Gamer’s Dream – Logitech G Pro TKL Keyboard Review!

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Let’s review this new TKL compact keyboard from Logitech, the G Pro! This guy is solid for it’s small footprint, features Romer G switches and some pretty cool RGB lighting. How does it perform?

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FruityCheeks says:

I absolutely love the style and build quality of Logitech keyboards, but i hate the romer g switch. It makes me so upset

Mert Tosya says:

Clicking is at 2:16

skystealth22 says:

“Emulating the mechanical feel”

It is mechanical. There’s a difference between “mechanical” and “cherry MX”

borm91 says:

Price is fair. Quality comes at a cost.

Stoqn Kostov says:

Dude, your videos are super dope and I like that there are no ads!

The Dapper Gapple says:

#randomfrankp is this better than the Logitech G710+ also no wrist pad

FalconBoy Surname says:

if randomfrankP see’s this he should know he’s literally in my number 3 spot for best YouTubers ever super nice and super friendly gives great content for everyone to enjoy very informal as well great job man.

Vape Nation says:

The only thing that every keyboard on the market is missing is that really comfortable Razer Ornata wrist rest, otherwise a really good keyboard. BTW nice video.

Ravi Rival says:

its shit there is no arm rest….

nig 1000 says:

even if this gets a million negative reviews no one can stop me buyin!!!! shit!!!

Hr Jollesen says:

Do it have USB pass through

tomatony tomato says:

your video quality is excellent.this is the best keyboard showcasing/comparing video i have ever seen.keep up―,.―

OK says:

Come back when it has doubleshot keycaps lmfao 0/10

Robert Rosenberger says:

thing is not worth 150 euros….

ViXoZuDo says:

I love the stepped caps lock key. Not so usual in mech keyboards.

Bob Samtyy says:

jk i bought this for 200$ from amazon

Aura Desru says:

I like my omron Japanese romer G switches that are made from 1000 folds of fucking steel.

Tekniik says:

Ordered one today it arrives in a few days. I’m so excited.

Mikhail Tsarev says:

A brilliant review, exactly what I needed. Thanks!

Levi B says:

why did he say this isn’t a mechanical keyboard, it is…

5KYM0L3CUL3 says:

dont know how tot tell you this, but romer g switches are mechanical. Not from cherry, but they are STILL mechanical

Sai Jin says:

can u rebind and macro any key or just the F ones ??

ZippetySticks says:

Can you do a review of more of the less well known mechanical keyboards similar to the Redscarf?

Bryant Gonzalez says:

does this keyboard have a tactile feel?

Nole_ says:

Cherry blue people…
> What instrument do you play?
> The keyboard
> Oh cool
> My computer keyboard
> -____-

Rostislav Hašek says:

Does it have problem with spring noises, like other romer g keyboards?

Peanut B says:

A dream that i would never achieve or experience

Justin Pan says:

Oh lords of logitech please put it on sale

Sean Gregory says:

I have this keyboard for 2 days and my left hand feels like it needs crutches. DO NOT RECOMMEND

theo siahaan says:

i really like the spacebar sound tho’ nice keyboard btw

Jesse Boddaert says:

Do you recommend this as a first gaming keyboard? With what wrist rest?

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