Kananic DKD L82 Mechanical Keyboard – Unboxing & Review

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KANANIC DKD L82 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard: https://goo.gl/3V1RUi

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Doggey says:

Vortex race 3 is much better

Flávio Alves says:

Why do you always have bandaids on you hands?

Kotyatki Kotyatki says:

I’ve been using this keyboard for almost a year and have no problems with it. I was able to use smd compatible Gateron Clear switches on mine and have no problems with stabs. Also my keyboard have completely different switch sockets. Looks like they release a new revision which completely sucks.

Pierre Nodoyuna says:

Ouch this one doesnt look great, too cheap IMO. The colored PBT doubleshot keycaps are a bonus though.

Would you say the Teamwolf Zhuque is a better option if you want the “change the switches no solder” feature and you are ok with TKL layout? the stabs are better for sure haha
Im very tempted to buy the Zhuque, but the switches I want are mostly Kailh BOX and I dont know if they would fit because your review of that board is prior to the Kailh box launch so you didnt have any at the moment… Would you say the Zhuque can fit kailh BOX switches?

TuxKey says:

Funny to see how Chinees implement features on a budget giving unsuspecting consumer that’s looking for key words like hotswap. While in fact this implementation is useless because of the lack of compatibility.
Also what’s up with that USB cable saving a couple of cents for a proper connection to the pcb just shows you the priority of this. Hahha I wouldn’t touch this with a 10 foot pole. Btw there are better budget Banggood options don’t know if they have hotswap but that does t matter does it ?? Just grab the TS100 from Banggood and your all good hahaha

Emmanuel says:

That arrow keys size is so weird..

Greg White says:

Sounds cheap, way too cheap.Chinese companies tend to load off a giant piles of generic keyboards, I wonder what for. Probably, if they do so, there is the demand. The upcoming Xiaomi stands out in all ways. Between, do you know Chinese (Mandarin/Cantonese)?

arse says:

looks like it could be a fisher price barbie toy

sonicase says:

wow, trash

Enrique Aliaga says:

Rubish keyboard…

Fortow ' says:

Ajazz without skeleton 🙂

Anfurns1 says:

TeamWolf Zhuque TKL > this piece of trash

Munzu says:

It’s been a while that I’m this turned off by a mechanical keyboard

rpd says:

bad board

Jorfan says:

had the same problem with bad stabs, my backspace broke off ):

Mariano Amado says:

The keycaps look like the “cheap” ones they sell on amazon for like 18 usd, I bought one of those sets and had the same problem with one stabilizer 🙁
It seems like the stems are too tight and they fix them by sanding it down or something like that, but somehow they don’t fix the stabilizers’ stems.
Is there a way to fix the stabilizers without desoldering the switches and all that?

Ryan Angelo Morta says:

I have the non-backlit version, and I can use Gateron red switches. Although, the pins can get bent, so I use tweezers to straighten them up. Also, the stabilizers are rattly.

Chokkan キーボー道 says:

It ain’t much of a keyboard, but man it looks delicious!

On an unrelated note. Will the candle ever make a return?

Ted Riese says:

Can you give this guy a review?: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B079HQBYDD/

Jordan Fish says:

I broke one of the stabilizers the same way when I first took off the spacebar. With a little maneuvering I was able to get the plastic piece back in place, more or less.

Vespa Log says:

damn i love 75%
FIRST!, btw this kananic or ajazz ak33?

Vanzorge :P says:

The Keyboard is verry cool but have you reviewed the Bopower mechanical keyboard its A very good keyboard and very cheap. 🙂

Last Second Bloomer says:

These cheap boards with removable switches can usually fit Outemu SMD switches, which is meh solution, but Outemu came out with their Ice series of switches, which are not bad, better than their normal lineup.

Recitativo あがちょんぐ says:

Your voice sounds off. Are you okay?

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