyler Ellis says:

This review was very helpful I am going to think about buying this keyborard for my birthday Thank you so much

SkipGaming says:

How do you get the software to change colours

OptiMaz Prime says:

5:21 nice…

Mateo Saldarriaga says:

I just got it. Is awsome! I definitely recommend you guys to buy it

Fate Milo says:

My granny bought me this for my birthday:)

ItzLeakzi says:

ive heard rumors that the keys begin to break in the way where you must press directly in the middle of the key otherwise it wont press in, like if you press on the edge of it, it doesnt go in

Help me reach 4000 subs with no subs says:

Does it work for ps4? Please answer

Fate Milo says:

Damn u went into slot of detail in this video (not being sarcastic btw)

Josua D says:

kaihl blue switches are actually cheaper than this keyboard. but as I personally use the g213 myself, i must say that this thing feels quite nice.

Klassisk says:

you say the reflexes on the keyboard are not to quick even though on the back of the box if I’m reading correctly it’s 2ms, not the fastest keyboard ever but it shouldn’t have a delay to where it’s noticeable as soon as you press a key where I’ve experienced with a Red Dragon Mechanichal Gaming Keyboard which is to be expected since it’s only $40 on Amazon I can see the delay each time I’m pressing a key and in gaming adding the ping lag with the keyboard doesn’t help at all so roughly I press a button and it would take like 30-45ms to respond I know this video is old but for some people this keyboard is definitely an upgrade specially with the price to. (That it is today)

xHydrra _- says:

Does this keyboard allows you to press multiple keys at same time?

Ismael Ferrera says:

I hate these keyboards it’s so big your key Bines get messed up

Sharo says:

Best Keyboard <3

Impu1se says:

does anyone know if this works on ps4? if you do please reply

Names are for dweebs says:

After one year is it holding up well?
Btw nice review will be subbing

Zkun says:

Is it usable if you have chubby fingers?

Thana Ralte says:

Do we need to download the app where we can add the colors..etc or how im confused…helo me

ZarkonPvP says:

His cost in my country 55 euros so 65 dollars

Kami - says:

Would MOTOSPEED Inflictor CK104 Wired USB Mechanical Esport Gaming Game Keyboard LED RGB Backlit with 104 Keys be a better buy??

Red Programer says:

hoping to buy this !!!!!

Raf Raf says:

I don’t know what to buy, this or a cheap mechanical keyboard.

Ian Dabre says:

my keyboard is stuck on green

Shroud_Jr says:

How do i go to the RGB settings????Please help.

creeproot says:

lovely review! Made me appreciate my decision of buying this beauty 🙂

Hyperz_ Gamez says:

What is the difference between this keyboard and a mechanical keyboard

Trong Duong says:

Can i use 2 app logitech and razer?

Vaughn Blaylock says:

I’m watching this and having major issues with it. The lighting doesn’t turn on when the computer restarts. You have to start the Logitech app in order to get the lighting to come on. When it finally does (it took an hour for it to decide to turn on today), it’s very beautiful. Keys feel good, the color comes through the keys evenly and thoroughly, and the keys are, while not quiet, give off just the right amount of noise.

The fact that it turns off and that the software needs to be started in order to turn the LEDs on is a deal killer, though. It’s going back in its box and returned to Newegg today.

Thomas Sten says:

when i changed colours on the keyboard some of my keys don”t work. do you know how to fix that problem?

Kami - says:

Would this be better than Redragon K552 KUMARA LED Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Amer Azmi says:

Is it good for fps games? I like clicky keyboard

Azozy gaming says:

does this work for ps4

MartinSek7 says:

Can I use this keyboard for gaming or I REALLY have to use a mechanical keyboards? Please reply

Kenneth Noguez says:

sound test at 3:24


I just got this keyboard today.


Can someone help me.So I have this keyboard and the color dont wanna change it just stucked on the color blue plzz help!!!

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