Ducky One 2 Mini Review: BEST mechanical Keyboard of 2018!

Ducky One 2 Mini Review: BEST KEYBOARD OF 2018!

I first saw this keyboard on Tfue’s stream and it was an absolute beauty. For $99 dollars this 60% RGB keyboard beats out most of the mainstream keyboards from razer, logitech and corsair. Once you go 60%.. you don’t go back especially for low sensitivity gamers out there.

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David Drader says:

Yeah I would buy it if I could afford it

monkey220ms says:

Great except this is impossible to buy. The support said that the soonest you can get it by is January 2019 if you’re lucky enough to get on the next preorder.

Mechanical Mechanic says:

But to say truth… Ducky is much better than shitty razer and other garbage

Wonkins says:

This keyboard and the Anne Pro 2 (which I have) are the two best 60% keyboards in my opinion. I bought the Anne Pro 2 because I prefer to use software to customize lighting and keybinds rather than keyboard controls. It’s just easier for me but it’s your choice. The Anne Pro 2 is also capable of being wireless through Bluetooth if you are into that. Great review by the way!

tRAWtrtv says:

You should do a massdrop alt or ctrl keyboard review, my alt should be coming on Monday!!

Coma says:

You just reviewed 2 things that I bought, Finalmouse and This keyboard…

Drake Dumbrique says:

anne 2 pro or ducky one 2?

BHC_ RAMEN says:

You have a good channel and I’ve been looking for a good review in this keyboard so thank you

David Cedeno says:

I got myself a ducky one 80% w/ mx speed. I really want a 60% now.

Timmy says:

ABS is by no means bad if you buy quality ABS caps like GMK, JTK, SP SA, etc.

GameChangerHaik says:

why the fuck does he have 18k subs? when i first watched a video i thought this channel has 1M subs, quality content

LOOLGam1ng says:

my favourite is the MX silver switches also known as MX speed i use a Varmilo Va88M with those switches but it use a Micro USB connection compared to Ducky wich use USB Type C wich is sooooo much better . i tried MX red again with my Ducky ONE 2 Tkl and it was so strange. the MX silver switches Activate at 1.2mm and MX red at 2mm may not sound like a diffrence but i noticed it. finally getting the Ducky ONE 2 mini with MX silver switches. they have been sold out for so long

Lt. Ling says:

mine comes in the 28th of december

Huma Dragonban says:

Getting one for my birthday but it’s in March :/

Safi says:

You can get ajazz ak33 which is pretty similar but less quality and its 40$, but still great keyboard

Xander Immroth says:

I just cant justify losing all those keys, especially because I am a high sensitivity gamer and only need four or five square inches of mouse space.

amgel says:

He does know that there are better switches out there, right?

Zelgadis AWP says:

Hi! nice video. i just wanna know if you’r spacebar is one of the free bonus from the web.. because i like that spacebar design so much. greetings!

Zivtrrs says:

Tfue uses the ducky one 2 mini and the same finalmouse XD

Crasher BG says:

Man how can you say this shit is the best , Its more expensive than Razer OMMMG!!!
And how can it be better !!?! dislike

JayHuy says:

great video, which debounce setting do you use?

David Giardi says:

I watched ur final mouse video when it came out and then this was in my recommended and I love this keyboard so I had to sub

Aeriol says:

You are so underrated, great edits and video and audio quality, love you <3

justin gilbert says:

whats the difference between the Anne pro 2 and this keyboard

Nicholas M says:

this keyboard was easily attainable before a certain someone ruined that

Ariel says:

Why dont you have 1m subs?!?!?

Joemugger Eli says:

can I have your pc….

Unicorn Genesis says:

Getting mine for Christmas! So excited!

DVZN Blaze says:

Im so glad someone finally did a good review of this keyboard!!!

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