Keychron K1 Slim Wireless Mechanical Keyboard – Unboxing & Review

Today we check out the Keychron K1, formerly known as the Keytron K1. I have the Mac version with white backlighting, but it’s also available in RGB, and with Windows keycaps.

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TheCook_Cola says:


Niklas Kaden says:

Have you tried the Hexgears x-1? Would be cool to see!

Avneer says:

The lighting modes are identical to my Royal Kludge RK61, wonder if they are running similar software or if they are made by the same company with a different name. You should review the RK61 (it’s a budget board with knock-off in-house blue clones)!

EgBT2 14 says:

This is superb m8 in any way.

Thomas TheGamer07 says:

This is gonna be good!

Leo says:

Hey what’s the best keyboard for specifically FPS gaming

Md. Imamul Islam says:

This video has a quite ASMR quality to it.

prameswara prasadana says:

so you like TT? just like TT?

tommy lau says:

Does this keyboard turn off and disconnect after a while of inactivity?

MaximusPrime24 says:


Vincent Rajfura says:

666 views yes

Slacking02 says:

Nice! It be amazing if it was available in a white 60% version!

MacClack says:

Your videos always make me happy. Thanks for the great work.

Oktay Yumlu says:

Looks like you like spirited away more than the keyswitches used in this keyboard 😀

seb says:

that cookies and cream milkshake though..

NERO says:

sadly not 60%

Paul Mongeau says:

I moved away from the Keychron K1 keyboard when they could not even resolve the issue of shipping even after i gave them my proper address. It tells you a lot when a company can’t even make things right with the shipping. I wanted to love this keyboard but unfortunately needed to move along and get another keyboard. Maybe it is a great keyboard but i will never know that. I bought a Tesoro Gram XS and it is already on it’s way as opposed to the Keychron K1 which they could not even ship in 3 months…we live in 2019 not 1935 and other companies are able to ship products around the world without issues. Come on Keychron, you should be able to do better than that. Maybe i expect too much from a new company…

Tom Takumi Okamoto says:

Havit vs Keychron?

RyuShinEX says:

do you have a tour video of your studio?

Muhammad Nasril Zarudin says:

Wireless era is coming!

Matthew K says:

I like that twice video in the background during the typing test

Toufusoup says:

That intro tho.

luidżi says:

i guess that Keychron/Keytron tried to make a quite office-environment friendly switch without sacrificing the clicky sound, to be honest, they sound quite nice. Overall, a nice keyboard, but still such a shame that they aren’t compatible with Kaihua Choc switches.
10:46 nice cookies and cream beverage

Random Memes says:

Guys, I’m 14th…be proud of me.

ngooen JD says:

9:52 control get back in formation !!!

Paul Mongeau says:

The only thing that needs improvement is their shipping accuracy and speed. It’s just unfortunate that i could not get one delivered to my place even though they should have been able to.

julian23561 says:

I think that Cooler Master should’ve just used a Kailh Choc LP switch for their MK630 and MK650 slim line of keyboards.

Spuddy L says:

What did you do to the left control key you monster!

Jordan Limantara says:

6:38 what is playing in the background?

Angel AR says:

I believe TTC made those switches.

Jordan Fish says:

Are the switches pin and keycap compatible with Kailh Chocs, i.e. would it be possible to desolder and swap in the better ones?

Chokkan says:

It certainly has a look that a lot of people will love, and people want wireless.

As you say, it’s the switches that need to be on point to attract people who know what they like.

I always like seeing rain in your videos 🙂 Easy to forget that you guys don’t have perfect weather all the time. 😀

Luthfi Hakim says:

6:36 Twice What is love confirmed

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