Ducky x Varmilo Miya Pro Mechanical Keyboard – Unboxing & Review

Today we check out the Ducky / Varmilo Miya Pro Sakura Edition mechanical keyboard.

As usual, all keyboards are already opened and tested for a period of time, and then repacked for the unboxing.

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SkaTino Senseï says:

Awesome video and very sexy keyboard. Love both 🙂

Witon Yee says:

Are there any good budget mechanical numpads with a white casing and blue leds? I’ve seen the magicforce one but I like the see my options

Alan Xu says:

I want it coz it’s type c

Yunus İşleyen says:

As I diehard Sakura lover, I fell in love with this keyboard.

Benedict Schlüter says:

Is this Keyboard durable? I mean the color on the space bar might wear out?

Kimari-chan says:

i bought this keyboard a few weeks ago
i wanted speed switches but the switch on the 8key is a silence mc black OwO they mocking me just this one keyswitch is wrong

Genesis Vocalist says:

they dont have that in the philippines i want to buy it please to my gf haha @taekeyboards

Oleksandr Kolyvushko says:

Nice video, can you make a video about how to make or where to buy 96 key keyboard?

mashly20 says:

Can someone id me the board on 2:17 below the Miya Pro?

anthony bui says:

cherry switches are too scratchy imo

Yayap7 says:

Love the spacebar and Esc key. Really wish those were sold separately. Almost got this keyboard for the great Sakura theme but ended up with the Ducky Year of the Rooster, which is a great keyboard as well.

Curtis K says:

I got one of these with Cherry MX silvers a few weeks ago – I get horrible ping from the steel plate – is there any way I can dampen the noise?

Ryan Yao says:

Only if it’s Bluetooth

fdgfdgdsg says:

Hey, will you be reviewing BladeMaster by drevo?

FrankyQi says:

I am currently using this amazing keyboard (MX red switch) !!!
The color and the texture and the sakura imprint are so nice.
But maybe I got an earlier version of it, coz it doesn’t light up apart from the CAPLOCK and PAGE UP/DOWN keys.
Anyway, it’s a nice choice if you want to try sth different. BTW, it will make a great gift to the ladies.

Japp says:

Give to me

Michał Szczepański says:

Absolutely kawaii >w<

Jacob Chang says:

Hey saw you playing Day of Infamy at the end! It’s been my favorite game recently.

Sic Semper Beats says:

You sir, need some lotion stat!

Aerinne *smol mochi chiminie* says:

Wow. Omg I’m in awe,I would almost die for this keyboard. It’s the most beautiful one I’ve ever seen. It has the perfect layout and perfect looks, and that perfect shade of pink! Quick search and found out it’s $119 and I’m still saving up to replace my 5 year old faulty phone since half a year ago so never gonna be able to buy this in any forseeable future. I will now proceed to go look up all the videos and pics available to hopefully just be satisfied looking at it. Thank you so much for introducing this beauty! (i know this vid is 2 months old, i haven’t been on yt much for the past couple months) I kinda almost wish I never saw this video now lol T_T

Lio says:

Looks really nice.

张硕 says:


Doris Yuan says:

1:52 Does anyone know where I can get this keyboard

robby goode says:

what do you do with all of your keyboards? have you ever considered doing a giveaway?

SMGJohn says:

What is the point of this when there is WASD keyboards???

Lel Unbalanced says:

Can you make a review about the Sharkoon PureWriter TKL red switch pls?

Paradox Apollo says:

its looks really pretty

BriRiE says:

How much is it?

BBQChicken says:

Anyone know if the Miya pro pcb/internals would fit into a VA68m case? On just the outside looks, it seems that the mini usb cutout may interfere with the usb c port of the board.

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