HyperX Alloy FPS Keyboard Review

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Let’s check out a great mechanical keyboard – the HyperX Alloy FPS!

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Products in this video:
HyperX Alloy FPS Mechanical Gaming Keyboard (HX-KB1BL1-NA/A1) – http://amzn.to/2eSUnnq


MingX says:

China China China China China China China China China China China China China China China China China China China China China China China China

Panzergürteltier Rammus says:

i love the noice of the blue switches awesome preview thanks dude

Noel Landaverde says:

I bet he woke the cranky old lady next door

Krispyyy says:

i have the keyboard with the brown i rtealy recommend this keyboard its very compfy to type on

The Milling says:

Love the fact that they made it with MX Blues, it seems like companies are slowly moving away from MX Blues, which to me is sad, because i love them.

Filodream says:

My keyboard has a problem: when I restart my computer, the game mode LED (top right) goes off despite the game mode being on. To turn on the led again I have to press FN + F12 (game mode off) and then FN + F12 again (game mode on). At the next reboot of the system, the game mode LED switches itself off again (even if the game mode is active), forcing me to repeat the above operation.
Does yours have the same problem?
I’m trying to figure out whether it’s a firmware bug or a defect in my exemplar.

Muzzi Khan says:

does anyone know if this is compatible with mac? I would like to use it while editing photos on video.

lil urmom says:

Sound test or typing speed showcase?

Alexander Peace says:

one reviewer: “I hate MX Blues” comments: “Fuck you Blues are amazing”

other reviewer: “I like MX Blues” comments: “Fuck you Blues are shit”

(I also have this keyboard, the blues are great, that’s coming from just switching from a Corsair Strafe with MX Browns)

LemarkillerNL says:

Whats better for gaming?
MX Speeds of MX Reds?

yakderz13 says:

do alloy fps comparison with blackwidow ultimate 2017

Xzarfna says:

Just bought the version of this with the MX brown switches, Best keyboard I have used so far!

Sananchat Watthanapanalai says:

what lighting effect did you use in 2:12 (look like 2 effects at once)

Uroš Đošic says:

this is batter than razer

50 Shades of Dumbledore says:

I want it with greens

PRXッ says:

The sounds is satisfying. Im on logitech G710+ and im not so keen with the sound.

Swokkz says:

i guys i have a problem with my space bar i cant tap in extremity of the space bar i can jump in game when i touch it in extremity

calvin yip says:

pls review the logitech g413

Kelvin Lee says:

Now if only this had rgb lighting

John says:

It’d be really nice if they also had done this in blue LED, Because my whole set up is blue but i really want this keyboard! 🙁

SK_FR !! says:

HyperX Alloy CHROMA PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!

Exceed Killer says:

It looks like a normal 5$ keyboard without the red rgb

Samuel Luong says:

I always find myself looking for a keyboard that has a sound that i’m satisfied with.

Fadi Khatro says:

One of the best keyboard ever used

PizzaStuffs says:

Noob question here so prepare yourself…

What is anti-ghosting?

Killerket says:

best keyboard ever

Haddock says:

yer a half leprechaun

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