Laser projection keyboard review

Skip to 11:30 for a typing demonstration.

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I’m Thomas and I do keyboard videos and reviews. Today we look at a KB-580 laser projection keyboard. A little bit different from the usual mechanical keyboards I review, it’s nonetheless a very interesting specimen, and the smallest keyboard I’ve ever seen. It’s also horrific. Have a nice day.

I test these keyboards so you don’t have to. Do not try this at home.


serkan kazak says:

:O Blasphemy!

Calvin Dang says:

It’s a good concept that can have many uses in sterile environments

Leon B says:

Hahaha I lost it at the lettuce

Lachlant1984 says:

I’d be interested to know what you think of the touch cover keyboard that’s available for the Microsoft Surface tablet.

batchout says:

8:15 🙂

Fred Gryson says:

Figure 3 in that IBM patent is horrifying.

Matthew Hall says:

I just sold my Model F so I could get one of these. Can’t wait!

Zekun Hu says:

Nice review, hilarious video!

andrew arvianto says:

best review of the worst keyboard

RockeyDAproductions says:

nad when i was in middle school i thought that shit was so cool and i wanted one so bad. 10 years later im glad i never got to try it.

Useless Dog says:

Review the kailh big switches!

pseudo_ says:

Back in 2nd grade, I got a book at the school book fair called _Cool Stuff and How it Works._ In the keyboard section, they labeled this exact type of keyboard as the “future of typing.”

bean says:

Hilarious mate, nice one

Jim Ramsey Khouri says:

This is just one of those ideas where you just ask, why?

Briggseey says:

i love it

RorixP4P says:

We have the same phone!

Lachlant1984 says:

I’ve been sing these laser projection keyboards for about 10 years or so, maybe even longer, I don’t know. What does the LCD screen on the front of the unit show? Mummy, this keyboard doesn’t work, it’s horrible. I want my Model M back now.

Commodorefan64 says:

I’d seriously rather use an EZ Eyes keyboard then this horrid looking shit.
Edit: here is one on eBay.

lowpoly says:

Wow, Jeff Wayne music! Thanks for that. Wish I could subscribe TWICE or like the video TWICE to show youtube how amusing and satisfying this vid was 😀


Oooh war of the worlds music

Giuseppe Afellay says:

Project that over an actual mechanical keyboard that hasn’t been converted to a usb port and you have got a smoking hot keyboard without having to really struggle on wiring!

….. not


This channel is becoming a shit posting channel… and i love it

XopcLabs says:

Oh, do you play MTG? Any other TCG? I spotted a deck box

Sytricka _ says:

Projecting it on a keyboard would actually be pretty good if it worked right. Assuming it could be adjusted, you could use it on really old keyboards that cannot be converted to work on modern computers.

Carbonaria says:

12:14 wtf

Frank Yeh says:

funny crap

Jack Hart says:

11:21 – That line sounded awfully familiar.

YraDoesNothing says:

And I thought laptop keyboards were bad.

Willibef says:

Didn’t know bacon is **that** multifunctional.

Danilo de Klerk says:

What’s the difference between typing without looking and touch typing, anyway?

AMINAL says:

Oh god no.. no

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