Fnatic Streak and Mini Streak Keyboard Review (with Sound Test)

These keyboards are doing a lot right and the mini could be the keyboard I want for my gaming PC, but unfortunately I needed Cherry MX Red and the US layout, so I won’t be using this one. Also yes, this is the UK layout.

That said, if you are in the market for a keyboard, then the Fnatic Streak is worth a look. Love the simple yet elegant design, RGB, extra features and more.

You can buy using my Amazon Affiliate links here (once it’s available):

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Abijeet RS says:

Red or brown — does it make a difference ?

Pedro Mayer says:

Zym what about the Ducky series? Ducky Shine 6?

aR0ttenBANANA96 says:

that thing is almost twice the price of the steelseries m750. damn

Infinity says:

3:45 Ha, I finally made it into a Rocket Jump Ninja Video 😀

Mark Shupe says:

Completely agree on an additional “thumb-button” needed on gaming keyboards. Nothing else separates them as “gaming”. Really just ‘typing’ keyboards with fancier lights. At least make the space bar smaller and left alt bigger imo.

Waremonger says:

The tenkeyless sounds exactly what I’ve been looking for, except for one crucial must-have. It’s missing the volume wheel… I wish they would have found a way to fit it on there and I would have dropped my Logitech G710+ plus and picked one up.

Elgan Bruner says:

Hey Zy, you should review the Wooting one mechanical analog keyboard. They’re fantastic products, and a Kickstarter success story. Great guys too!

Zymon Ramirez says:

If you really want a keyboard that fits you best, make a custom one.


hi can you do a review on the tecware vector and tecware torque and compare them i also wonder which sensor is better pixart 3310 or 3325

Rocket Jump Ninja says:

For those that end videos early, decent highlight at 3:40 and you can get it in US layout too, they just didn’t send it to me: https://shop.fnatic.com/products/ministreak-keyboard-cherry-mx-switches

CelnixEvil says:

Hi Ninja , I got question , I got hand with 16.5 cm length / 10 cm width what is top 5 mouses for my hand ? Now I got logitech g403 and it’s seems like it’s a little bit large also am using palm grip most of the time and playing fps games

Tim says:

Regarding the extra thumb keys, i have been looking into getting a Korean or Japanese layout keyboard for this exact reason… they have smaller space bars to make room for extra keys on the bottom row. There are some other differences though that could be annoying when typing… at least on Japanese layout (JIS) the Korean layout (idfk what it’s called) is legit just US layout with one extra key on each side of space bar… (Hanja key and a key to swap between Hangul and Latin alphabet…)

ding dong says:

Have you reviewed quake champions? I know you’re a huge quake fan. I got a free code for it and wanted to know your opinion on it and maybe a beginner guide

ARTH says:

Can you review the razer jugan?

Kang The Mad says:

You should look into r/mechanicalkeyboards these gaming keyboards aren’t the best. Like there’s gateron reds and these new kailh box reds that are better than cherry

Cameron says:

Your top 5 keyboards in your opinion video is a bit outdated. Has it changed at all?

elitemav says:

Ive tried so many keyboards and switches and I am definitely a Topre guy and wish they had more Topre switch keyboards on the market the closest I think is the Logitech G Pro the switches feel closer to Topre than anything else.

Hoang / phntmyt says:

Could you take a look at the Drevo Calibur 72? 🙂

ツShlba says:

I hope they add speed/silver switches

Hikaru Swift says:

Hey zy, do you think that 60% width of your hand size mouse is the best width for aiming? Or is it just the best balance between comfort and accuracy? Or is the smaller width mice, say 50% or 40% theoretically more accurate but more uncomfortable?

Modern says:

IS THAT A FUCKING TYPE C PORT!? I’ve been looking for a keyboard with type c!

Daisudori says:

these look good, fn toggle next to f row is a really good feature. And finally some tkl with rgb, floating switch and media keys. great for me!

Buddyboomboom says:

I’m stuck with this, Logitech g810, and Corsair k70 rgb

calvin yip says:

The font on the keys look very gammery and the layout look kinda mess up

steel crusher says:

DUDE you are so right about the buttons for the thumb i had a membrane keyboard with 5 buttons under the spacebar and im tihnking about switching it back for my razer black widow v2 mechanical one.

Tomek L says:

I dont like mechanical because they are so fucking loud. Even red with o rings seems loud to me. Maybe im used to my nearly soundless membrane.

Jager z says:

hello zy i play rainbow six and i want to buy mouse should i get ec2-a or fk2 give me advice

Nikola Stankovic says:

Hi RJN, would you sell me your FM ergo 2? Thanks in advance!

BOS5 says:

what game were u playing

az zahar says:

Tesoro gram XS please!

Nothingness says:

those are some shitty keyboards

GhooostXD says:

I could use some opinions about the following peripherals, as im going to change some stuff in my setup and i need to get rid of my cheap peripherals 😛

Blackwidow X TE Chroma or Corsair K65 Lux? Logitech G403 or Deathadder Elite or Mamba TE? Razer Kraken V2 or Cloud Revolver?

Uturn says:

can you review a cheap keyboard, like Redragon’s K552 KUMARA? or do you only review keyboards that are sent to you? Either way keep up the good content!

Navdeep Randhawa says:

when i saw this yesterday all i could think about was how people can be able to buy such amazing and expensive things while im not allowed to get much at all last time i tried to ask my mom to let me get a mouse (a cheap mouse that can barely track on anything that also wasnt for gaming) she started to get mad and start saying that i should spend money wisely and we arent a rich family my mom has to spend somedays without eating alot and others sometimes buy expensive cars that they dont need instead of helping people that need money and when ever my cousins try to give me a birthday gift i always have to deny because how would we ever return the favour when we can barely afford food and i have to think of exuces at school since i dont have internet and cant do homework so i sometimes get lucky and get to go to my cousins house which is way too far away but i always have to do my work at school and i really wish i could be as lucky as you and other people being able to buy what they want and i hope you have a great day and understand the struggles of other people not like me but the people that cant afford a house and food

s e d e c i m says:

Is it possible to use the wrist rest top as a standalone wrist rest for other keyboards?

ex6tenceLV says:

Looks simple, nothing better than top brands.. Why would any1 pick them? Im sure they wont be cheap. Ah, oh yeah.. teenager fans of fnatic could fall on it and buy it for ~$100 🙂
P.S. Ive seen mechanical keyboard on Amazon for $30-40 by Redragon. Would be a nice comparison against this quality made fnatic keyboard (as a joke) but I would better see the comarison vs top keyboards as on Amazon these Redragon keyboards are rated very high!

Hudsyn says:

If you’re looking for a small keyboard, have you considered the ASUS ROG Claymore RJN? It’s a bit on the expensive side but from what I’ve heard from people that have it, having a detatchable number pad that can double as a macro pad is really nice.

pooven mootoosamy says:

i can’t buy stuff on amazon ,i live in Mauritius and shipping cost a min on 70 usd min on anything and on aliexpress there’s no keyboard like these . any suggestion on a good mechanical keyboard for fps ?

Lee playz says:

Wow nice 295 likes and no dislikes you should be proud for now….

Ace100 Hyper says:

The buttons under the spacebar have been a good idea for a long while. I think Mad Catz had one model and that was that… nobody figured out that additional keys to the left are actually very hard to press 🙂

Vidyamancer says:

Hey Zy. I’m currently looking for a new mouse pad and I’m wondering if you (or anyone else reading this) have tried any of the following pads, and would recommend either of them for a low-sensitivity (40cm/360) player. Dream Machines Pad, Infensus OP+ or Mionix Alioth XL. Can’t get the Swift-RX in Sweden. All the other ones in your top 10 are either unavailable, too small (30cm depth) or non-stitched. The Glorious G-series is available but after going through several SteelSeries QcK pads I can’t stand the rubberized logotype in the bottom corner so might have to skip those. Thanks!

Rodrigo Lago says:

can you review The hyperx fury s (HX-MPFS-L)? I would greatly appreciate it.

Aaron Williams says:

Sick rockets….

Alex Krasnoff says:

Hi Zymi have been watching your channel for a while now band and thinking about getting a mouse , but I’m not sure what my hand size fits under as my mouse hand is a little over 16cm in length but over 9cm in width.

CreeP ToniX says:

Hey Zy, i’ve got a 18.5 and 9.25 cm hand following your guide. I’m searching a great FPS mouse, would you recommend the HyperX Pulsefire Or Steelseries Rival 310 ? Sensor is confusing me, i know 3310 is great but i know true move is much more better.

Son Goku says:

if you really want to take the next step in gaming keyboard, you need keys under the space bar like some roccat, and aligning the number keys (1,2,3,4 …) with the qwer keys, it would increase the speed of respond if they were aligned

Shinji Ikari says:

I will buy a new keyboard when they make a 10 keyless, with metal plate, cherry red or silver with rgb, pbt keycaps, onboard memory and USB pass through. Until then I will stick with my k65 with aftermarket pbt.

twolfn says:

I sometimes just watch your videos to listen to your voice. Its calming.

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