HyperX Alloy Core RGB Keyboard Review!

•Buy it here: https://amzn.to/2Slf0Z0
•Corsair K55 RGB Keyboard: https://amzn.to/2SmvdNy
Other mechanical keyboards under $50:
• Redragon K552-RGB: https://amzn.to/2TZAtrO
• VELOCIFIRE TKL02 87: https://amzn.to/2TYn3fF
• E-Element Z-88 RGB: https://amzn.to/2TZAzja
• Royal Kludge RK61: https://amzn.to/2ShS64H
• EagleTec KG040: https://amzn.to/2TVzQ2A
• Instago 61 Optical RGB: https://amzn.to/2ShURTq
• Qisan 68: https://amzn.to/2KGDaKE

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Fuzio[N] says:

Thankfully in my country there is a 55$ keyboard with kalih brown and rgb and tkl and aluminum top. Exactly what I need.

MsD Punani says:

oh crap it was posted yesterday

Jacob Ferrell says:

so close to 1 million…keep it up man

itzaltping says:

worst vid ever btw

MEREpancake says:

Like if u want him to review the redragon kumara

Anderyx says:

Please do review on Hyperx Alloy FPS RBG – there’s only one review on yt and it doesnt answer most questions I have about the keyboard.

(Like this comment so there’s better chance he can see this if you would also like him do review on the keyboard.)

mrValoplayz says:

The keyboard looks a little like razer keyboards

theXAKARI says:

but why…?

liverpoolfchkk says:

Heard membrane and clicked off

twofacedfrog says:

HyperX makes some other keyboards that ARE mechanical, and their cheapest mechanical switch keyboard goes for only $99 so tbh if you want a whole HyperX setup (which I have) your better off going for the mechanical one.

TheStrayfire says:

First you mention rgb, then say membrane. Tells me all about the review process…

Trax Nitro says:

I wouldn’t really care if it has Red switches instead of RGB or backlight

Jinan Khan says:

Just saying get a red dragon vara with mech blue switches with a rgb software and save 6 dollars

xDirtyxDanxx says:

3:28 ✌️

Rîshî Rãj says:

Total sellout.

Bibhuranjan Nath says:

Is it just me or the RGB in membrane keyboards actually shine brighter than Mechanical keyboards?

W3asel 3535 says:


-I think not-

Paul Lee says:

When you realize the corsair membrane keyboard is wayyyyyy better

ziz. says:

This one looks way better than Corsair K55 for the same price!!

WosnDup says:

There is an app like Razer Synapse for Hyperx??? (Sorry for my english)

TossedSaladMan iPreferSyrup says:

I use both membrane and mechanical. My first mechanical was a razer. I have a redragon also. Love both.

saiko tyler says:

review the new finalmouses

whammo11224 says:

Why does “cheap” mean “for beginners”?

Steve En says:

Honestly i couldnt give a shit for rgb or mechanical since for MOST games, mechanical makes no difference.

A game which would matter could be osu for example or whatever

Jmack1lla says:


Gorilla_Beast says:

$5 keyboard for beginners. IT’S A DEAL!!!

Stizzo says:

review the anne pro 2 pls

Liem Tran says:

meh, applause to HyperX for their consideration and thoughtfulness to create a keyboard for friendly budget gamers or shall i say budget PC users. There is nothing in these “budget” gaming keyboards that emphasizes gaming. Its just a regular keyboard with colorful lighting. Its nothing new. It’s basically like the Corsair K55 like Frank shown in his video which has been out for awhile. So for HyperX to just come out with a keyboard that is essentially the same as their competitors who are also dishing out “budget” gaming keyboard. Keyboards with RBG like the K55 or Cynosa. Its been done before so there is nothing more to expect. You basically pay for what you get for. Yeah, you’ll get anti-ghosting, RBG effects, macros. Still doesn’t justify calling it a gaming keyboard. Any keyboard can be considered a gaming keyboard but the difference in my opinion is definitely the switches. See, if they made keyboard that had mechanical switches, good actuation and things that actually benefit gamers besides RGB then it would be considered a good deal. Don’t get why they would make a keyboard expecting people to game on with barely any advantages but just adding RBG and calling it a day. Getting pretty sick of RGB everything. I’ll admit, it adds a nice flare to a setup. If its the media keys and RGB that keeps gaming keyboards expensive then id rather have a keyboard with good switches, no RBG, no media keys. Just makes more sense. But of course, then the companies wouldn’t be able to sell their “high end” keyboard which has everything a “budget” keyboard has but with mechanical switches. Dumb how it cant just be the other way around. Money sucking companies.

AliK7 says:

Is it mechanical?

cheshirefoxxx says:

40$ would have been optimal, the only reason i would buy this over a cheap af 20$ membrane rgb is basically because of the features you mentioned (dedicated mute button) and the fact that the frame is 17″ across.. if i had a wider computer desk i would choose the cheaper one every time, i have no trouble gaming on a membrane keyboard.. and i can get by in life with minimal rgb effects, i just need to see the keys at night sometimes…

happy yellow smile says:

Im not a keyboard expert but..

Those keys really sound bad

k680B says:

i swear, like people wouldn’t like non rbg true mechanical keyboard, or that’s how all manufacturers are acting
some basic gaming functions like gamelock, and PUT A LOTTA RGB ON THAT BITCH
if i was to choose, i’d like more fully mechanical keyboard with no lighting at all

Nicholas Beer says:

Ouch even for $50 I wouldnt buy!

SP0_0Kz says:

I got the Drevo Tyfrig V2 for around $50. It is mechanical but I don’t remember what switches they are. It has rgb and you can control and personalize the lighting in their software

Dynamite says:

all work no play makes jack a dull boy

Nytalix says:

When are mainstream brands gonna use cheaper switches like kailh or gaterons? Mechanical, cheap and mainstream

Costas Papadopoulos says:

RGB needs to die hard, I still use my IBM Model M. If I dropped that puppy on one of your modern gayboards they would split in half.

Huzaifa Patel says:

So it’s basically HyperXs version of the Corsair k55

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