IBM 5251 keyboard review (beamsprings)

Skip to 15:15 for a typing demonstration with the solenoid off.
Skip to 15:43 for a typing demonstration with the solenoid on.

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I’m Thomas and I do keyboard videos and reviews. Today we look at the IBM 5251 keyboard, a massive behemoth that uses the famous beamspring switches. This one took around 4 hours to film, and several hours to edit as well. Hope you enjoy the video!

The practice sentence was: “Hello my name is Thomas and I’m typing on an IBM 5251 right now. Well, what more can I say that I haven’t said already? It’s absolutely magnificent!”


Benrob0329 says:

Start a petition for Unicomp to make these!

Hill says:

it sounded like motorboat with solenoid on

Ed Robinson says:

Ok new ebay saved search created !

Erin Wiebe says:

I can’t get over how ridiculously next level over the top this is. Nicely done!

Andy R says:

5:15 holy crap, imagine an office full or those.

Tianming Chen says:

Another beam spring! YES!!!

TrebleWoofer says:

wonderful review as always! My GOD that sound is savory! 🙂

y11971alex says:

Congratulations on obtaining your very own beam spring keyboard! I think of so many people in the market for one, you deserve one the most.

Oriell003 says:

Hugh mungus wot?

Leo Olofson says:

great review

Nythil says:

Just hearing you type with the solenoid on have my ears an orgasm.

Marty2011uk says:

That’s one ugly looking keyboard.

Commodorefan64 says:

For not a keyboard I would want to used everyday, but still an awesome board none the less. 🙂

TheScottishGamemaker says:

Was this the Beamspring that was available in Norwich?

packernicholas says:

have you ever tried razer switches?

Willibef says:

No solenoid needed, typing without it sounds extremely pleasing.

yogalD says:

5152 or 5251?

Socky Noob says:

I’m not sure if you know this, but there’s a company that is making new IBM Model F keyboards. Limited production run. The site is literally “Brand New Model F Keyboards”. If only Unicomp and this site teamed up and kept on making them.

RenaissanceWok says:

I love your voice.

David Robles says:

5:15 never thought I could cum without touching myself

batchout says:

Oh those keycaps are divine!

Malik Alimoekhamedov says:

It doesn’t get any better than this! Lovely videos. All of them.

Avalon says:

That keyboard is gorgeous.

axel boström says:

anyone got any recomendations for clicky alps boards that arent super expensive and dosent look like crap? feeling like i want a replacement for my Corsair K70 with browns

Invidious Ignoramus says:

Those bezels are looking a little slim. 😉

also, congrats on getting the dream board!

Seth Chamberlin says:

Do you have any Cherry MX Red keyboards in? I haven’t seen a video where you review them.

tyrgoossens says:

Ha. I own one of those. It wasn’t nearly in as good a shape as this one though, but then I got it fairly cheap.

mike52787 says:

I am one of the few that prefers capacitive buckling spring to beam spring. The angle and the height were really deal breakers. At one time I had 2 5251 beamsprings, like this one. Definitely beautiful boards, but I just can’t get past the height and angle.

John Wayne says:

15:36 He used his thumb to press the space bar!!

David Hoffnung says:

*N O I C E*

Philip Alexander Hassialis says:

“It’s insanely smooth… and it’s not even lubed”. Aha.

mr y mysterious video says:

So what do these go for if you find one? Assuming it’s someone who knows what it is

Mike Holtackers says:

Thomas… Thanks for introducing me to vintage keyboards via this channell! Just got my first vintage one: dell at101 old logo (2nd generation, made by silitec)

MrGreenCheddar says:

I am curious what is the price range on something like that? You don’t have to say what you paid but, what is the high and low price on obtaining and converting it?

Awesome videos, totally thumb up every one, and have subbed for quite a good while now.

It's Barney says:

wait so the only reason that abs keycaps yellow is because they have a fire retardant coating?

FennecTECH says:

First video. Subbed

purpleravenstar says:

Bought an IBM Model F a month ago, now I wonder how the F got its layout from.

_踊り says:

My Cherry 1800 looks like shit after finishing this video 😀

John Smith says:

Omg i want this so bad

Jesse Krämer says:

Looks like this keyboard + Solenoid on would be a good alarm for me

Sreten Kljaic says:

During summer I found keyboard with one of these switches. It had that beam part and plastic rubber on the bottom. Unfortunately it didn’t work as it was stored under rain and I’ve opened it up for the sake of seeing the mechanism.

Peter McD says:

Excellent video! After your 3278 review convinced me to get a beamspring, a 5251 in dire need of restoration and an xwhatsit are in the mail to me. Looking forward to joyous beamspring typing.

Theo de Raadt says:

got one of those keychain badboys a while back, it was an amazing switch but it stopped working after spending a month in my pocket, and then it fell apart.

Brett Bazant says:

those terminals were 80×25 I think, not 80×12

Andrew Joy says:

Plenty of space for battery , bleutooth that badboy and use it on the train to controll your smartphone

stonent says:

Lube, exquisite, delicious, jackhammer. This guy is an ASMR paradise for women.

Dobrin Sabew says:

Now this is a keyboard I can bring home to my babushka.

artman40 says:

I’d love to see full-sized variation of this although it’s unlikely to happen.
I wonder if multiple solenoids would fix the solenoid activation problem so if you’d press keys very fast, another solenoid would activate if the first one is in use.

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