GPD Win 2 – Keyboard Review

GPD Win 2 Keyboard Review


Hussain Al Nasser says:

i hope gpd win 2 not same old one with the problem that off and won’t start again.

need2burn says:

Is it too late to remove the rumble and add a backlight?

Ahmed360 says:

Can you show us the internals pls?

Carter Dioxide says:

Hello! Thanks for the review. Please try Just Cause 2 and 3! Thanks!

COMBO says:

When is this releasing?

From Soy Sauce says:

It’s the machine that this girl has been dreaming about for a decade! Phawx, how does the mouse mode work? and is it configurable to be on either stick?

drifter4training says:

Wish gpd make a spiritual successor of the viao p umpc for office and casual productivity

MrSoftypolimer says:

The one and only UMPC in 2018 (as far as I aware of) and it’s so sexy.

sittiphong pornudomthap says:

how much gpd win2

DirtiestHaRRy says:

Great vid!!

Juan Ignacio Alarcon says:

Thanks for all the Pawnx, can you try more games of emulator of ps2? For example marvel nemesis or killzone?

Happy new year!

DirtyDirtsGT says:

i think i should get the gpd win2 because it cheap and it keyboard is not that bad it can gaming but like a potato

ofo ofo .net says:

Could you give some feedback on the battery life, glossyness of the screen (usable on a train ?), and wifi performance for example while transferring a file from a local windows share ?
Also if you have a gaming PC, can you try Steam in home streaming from the gaming PC with the GPD Win2 as the client ?

Martin Bazan says:

Try GTA v at 800×600 or 640×480

Alone1sAgain says:

Hey, just started watching you and I instantly subscribed because these videos are awesome! I’m know I’m probably gonna get hated on, but do you believe it could run No Man’s Sky? I know there was an issue with the first GPD Win that couldn’t run it. Just wondering.

Miquel Roura Batlle says:

Really good reviews about this wonderful device but I have a question for you: when you say son of a… What is it for? The keyboard? Your thumbs? xD

doctadrey3000 says:

another great and informative vid. still dont understand why they accentuated the WASD haha, have you tried connecting a mouse and gaming with the keyboard?

joanthedark says:

Thank you for these reviews Phawx! Could you maybe make a HDMI review in the future? Streaming a movie through TV or gaming in general, thank you!

TheBlackShoot says:

Happy new year man, and can’t wait to see fifa 18 on it

Giovanni Famà says:

Dude, could you please do me a favour and test Abzu? Thanks in advance and happy new year.

Chanilti says:

Watch Dogs?

Mr Roy says:

Thanks for the review for the keyboard . 🙂

Andrew says:

Hello, what is the Best portable device to play pcsx2 (don’t want laptop)

AntonioR Software says:

You should make comparison video about boot times, game loading, file transfer speeds on ssd and sd cards, between win 1 and 2.

Aware says:

Can we install windows 7 on it without any issues ?

KSURIX says:

Somebody know where can I get Only this keyboard?

neoxbomb says:

I like how you’re reading as you type.
This is a great series of videos. I’ve watched almost every single one. I just wish the GPD Win 2 was something I could afford but sadly I cannot. Not right now.

khaled Al Rashidi says:

I like this device it makes me hold and not buy a switch, what’s the future of these devices what about arm being supported by Windows will we see more of these devices since arm can provide really good graphics and power consumption?

RL brothers says:

Are you able to test sega arcade model 3?

Kuba W. says:

Make review of game controllers, especially can You click the sticks like in Xbox controller.

Dumpling King says:

How is the battery life?

Ashnfara Judy says:

Please review the gamepad; is the yoystick placement cramping at all?

Rincewind The Wizzard says:

I don’t get the point of that keyboard, it’s too small to type text and you can always use onscreen keyboard, this device have touchscreen. It would be more appealing to me if there is no physical keyboard, but better gamepad buttons placement (like xbox or ps) and clickable sticks. Spekers placement also really weird.

bkool2 says:

Thanks for doing all these videos! They are fantastic!!!

Alex Klim says:

my dream))))) i have gpd win 1 !!!! love gpd!!!!!

Guz rod says:

Happy new year!
Do you know anything about geekbuying selling win 2 already for $700 it says is in stock is it gonna be released soon?

Digitalguy says:

how does this keyboard compare to the GPD pocket’s one? I have the pocket and I am considering this as a UMPC…

Michael Villis says:

I can thumb type when I am on the bus, but when at a desk I prefer to two finger type (using my index or pointer fingers) on my GPD Win. I suspect I would get similar scores to this. If I really need to type, I just plug in a USB keyboard and go 10 fingers. I’ve taken over a year’s worth of lecture notes with the GPD Win, it’s really good for that purpose. Thank you for the information. 🙂

Vortex says:

Stardrew Valley PPPLLLZZZZZ

Thomas T says:

Yes, test the Hdmi output which is very bad on the win 1 and switch off the fan for a reason when connected and was constantly rotating the screen even with the lock.
Test the windows update which was taking hours. Test the WiFi and Bluetooth range. Test all the things that was making the win 1 almost unusable.
Stop saying only good things. Do a real review. Nobody wants to see you playing all these games. Peoples want a 10 min complete and objective review.

My sick meme page bro says:

2018 has been great

William Hart says:

Nicely designed mini PC looks like a decent keyboard as well .Thanks and have a happy New year’s

Rincewind The Wizzard says:

Hey Phawx, does it support 5ghz wi fi?

Jhonny White says:

Before to see the video a Nintendo Switch ad appeared …. Lmao

Steven Techno says:

I know what I’m saving up for.

ofo ofo .net says:


Daniel Zucker says:

Great design! :).
Happy New Year!
Could you test Mass Effect 2 or Resident Evil 4 Ultimate HD Edition?

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