Keyboard Review: Nektar Impact LX88

Nektar’s new MIDI master keyboard, the Impact LX88, is now on the market! I’ve been waiting a while for this one as I wanted an 88-key semiweighted MIDI keyboard that fit my needs and this one does that absolutely splendidly. There isn’t much to complain about – it’s a great buy, that’s for sure!

RRP is $299.

Piano VST in this review: Imperfect Samples Fazioli
Synth: eDNA01: Earth by Spitfire Audio
Horns: Cinebrass Pro

PS. The keyboard does NOT contain any sounds of its own! You have to use a computer program to get sound. It’s called a MIDI keyboard, meaning it controls sounds in computers. No headphone jack either as there are no sounds in the actual keyboard.


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prashanth says:

Sir which piano vst ur using plz…?

RØSE says:

I recently bought this keyboard (my first keyboard), and I have a few questions. I use fl studio 11. I have already setup the keyboard in the DAW, but for some reason I just can’t seem to play just regular piano in fl studio. At 4:35 for example you have this nice piano sound, but when I try to do that I just get these weird sounds that don’t even sound like a piano, and some keys (notes) just straight up sound like complete other instruments. I was wondering if there is another program that I should use, or if perhaps I did something wrong in the calibration? Are there perhaps plugins that I need to install?

paul butler says:

Hi Walid,

Lucas Pina Drums says:

The keys are like piano’s? Heavy?

Forget2BHuman fuckoff says:

the pads suck, and the keys suck 🙂 they cant tell your touching them untill it thinks your basicly smashing them xD

Moreno Moreno says:


D W says:

Where did you get the red trip version , that look so cool!

paul butler says:

Hi Walid, I have a question to get the sustain pedal to work, would appreciate any good news, Thanks Paul

Doue Carter says:

What plugin was used for the piano?

Astromic Boy says:

Estoy pensando en pillar un teclado midi barato, estoy entre el M audio y este.. ¿tiene teclas contrapesadas reales o muy parecidas ?

K. Zackrisson says:

Hello! Nice accent, those trump vsts sounds amazing. What plug?

Komesy says:

Did a sustain pedal come with it? Are you using one?

Edward Passagi says:

Hi! I just saw this video and i really am interested in this one.. i have just a few questions though, does the key touch feels like a real piano?
I also am planning to use this midi controller on my FL studio, will sustain pedal works with this one if i connect it to DirectWave plugin?

I’m still a newbie so sorry if my questions seem a bit unimportant…

Asian says:

I have the Impact LX88+ and i use the basic FL Studio and whenever i play the velocity in which i hit the keys effects the sound in which it plays GREATLY, Like yes, i know this is supposed to happen. But its at the point at which the piano is barely hearable or effects in in some indirect way in the fact that when i play beautiful pieces it sounds horrible with the sound shifting

Dwayne Barker says:

Hi Walid, late to the party but like your review a lot. Question, did you put the red stripe on yourself ? Current models seem plain and I like to look of yours, adds a touch of class ! Let me know. Thanks D

Dom Mac says:

Great review, can i ask what piano and orchestral sample libraries your using? sounds brilliant!

Bhavik Patel says:

which VSTi you used for demonstration?

Xeno The Lyricist says:

Anyone else thinks he looks like Eden Hazard?

tronlady1 says:

omg you’re lovely Walid :o) Tell me if you ever come to Sheffield!

Llinkan says:

Keys are half weighted, right ? Is it feels like plastic or more like on an electronic organ / synth ? Thanks for the great review

Samuel Wong says:

Hi sir, does the key transpose button works like an ordinary sequence keyboard ? Coz I like to have this thing for my gigs. Sometimes I play song on certain keys but singers need to shift the keys, I don’t really feel like playing the song on different key.

Lumina Studios says:

interstellar (y)

Thirsty Fox says:

Hey Walid, hope you’re doing well these days. You still using Imperfect Samples Fazioli?

Praveen Madhukar says:

5:07 is which song?

Claudina Genone says:

lo usaría para estudio! por ende necesito que la sensibilidad sea buena! me lo recomendas?

Carlos Ojeda says:

Good review. I did one similar for the Panorama sometime ago, but in Spanish. Funny we made similar comments about the keys.

Jackie Rosales says:

Are alesis pianos good

Remote God says:

It’s a tough call on what keyboard to go with – especially if you’ve trained on real acoustic pianos. Right now (and for a long time), nothing will replace a real piano, trust me. But, I’ve been comparing many of the top 88-key MIDI keyboards from $200-$999, and this is the one my interest and attention continually return to. For the price, it seems too good to be true. I just wish I could have a “REAL” acoustic piano in the size, cost, and portability of this type of keyboard. oh well, may never happen. I guess this will be what I settle for, hopefully I enjoy the decision!

paseodelprado says:

hello, i have a problem whit impact xl88, The damper sustain/pitch/modulation dont work in layer mode But only in The main midi channel. Can You help me?

michael martin says:

Please tell the music name u played at 5:02 .

VideoNoobz says:

7:28 Guildwars

CeYK says:

Hi, thanks for the video first of all. I just saw it after you recorded 🙂 I wanted to ask which piano vsti are you using in the review?

Mhalevonuo Imtinungla says:

Is the sound still good? I am checking out a few other brands but I can’t seem to decide which one to buy. :/

jaymse says:

Wow! What plugins are you using for your brass/ orchestral sounds?

SavageCousinGang says:

HELP! I can’t get any audio out of my keyboard! How?

beshj says:

this keyboard vs the m audio code 61? i dont care about the extra keys

Jame5 says:

4:34 for the demo

Keegan says:

Hey Walid,
Whats the studio desk you’re using in this video?

Jörgen Häll - Composer says:

When you casually played Sheik’s theme, it made me subscribe.

SprongKlonG says:

i wish i can turn my nektar in a sound like of an original piano like that. >,< i dont know how to setup in that part. can you help me? pls? thank you.

- Drak - says:

Is this best keyboard alternative for piano?

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