James Donkey 619 Mechanical Keyboard – Unboxing & Review

Here’s a mechanical keyboard that you’ll see on many Chinese websites – the James Donkey 619. Interesting board with a polarising aesthetic design. Whether it’s for you will be highly dependent on how you think it looks.

As usual, all keyboards are already opened and tested for a period of time, and then repacked for the unboxing.

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adrian hammer says:

Any chance of doing a colourway mod on this? Seems like a good blank canvas to build up on.

Arya Maulana says:

I haven’t got to any mechanical keyboard before, still using my generic ps2 keyboard from 2007. But I find your videos are enjoyable so I sub 🙂

Riccardo Savona says:

Vary nice mate, in a days have to make the video review of JD 619-87, if you want can you see the unboxing of JD325 mouse on my channel

Stef Robbe says:

20k subs already? Congratz man you deserve it!

CACooks says:

Love all your videos man. I really appreciate the professional and meticulious approach to all the content you publish, from the basic description and feeling to checking the noise level. Been here quite a while and I must say you never dissappointed me and made me truly get interested in mechanical keyboards and their customization. Keep up the good work! Cheers mate.

Løh YS says:

Last time James donkey mouse,this time James donkey keyboard next time James donkey mouse pad?

Jagroop Dhaliwal says:

Do a reddragon kumara k552 im using it right now its sick

sonicase says:

“Donkey” -Shrek

FunOrange says:

i’m a big fan of the black and yellow colour scheme

RoPEK123xd says:

i’m owning this keyboard for a month and it’s been great so far, i’ve been looking for a cheap full size brown switches kb for a while and this one absolutely satisfies my needs, i also like the design, though when i asked my friend about it he disagreed with me. just don’t use the keycap puller, because it’s easy to scratch the keycaps. the caps/scroll/num lock leds are imo too bright and the “hood” could use some plastic in the hole, so the light wouldn’t be as blinding. i don’t mind flexability or rattling, the first one doesn’t bother me at all, since the kb just sits still and it’s pretty much impossible to flex it when using it normally, even when gaming hard. rattling, well i don’t mind it either, i’ve been using cheap low-end membranes all my life and it never bothered me, so i don’t really care if they rattle or not. and if people wouldn’t have told me that it’s a downside, i wouldn’t be able to tell.

also there’s more modes for led lighting, at least few of them on each key with exception for turn on/off leds and the one that let’s you customize what keys you want to have backlit

TaeKeyboards says:

Looks like we just hit 20k subs. I haven’t done a giveaway before, so I’ll get something ready soon.
Thanks for all the kind and continued support <3

Локи Одинович says:

Great review! As usual. Im using that KB(TKL) and very happy about it. Last one was (top kb in the past) TT-esports meka g-unit illuminated. with cherry black. And i hate it ^_^

http://www.gearbest.com/keyboards/pp_591298.html $41.99

Symplesy says:

fugggggllllly. But gateron with this price is pretty dope

SpotlessMLG says:

Nice job as always mate. Its just a shame the keyboard enthusiast community is so small. If not for that, you’d be very popular. Too bad keyboards with such nice builds like this don’t always use costar stabilizers.


For 60 bucks this keyboard is amazing and I typed this comment on it right now. I love the Gateron blue for typing.

Chokkan says:

Another great review, with lots of insights that we might otherwise miss. There’s a lot of “wat?” in this keyboard for me, but take off the yellow feet, and it’s a good budget option.

Congrats on the 20k. Insane.

VideoCommenter says:

I think that this keyboard is a perfect candidate to be “degamerified.”

Joep Adams says:

Congrats on 20k subs, you inspired me to build my own 60% keyboard. And i’m loving it, you are one of my favorite channel on youtube. Keep up the good work!

FluxXx says:

Can u review this keyboard? KANANIC 82 … its same layout as ajazz ak33 but it has PBT keycaps and remowable switches.

Last Second Bloomer says:

Interesting board. Once you take out those yellow pieces, you get a solid looking board, font is ok (thank God), removable cable and Gateron switches which you don’t see often on budget boards. I’d prefer whire LEDs instead of yellow but those are ok too, I’m tired of red and blue LEDs. I have to commend them on creating their own “identity” and sticking to it, it’s not something that’s common for low end chinese manufacturers. Oh, and that name and logo…so dumb that it’s actually cool, lol.
I wouldn’t mind a TKL with Gateron Blacks, I’d take the yellow pieces off and stick some rubber on the bottom, it would make a fine board…

yates says:

Wonderful video as always! One question though: what was the running game featured in the background in the end?

slyr77 says:

Are you gonna make a review / build video with the kailh speed switches?

julian23561 says:

Congrats on the 20K, you deserve it since your videos are top notch in terms of information, dunno why you don’t have more subs. Again, congrats, keep it up.

John Matthias says:

Looks quite nice without the yellow plastic, and I like the yellow lettering, which reminds me of ancient amber monochrome monitors. Gaterons make it a better than average budget keyboard IMO. The styling is quite nice, if clearly based on gaming laptops, but that’s not very noticeable from the user’s viewpoint. I’m always surprised by how varied the keyboard is in tastes. Congratulations on 20K subs!

Leighton Guang says:

classic flash running game at the end

Rounak Dutta says:

“James Donkey”….why just why?

Emmanuel says:

Is this the cheapest Gateron switch mechanical keyboard available?

roboactiver says:

Aside from the retarded name, it seems like a solid keyboard for it’s price.

Rekty Rektingson says:

And I was just about to sleep. Thanks for the midnight treat man 😀

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