Dell Premier Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Review

The Dell KM717 may be the best wireless keyboard and mouse combo I have ever used. The premium build quality and killer features separate it from the pack.

Dell KM717 Keyboard & Mouse:

Written Review:





Lawrence Aragon says:

I use a Logitech mk270 –a wireless membrane keyboard– for everything. Gaming, typing essays, spreadsheets, etc. It’s okay, but I’ve never used anything else except membrane. I’ve felt some mech switches at Best Buy but that’s about it

stokvisz says:

Great review! I am still deciding between this keyboard and the Logitech MK850. Edging to the Dell after watching your video… Also subscribed 🙂

Camhin1 says:

People use mechanical keyboards for thing other than gaming, they are switches designed for typing.

Greg Jankowiak says:

Awesome review, thanks Jay. I’ve been on the fence about getting this keyboard to replace the wired mouse and keyboard that came with my Dell XPS. Your review helped push me over the top. Thanks again.

Jaime Armenta says:

Did he just say the keyboard is expected to last only 12 months? am I missing Something? WTF!!! ??

Dave_ says:

I don’t see the point of getting a “nice” keyboard that isn’t mechanical.

rebelpoxy says:

I can understand your fondness for the minimalist aesthetic, but sacrificing too much functionality for the sake of the said aesthetic and unnecessary portability imo is too much of a big compromise. I got bad experiences with wireless keyboards and mice in the past, both in gaming and at work-related stuff, so I disagree with your choices in this vid.

Fede Morán says:

thanks for that. I was looking for a keyboard with this featurings. It looks like amazing.

MrJewishMessiah says:

There doesn’t happen to be a TKL version of this keyboard, is there? Tried looking around and no luck finding one.

Jack Owens says:

Great video!

Daniel Payne says:

Nice review

Justin Polkinghorne says:

Das keyboards look pretty professional

John Hanson says:

I hope they make a backlit one soon. it would be an instant buy.

Robert Carraro says:

I would like to see a tkl version

Mr Corn says:

Have you ever looking into mechanical keyboard?

Phil K says:

Cheers mate – I’ll have a look for this one

Juan Andres Leon says:

have you had any luck pairing the keyboard to a Mac via bluetooth? I get to the part to enter number on keyboard but nothing happens.

YonasH says:

Hi Jay,
does it work with Mac too?
(I’m looking for a PC keyboard&mouse combo which I will occasionally use with my MacBook)

André Z says:

Hi Jay!
Good review!! Nice!
2 things 🙂
1 – It is time to change desktop background from behind computers!
2 – And the most important… Waiting new Mini0ITX Showcase – Ep3 – I sent my project.

Tks my friend!

igloo2 says:

Looks nice, they should release a tenkeyless version without the mouse. I use a dinovo edge and g700s. I really like these quieter keyboards over mechs.

J. Leveque says:

Not backlit? Rubbish!

Tom Brown says:

Does Dell have a mini version without the number pad of this? Wanna get a wireless mouse and keyboard for a pc I am working on. Cheers!

jason Wiltjer says:

get the surface keyboard and mouse, much better keyboard. also, the arc mouse is very comfortable and portable, idk why he finds its terrible but it really isn’t. I bought it to keep in my bag and use when i wanted, but it has replaced my Logitech mouse on my desk and is used all the time.

Tomislav Medved says:

Did u try Microsoft surface keyboard? Its similar to this one

Eugéne Valénari says:

Hi. What about bios access or os install or it just connect after os is booted? Thx

Jasper says:

This or the Microsoft surface keyboard?

Jaspeee Hax says:

yea, I’m using razer blackwidow x te chroma keybord

Bogdan Nedelcu says:

Thank you for the review. How would you compare this with a ThinkPad laptop keyboard, or maybe with an Anker Compact Bluetooth one?

Ngakak Guling says:

i hope this comes for mac too,, with command button

Alcak says:

Hey Jay, when is the new episode of Mini-ITX PC showcase coming up?
Not enough submissions? Not enough time? Don’t know if you’re busy but some frequency with the uploads would do you good since the content is superb man. Much love…

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