IBM Model M13 Trackpoint II keyboard review (IBM buckling spring)

Skip to 8:48 for a typing demonstration.
Today we look at a special type of IBM Model M keyboard, the M13. With its integrated Trackpoint II pointing stick and slick black paint job it’s one of the more memorable, yet rare-ish, buckling spring keyboards. This one is p/n 13H6705.

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I’m Thomas and I do videos and reviews on mechanical keyboards ranging from the most sickening modern RGB gaming keyboards to vintage hardware relics, or sometimes keycaps or keyswitches ranging from Cherry MX to Alps SKCM to IBM buckling springs and anything in between.

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The practice sentence was: “Hello my name is Thomas and I’m typing on an IBM Model M13 right now. This has to be one of the sexiest-looking vintage keyboards out there. What a fantastic symphony of evil this is!”


Ramen-Powered Shit Factory says:

The only problem with black Model M’s is the lack of pearl and pebble.

dAoUnSt TaE mNe says:

I wanna try one of these now when he said it blow cherry’s out of the water I’ve only my ever tried cherry’s

Man from Mars says:

Your reviews of the Model M family keyboards make me wonder more and more why I keep mine on a shelf as a sacred relic…

Spag The Maker says:

I daily drive this in my programming job, chosen specifically for the trackpoint (and nerd cred, if we’re honest). Yes it’s not the best example of an eraserhead but it’s great for programming and spreadsheets because often you just need a small mouse movement or a quick click and it’s faster to just whack the trackpoint to select some text or dismiss some dialog. I wouldn’t really want to use this without a mouse next to it though. I bought mine a couple years ago and my word are they expensive now! Sadly my legends are beginning to wear off but that’s ok, looks more vintage.

Mariner1712 says:

Why were you *aiming* at the hostages heads? 😉

gaetanp says:

How dare you dissing our beloved trackpoint è_é

PurgeX says:

imperial bashing gives me life

TheRailroad99 says:

I do really like the Trackpoints of Thinkpads. Do you know if this one has the same feeling, or is it different?

Shonky Donkey says:

Unpopular opinion warning: The Model M doesn’t feel or sound near as nice as many newer premium MKs with decent switches. The M is downright plasticy and hollow by comparison.

aldo s says:


nofreenamestoreg says:

You made me pull my own copy of M13 from the storage 🙂

Drop the Chalupa! says:

But track point is cool. Used it on those old IBM and Lenovo laptops. Kinda miss it sometimes. Other than that great review but I can agree to disagree there. 🙂

Invidious Ignoramus says:

Beige models are cheaper than the black ones? Are you sure? The only time I’ve seen a beige model under 300 dollars was for a broken one.

cryohellinc says:

Loud AF.

RockeyDAproductions says:

also i disable the track pad on my laptops and just use the track point, so im quite used to them.

Lucid Nonsense says:

I have to disagree with you, clit mouse is best mouse!

Ivan Kolić says:

Sharp tactility?
My Model M is barely tactile, the sound is there but the tactility is faint. Why is that? From all the descriptions of the Model M, everybody says that it’s tactile, for me it’s kinda lackluster.
I’ve tried bolt modding, it did not help. says:

I love your hate for imperial hahahahaha

scharkalvin says:

I wish they made the ten keyless model M in a track point.

daydodog says:

god i want one of these so bad

Unnamed Internet Citizen says:

“Trackpoint adds more trouble than it’s worth”

Yeah.. that’s a disagreement.

eri says:

Thank you for the nautical millimiles

Kevin Hernandez says:

Mexican here, never thought any mechanical keyboards were ever manufactured down here, so learning about this was fascinating.

Quizerno says:

Got my beige model today for around the same price.

Leon Adams says:

Excellent, thanks. I was wondering if I wanted to buy one of these. You have answered my question.

RockeyDAproductions says:

hello and welcome to an LGR keyboard thing, and this thing is the IBM model M13

Velorum says:

this keyboard sounds like shit

Theo de Raadt says:

how does the clit compare to a modern thinkpad one?

mutu pizza says:


Yuri Katz says:

ever thought of reviewing a K120 from logitech? I’ve seen a few people recommend it due to being durable and cheap

laserhawk64 says:

YOU FORGOT THE PHOTOS. *sniff* I was looking forward to that…

MrCrazyBolt5150 says:

I honestly feel like they should have in a way, reverted to their *older* method of printing before dye-sub PBT, and make them out of doubleshot ABS. Then again, if IBM *did* do that, their Model F and M keyboards, they would probably have a LOT more value.

brsgaming804 says:

“Square nautical millimiles”

This is definitely my favorite keyboard channel.

Matthew Hall says:

7:24 Seeing the M13 and Unicomp next to each other really emphasizes how much more awesome looking the black case is on the m13. It’s darker and has a better texture.

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