Froogle takes a look at the FSX Keyboard from EditorsKeys – a custom keyboard just for the pilots among us.

For more information, head over to https://www.editorskeys.com/collections/large-type-keyboard-1/products/flight-simulator-x-keyboard-backlit-pc
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F900EX says:

Come on froogle…… you know its a waste of money, not worth it. $10 Keyboard with some stickers on it and cheap led lighting.

SnazMC says:

I missed these kind of reviews, glad it’s back 🙂

Dirk Pitt says:

Does it work for xplane 11

DokVis says:

$130 and not mechanical? all it is is keys printed on a cheap keyboard…

Stephen Brown says:

What is the reason for the two clocks?

TwistedLemon says:

Yay! Froogles back! When are we getting more flying videos/fully loaded.

Thinktactical says:

The clocks behind froogle need batteries.

Daniel Vasquez says:

First they are 10 years plus to late. Second who has time to scan keys to find what they need when we can assign a key on our own. It looks confusing and what one other person wrote a complete waste of money and well dated to 2008 when we may have been interested. Its nice of you to review it but I know you yourself must feel this is a waste. This company should as they say in shark tank take this out back and shoot it as you will not make any substantial profit on it .

Ryan says:

Haha, this is £100! Horrendous price.

Herman Wan says:

My mechanical cost less than 40 bucks. So price killed the product

Andreas Giel says:

€111.98 ?!? Way much to expensive …

Roctopus Channel - Planet Coaster says:

LOL what a scam 139 dollars,

Ghost says:

112€ and not even german keyboard layout available in store….

Craig says:

Would have been great a few years ago, but the only key I use now is the G for gears. And no good for X-Plane

KiloRomeo says:

Just sent for review now? I looked at one of these at Cosford Flight Sim Show, not this year but year before, then I saw the price (was £99.00 then), not worth the money in my opinion and won’t be buying one any time soon.

AJCN says:

Good review but not much use for many Chase Plane users as we mess around with the key bindings. Exxy too btw but only my opinion. .

John Doe says:

$134??? Not $13.40? Waste of money. I would buy if the keys are shaped like flight controls. Other than that its a cheapo keyboard, some LED backlights and a couple labels.

lars8102816 says:

So what if u use different key bindings? There goes the keyboard out of the window..

AhmetOzanalp says:

not bad

C McDaniel says:

!!! $133 !!!! good god! what a rip!

WhiteHawk says:

My iPad app isn’t working, I still got an advert, oh wait.

FEVB says:

This looks like a colossal waste of money.

Fcreceptor says:

I make my own key bindings and use very few in the sim. Seems kinda odd and expensive.

Thunderz8olt says:

Did he say $134….ummm yeah about that

Geoffrey Field says:

Thanks for the post. All my controls and GPS are on a second screen or mapped to my joystick. Apart from arming spoilers, $134 seems a bit much. Cheers

Mathieu O'HARE says:

perfect for an English version but is there an AZERTY keyboard like that? Thanks

Jon Clay says:

Purchased one a few months ago and love it!

jamespurs says:

How much?? Get some stickers on a 10 quid keyboard and it will do the job.

AA_ Slautter says:

Too expensive.

MartinATL says:

$134 for a standard keyboard with FSX labels…? Yeah, I’ll pass on this one.

Neil Mccauley says:

COOL all i need now is one for DCS world 🙂

Steve Cox says:

Adons fsx to p3d v4 video going nuts help be good

Ray Jones says:

“Time isn’t on your side” (reference to the clocks behind you!)

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