Ducky One 2 Mini RGB Keyboard Review!

Ohhh baby, let’s check out one of my favs, the Ducky One 2 Mini RGB Keyboard!
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Rexxor says:

Just got mine today, had my pudding keycaps ready and it is so much more eye appealing and better for gaming than my corsair k70.

LTL Jemmi says:

Do I buy it does it work for console I want a 60% keyboard that works for console hope you Gus reply

Lostvayne says:

wanted to order this but they never have enough stock. its so aids

TheDonBoston says:

It got to your door in 5 days? I ordered mine 20 days ago and it’s still on pre order.

*EAGLE* a c e says:

“Bit of a weird name!”
The name clearly butchers the reputation of the product.

Dave Smith says:

@randomfrankp try “forcing” ur usb type c cable in a bit more, i just used a little force and it fully seated a gave me a nice “click” while being seated now its very stable and no disconnects

Aaron Gutierrez says:

This is very important to me: does anyone know if it works on the new iPads?

Jacob Keen says:

O have a small desk I need thos

Random _fatguy says:

I got mine in late January, cherry MX browns!! I’ll be ordering some tai hao rubber keycaps soon!

XFace 1888 says:

Does it work with ps4

Growler Nordin says:

Everyone: What is a good, black, RGB blue switch keyboard that I could buy?

Klazii - MC says:

Link the custom keyboard cable?

terps says:

mine got to me in 6 weeks

nato says:

What are those Cables? Where did you buy it from?

YourAverageL0ser says:

just got mine yesterday it just arived

RockyIsBossGR says:

Is it membrane or mechanical ?,by now I hate mechanical keyboards and im searching for new keyboard

ShibProductions says:

Can you get warranty on this keyboard??

Brawlhalian says:

yo i swear i see the green as blue wtf

Marc L says:

Yo where’s the Anne Pro 2 review tho

무민이 says:

I’m not good at english.could u teach how much is it? Plz

Ruben Potter says:

the black-to-white keycap transition was INSANE

jesus rangel says:

Not gonna lie one of the best reviews I have seen on this keyboard

Kiwi says:

Oh… Okay… Nobody is going to talk about the fact that 2:06 was the most well edited thing ever

xB33RFART5x says:

the issue with the cable doesn’t exist on mine, but then again i use the one provided by Ducky. 🙂

Helge Sævik says:

Cool love ducky one 2mini

ARZEE says:

How lobg does it take?

Drroa says:

Love the when u said “I’m a big eagles fan” that’s how my pc/setup is going be based around

Cooper Slade says:

If you could can you check out the Anne pro 2 because I can’t afford the ducky

Subzero PandaZ says:

where do I get a braided cable for the keyboard

Fortnite Clipzzz says:

Ayyyyee my man getting that apex hours in

djSpinege says:

Tfue could take a dump and the internet would review it

kanpolero760 says:

Anyone know where I can buy that type c cable?

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