What’s up guys! In this episode of Beyond Reviews, our host Blake reviews the Hori Tac Pro Mouse and Mechanical Keyboard!

Overall, it would have been best if there were instructions in English! But, it’s very easy to put together to get started on playing Battlefield 1. We do want to calibrate it more to enhance gameplay, will work on this next!

We did get a few head shots in this episode! Enjoy!

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Manuel Clavijo says:

are you filipino? so you can speak spanish too right?

azz aaz says:

So you can use m&k on bf1 ps4 now ?

phidangs says:

good quality video

raul33399 says:

is there a left handed version, or can it be set for left handed users..

Rektov says:

You deserve more subs

phidangs says:

when your doing the gameplay, maybe cut it to only the exciting bits, sometimes it gets a bit boring so maybe just cut it to gameplay highlights or when you speak about the product

DoctorPepper4 says:

@Beyond Reviews You should play this with tuact venomX V4 it’s the best of both worlds.

Beyond Reviews says:

Hey guys here’s the follow up video! https://youtu.be/EIuW7_6UUmk

Kim Abrigo says:

I can tell Of your skin and Face on the thumbnail that your Filipino XD I’m Pinoy aswell

skalawitz says:

Nothing beats mouse-keyboard combo in FPS.. it is more..
1. Accurate.
2. Faster/quicker reaction time.
3. Aiming is easy.
Than the console controller.

hamdan zoghbor says:

I want to buy one, but does it have a spacebar. I know this might sound stupid but I really like to play PS4 with a modern buttoned Keyboard. If you know then please tell me.

2neak says:

Can u use another mouse?

GeekyMilo says:

what are you using for recording the gameplay?

Muhammad Dhamiri Darmawi says:

I connect a handphone into hori tac pro, but only 1 side of the headphone have sound. Is it normal or my audio jack is broken?

Kosmos says:

Can this be used on PC, & what about just the keypad?

MaxG FTW says:

How much did it cost?

Akbar McCallum says:

I’m thinking about going mouse n key board for ww2 jus to be better a shooters

Joel Ramirez says:

Hi. Yeah you look like Japanese. Im Filipino too. Nice review. But can you make review for hori tac 4? Thanks kababayan.

Etayah RG says:

You deserve more subs and views for providing us videos of this quality, wish you the best 😉

Titer_0344 says:

Can u check if it works with Rainbow six siege

Iim5rbhh H says:

يارب افوز

Nathan Turner says:

The look on your face at the start was funny as hell

Vietboy Gamer says:

Yeah u looks Japanese but darker skin tone

Pickles Mcgee says:

face it people were gonna comment about his fucking race anyways, might as well humor them smh ignorant americans, Canada could give 2 shits

Vita says:

thx for the vid it made me decide whether I should buy it or not

lewis malcolm says:

Filipino women are hot

Tek Zilla says:

I think it’s a mute point whether keyboard and mouse are better than controllers for different games especially FPS’s. I think it just depends on what you’re comfortable with. I’ve always had better luck using a controller for my pc games.

Rain_- Reloadzz says:

I know this is a late comment but can you use this keyboard on rainbow six siege?

lewis malcolm says:

Controllers are awful for FPS’

KnifeyMcstabins Official says:

Dude the look on your face when you get headshotted is priceless great job. By the way can you do a follow-up review after you’ve plugged it into a PC and downloaded the firmware update for it and messed with the settings a little more?

Goole ENT says:

How about for gta?

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