Emarth EM-601 super cheap “mechanical feel” gaming keyboard review

Skip to 9:40 for a typing demonstration.

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Behold, the Emarth EM-601, just about the cheapest gaming keyboard out there. A donation from a fan, this is a surprisingly interesting effort from Emarth, whoever they may be. The whole “mechanical feel” or “mechanical-like” thing is pretty much bullshit, but a great rubber dome board can compete with some mechs, in my opinion.

The practice sentence was: “Hello my name is Thomas and I’m typing on an Emarth EM-601 right now. This thing proved to be a cheap but mixed bag. The marketinhg is mostly bullshit though, don’t buy into it too much.”


Fopenplop says:

man i can’t believe you can get a keyboard that youtuber Chyrosran22 called “better than topre” for under $30!

Sky Vins says:

check this out Chyro. https://www.amazon.co.uk/VicTsing-Mechanical-Keyboard-Switches-Typists/dp/B01D41O5P2

i bought this a couple months ago; it’s a tenkeyless with (it’s an educated guess) Outemu blue switches, if not Outemu-clones. (clone of a clone)
ABS but pretty decent, no shine. i put some 2quid washers in them to reduce bottoming out, and it’s a very ncie typing experience. I compare this with my CODE tenkeyless from WASD Keyboards, over $200 between cherry mx clear option and a set of PBT camps. typing on the VicTsing right now.
I gotta say, this is a SUPER buy.

Vineshroom says:

Thank you so much for doing this review. I feel bad for all of the people who get fooled by the placebo effect into thinking that rubber domes are somehow 100% terrible and every mechanical switch is 100% better. We all know that’s not the case, but alienation makes it quite prominent in the market today. Most people are convinced that rubber domes are objectively worse than mechanical keyswitches, but there are certainly exceptions where some mechanical keyswitches are genuinely horrific.

You have way more of a voice over many tech review bozos who have no clue what they’re talking about, as they blindly talk about how “mechanical feel” keyboards are much better than regular rubber domes (as if there’s some polarizing difference between the two), and that the “mechanical feel” switches are more similar to mechanical keyboards than they are rubber domes. It’s about time that people start learning how there’s not just one kind of rubber dome out there, and how you can find genuinely good rubber dome keyboards if you try (or genuinely awful mechanical keyboards, just to prove this point).

You’re as awesome as ever, keep it up Thomas :). Also, good luck with the GoFundMe campaign. I would love to help out, but I’m not even out of high school yet, so.. that’s that. Absolutely no money to help out with. I’ll help spread the word, though.

John Matthias says:

It looks like the re-emergence of mechanical keyboards is pushing dome keyboards to upgrade their products.

1Oro says:

Hey +Chyrosan22 Really like your videos, so Please buy this (will put your videos 200% better) : A 1080p Camera and some better light/ record in a balcony if you can. And also, you already have a big community, maybe you could start doing some “setup” videos, what you think?
Keep up the good work!

Finn Driver says:

Would anyone be able to explain why not having to bottom out the keys is an advantage. I know you don’t have to press the keys as far to register the keypress but why is this an advantage over a short-travel membrane keyboard?

Commodorefan64 says:

Unless I see one of these in a Goodwill for cheap, or a discount bin at Walmart I think all pass on these lol!

darkholyPL says:

Not horrid, but the thing is, for 25quid you can find a nice vintage mech on ebay and such, even cheaper really, depending what you’re looking for. You can get some alps clone boards for next to nothing often, and if you happen to be a lucky sod, and live near a recycling center, you might get one for a beer.

RorixP4P says:

Hey I see you got reached the GoFundMe goal within like a day, congrats! When will you get started with the new equipment?

NinjaInPajamas says:

I think you’ll like Brand PK-900 Colorful Backlight Gaming Keyboard Mechanical Feeling 104 Keys


Do this one it’s a $48 keyboard

Harambe's Ghost says:

Won’t the sound of a switch be strongly affected by the construction and materials used in the underlying board and case? And perhaps also by the thickness and construction of the keycap, which can be changed on some boards (like those with Cherry switches).

Natasha McEwan says:

What’s the keyboard testing program being used around 4:25?

anonymous person says:

An intelligent and appropriate approach to the review of a keyboard. Thank You and Congrats.

Ryan Winklevoss says:

“And no actually white.” lost it.

natgeo2 says:

I got one of these mem-chanical keyboards a while back off a buy and sell and I actually quite like it, and I already have a k70 and a razer blackwidow ultimate lol.

Also its worth mentioning I that the keycaps of these keyboards are compatible with cherry MX Red keyboards, as they use the same stems, which is something that you didnt mention. Though that is assuming this board uses the same switches as the model I have, even though they look and sound the exact same I dont know if for some reason the board in the video uses different switches/stems on the keyboard/caps.

Where I live here in Canada it would actually be much cheaper for me to order one of these cheap mem-chanical keyboards and rip off the compatible switches (some keys are obviously shaped differently or dont have the stabilizers for the K70) to put onto my K70 board than it would be to order a set of keycaps (even the cheapest set of keycaps I found converted to CAD were more expensive/just as expensive even before shipping).

Ivan Kolić says:

Sounds like a mechanical keyboard 🙂

ItsAlt says:

Would there be a chance of your Apple Aluminum keyboard being reviewed any time soon?

Jake says:

is that the corsair strafe? if u do, why is it just lying around!

Roman Demyanenko says:

No vitage keyboards in new reviews. It’s very sad.(( Only new cheep China made.

David Hoffnung says:

I’ve always been curious about these. Thanks for doing a review!

Also congrats on reaching your gofundme goal so quickly! I look forward to seeing what you do with it. 🙂

The Paulotron says:

Xtreme Gaming Full RGB Speed, be 20% faster than your opponent…gaming keyboard marketing is great

Blurise // iiKinqLontic says:


ThomasKiu - FX says:

can you check out E-Blue Mazer K755 RGB? (full mechanical rgb keyborad under $30)

Alec Wilson says:

Hi Is that corsair strafe cherry mx brown? I will love it if you did a review because of would be fun to see you rip that overrated switch apart.

y11971alex says:

Is the the first episode out of the Netherlands?

sonicase says:

hmm so how is it “mechanical feel” when it’s obviously rubber dome?…i thought maybe there’d be some plastic click like mechanism where it clicks but it doesn’t really do anything, just plastic on plastic. ..but i guess this is just heavier domes

86MhzPentium says:

This keyboard is also renamed by many brands for different countries, here in Portugal, it’s called “MkPlus Slayer”, it’s always like this when it comes to cheap “gaming” keyboards.

Mark T says:

Interesting review, don’t think I’ll be going out to pick one up. I’ve often wondered what the Bluetooth keyboard that comes with Learn with Pokémon Typing Adventure, on the DS is like, as I hear it can be paired with Windows and Android and used as a regular keyboard. I always liked the Sega Dreamcast keyboard, but that might just be as I was a kid.

GTVS says:

any thoughts on the gateron magiforce?

Grell Sutcliff says:

god damn, how loud it is

ItsAlt says:

What do you think of MX Whites?

ItsAlt says:

How do these compare to Topre?

purpleravenstar says:

So they are essentially backlit Dell QuietKeys? I just murdered one a few months ago for its PS/2 connector and soldered it to a TH-5539.

Identik says:

what the hell?? I have that exact keyboard, but from a different brand. Mine is called MKplus Slayer. Even the box is the same. Im from Portugal btw

EllipticGeometry says:

I wonder how long a keyboard like this would last. I have a feeling you can’t give rubber domes much tactility without creating a fragile point where they ‘snap’. Is that assumption correct?

Bat Mann says:

i strangely prefer rubber domes and bottoming out for gaming, i dont really like how springs in most mechanical switches push back against you more than the average rubber dome because its almost like it doesnt force your fingers back up with rubber domes, despite requiring more force to actuate usually. i also dont like when key presses actuate before bottomin out while gaming. but i much prefer my mechanical keyboards for typing tho.

Михаил Рябов says:

It looks awful

No. says:

Just seems like a regular ol non mechanical keyboard to me.

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