KBD75 Mechanical Keyboard Kit Build & Review

Included stabilisers include a 6.25u stab, NOT 6.5u.
Pictures that were said to had 7u spacebars, are 6.25u spacebars.

Today we have the well known KBDfans75 mechanical keyboard DIY kit build. Definitely an impressive build that’s readily available all year round.

Soldering tutorial by JUJU : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cRJV1jo5vao&t=119s

Official website : https://www.taekeyboards.com/
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MrLamborghiny says:

Finally an upload from you and it is a custom board! Nice to see that. But may i ask which soldering iron did you use? It doesnt looks like the usual hakko.

Chokkan - Mech in Japan says:

Making this stuff look easy as usual, with a really well made video too.

Mike Anastasio says:

Just ordered these keycaps for a 60% build and saw really no video or anything of them so I wasn’t sure what to expect but now i’m even more excited for next week when everything comes in 🙂

lol lol says:

5th Dx

Matthew Sears says:

$155 for everything except switches and keycaps? Sign me up! I just dropped easily over $500 on a custom 60% I’m still waiting on parts for…

Mack V says:


Danger Don says:

Does anyone know of anyone who does custom builds in the US? I don’t trust myself… lol

William Murphy says:

Wow for a dolch clone kbdfans really went all out on the keycap packaging. Love that you can get dsa from a vendor other than sp now

[GR] Nikos says:

Pls do keyboard asmr

Mert Kara says:

Is it possible to assemble the board without the acrylic spacer? Just aluminum bottom and top?

Riflemanm16a2 says:

Great video. This actually looks pretty good for the price. A lot of people look down on tray mount cases. I’ve never tried one; what are your thoughts?

George Karathanasopoulos says:

I’m in the market for a new keyboard. I’ve seen your review for the Drevo Gramr. I look forward to your review of the Drevo Tyrfing V2 TKL (I’m between the aforementioned as I don’t have a large budget).

Kennui Muffins says:

Jesus christ that is a big bandage 😛

T4iga says:

Fuck, now I can’t behave myself again because I want to build one so bad.
I am dreaming of double shot front printed PBT caps on a 75% board and 180° rotated MX-Browns with a little heavier spring (or some Gaterons. Heard so many people prefere them over Cherry MX), customizable underglow for the PCB in a frosted acrylic case.
… Sadly my best option so far seems to me importing from Korea for the board and case which will come with huge cost as I am from Central Europe.
I will do, I promise, one day I will do it!

cchhiipp says:

I’m confused. At 12:30, you’re turning on LED lighting on the top side of he PCB, but I didn’t see you install any LEDs. I thought the pre-installed RGB LEDs were on the underside of the PCB, and that was all there was…

Jorel Bates says:

How do you feel about the Mionix Wei? Btw love all your videos :^)

ikt says:

Haha, what the hell did they think when adding those bumpy things to the stabilizers? I soldered my first board (XD60) Saturday, realized I hadn’t clipped them and had to desolder it. Talk about a bad start.

landon rime says:

Can somone link the parts?

coon says:

Can you make more of these KBDFans keyboard videos? Theyre really well made and interesting. Also, I’m thinking about getting one from them so I want to know how they are like. How long did the shipping take for you in Australia?

Fauzan Ahmad says:

dont forget to use ILOVEKBDFANS

Filip Paryż says:

13:27 “thje” I’m just pointing out bad things about this video. It was so awesome that it’s the only one though :p

saya cee says:

hey, i thinking of a first mechanical. i can get ajazzk33 for around 30 locally. should i do it?

Andrew Nguyen says:

Can you please do a Tina C build from kbdfans? Thanks

Martino Nauli Risya says:

why don’t use band-aid mod for stab..?

Jimmare says:

I loved the led around the keyboard,so i went ahead to buy it but the thing is, if you say the stabs are bad,how do you even purchase a kbd75? you get the case then get aftermarket gmk stabs?

xImStX says:

Will you do a review on the Rantopad MXX ?

Fat Virgin says:

nice to have you back

Malcolm Mead says:

Welcome back!

Lelesleep says:

Does the underglow leds come pre installed on the pcb?

AlfiNawarumi says:

75% is my fav!!

P4N says:

Hope you make a rgb version

clayton smith says:

Yay! new build!

Grayson mountford says:

14:20 what happened to your hand

R Jasp says:

Where’d you buy the gmk screw in stabs? i’ve been looking for some decent stabs for my next build

Nelson Gill says:

Heh, I made the exact same mistake. Had to hack the stab out since I had finished soldering everything.

JackTheNothing says:


Hung Tran says:

The pictures you show as examples of 7u Space bar is not correct. I have the same layout on my KBD75. Those are also 6.25u, you only replaced 2×1.5u (right Ctrl + Alt) with 3x1u keys. It’s the same thing.

ArdvarK says:

can u love my comment u fat cunt i love ur vids btw

kram mik says:

What do you do with all the keyboards you review and make?
Do you sell them, give them away or return them>

– a long time fan from sydney

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