I Found the Perfect Keyboard

The CTRL keyboard from massdrop is my perfect mechanical keyboard.
Drop here – https://dro.ps/dave2d-ctrl

The CTRL has it all for me. TKL (87 Keys), Space grey aluminum, hot swappable switches, kaihua, cherry, halo switches, underglow lighting, QMK support a USB-C connection. This is a killer keyboard for mech enthusiasts.

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Southside says:

lovely keyboard little overpriced for $200

Berke Paksoy says:

1:43 *for people that want feet, that’s something to keep in mind* -D2D 2018

MoK peng kit says:

that was so many same pcb products in taobao⋯⋯

popeye_boy__ Ravichandran says:

I am waiting for omen 15-dc0051nr yeah

LegacyPanda says:

Dave please reply!
I’m looking for a gaming laptop around the price mark of eight hundred dollars. I would like this laptop to be able to run at least PUBG on medium settings running at 60 fps. My wifi’s kinda shit so an ethernet port would be great. The battery life is not that important to me as I’ll probably have it plugged in most of the time anyways.
I don’t know a lot about gaming laptops so your advice would really ,really be appreciated!

Kindest regards

Marcin O says:

Fantastic keyboard shame is not available here in the UK

Kevin Gee says:

The hot-swappable keys and build material just convinced me that I should get this even though I shouldn’t. Ordered one with halo clear switches and can’t wait for them to come in. If I don’t like the Halo switches, then fun stuff time and switch to Cherry blues. 🙂

Miss Marcy says:

a beautiful looking keyboard with more than enough features but… no numberpad… in 2018… ouch…

edit: for reference, my 10$ walmart membrane keyboard has a numberpad. that states how universal that is. jeez.

Thunder Draws says:

not a split ortho. 🙁

Tantium says:

cmon if it aint low profile then no way to be perfect : o. HV-KB390L pretty good contender for ‘best keyboard’ imo, ~65$usd

TeoThePro says:

But it isn’t wireless…

Tropical_ Gamer says:

Perfect keyboard I click 150+ price tag I leave

Nevin Goh says:

Meh… CTRL is alright for an offshelve keyboard, and this is definitely not a keyboard for enthusiast. But if you really want a true custom keyboard i suggest looking thru the mechanicalkeyboard subreddit.

First off hotswappable PCB doesn’t give a good feel to the keyboard just because it isn’t solder onto the PCB which makes it more loose thus not giving a good satisfaction when it comes to typing. Also having such a thin and light aluminium will just give a very hollow and tinny sound to it when bottoming out the keys. Not gonna bother with switches since they have a backbone option.
Keycaps are source from Tai-Hao which are China made PBT, very mediocre keycaps, pretty thin and crappy texture.

Overall i say this is a decent keyboard if ur just still new to the keyboard community, but this is by far no where near what a true custom keyboard should be like.

FROST says:

Hey Dave! Could you make a HyperX Alloy Elite review, I’m not sure if I should buy it or find other alternatives.


hundertfuffzich is aber auch ein stolzer preis:)

Elevate says:

Could you send me one of the keyboards that you don’t use, right now I’m using a sucky office computer that really sucks

Rise and Shine says:

it’s $200 i expect it to be better than those typical corsair keyboards

Santino Rodriguez says:

but is it better than the K-Type by input club? If so TAKE MY MONEY

Wan Hafizi bin Wan Umar says:

Hi Dave, may I suggest you make a review for Lenovo P1, the new 6core mobile workstation

Allen Bao says:

Or you can get a gk64 or igk61

Ashhar's Science Academy says:

Brother, please make a video on HP gaming pavilion 15. i5 8300H, GB Ram and 4GB GTX 1050 graphics .The base variant

Sai Harsit says:

200$ lul

Mukhtar Ahmad says:

Dave, Please suggest any convertible laptop in budget segment. Thanks

childrolland says:

For enthusiasts, as you say.

Tri Rizki says:

can someone give me a suggestion if i buy ASUS laptop series X555QG ? is that worth it or not? with the price IDR 7.350.000/ $525. thanks. i know my question is not in the right video but please help mee

Eddy Montenegro says:

anidees kb is $100 cheaper and has the same features, oh and better keys(flat)

yoan cuvillier says:

Hey dave, how are you going ? Great content as always ! I’ve heard something called “shadow PC” it’s French if I’m not mistaken and it allows you to connect any device to a computer online and just stream the video ! That sounds really interesting ! And you’re the best computers tech guys out there I thought you might be interested in checking this out and maybe ! Do us a video about it ! I’ve seen a guys playing a high end game on a surface go !

San Ace says:

Tx84se, mira, tgr jane, oh boiiiii….

AJ K says:

Гугл переводчик

Alan Huang says:

1:11 what is that mouse tho its VeRtICaL

McRom3 says:


Hydra Programmer says:

Linus tech tips should do a review on it

mshartz5 says:

Was torn between a Ducky with Cherry Clears and the PC Master Race hotswappable keyboard cause I loved Zealios switches and kind of wanted to test other ones as well, but ended up with the Ducky, mainly because it was cheaper and I read some things about the PCMR board that I didn’t like. While I love my Ducky and the Clears, I am pissed I missed this drop because I would have totally got it instead.

Justin Nyland says:

Does plugged in mode on laptops for gaming harm the battery?

펠트 says:

stab / stand / plate + housing is unperfect in my opinion

Muhammad Ridwan Hakim says:

Where can i download the desktop wallpaper?

Jonny Wilson says:

Review the hhkb!

MrTruffles says:

Is your brother Martin Lee?

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