Deko Fast Action Keyboard review (Cherry MX Black)

Skip to 7:21 for a typing demonstration.
I present to you the Deko Fast Action Keyboard, a monolithic monster of a keyboard. It’s HUGE! Hope you enjoy the video! 🙂

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I’m Thomas and I do videos and reviews on mechanical keyboards ranging from the most sickening modern RGB gaming keyboards to vintage hardware relics, or sometimes keycaps or keyswitches ranging from Cherry MX to Alps SKCM to IBM buckling springs and anything in between.

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The practice sentence was: “Hello my name is Thomas and I like big keyboards and I cannot lie, you other brothers can’t deny, that when a keeb walks in with a itty bitty waist and a round thing in your face you get sprung!”


Socky Noob says:

I laughed at the various keys you showed saying this keyboard is relatively tame.

John Matthias says:

Beautiful keyboard – love the layout. I’d like to do a ‘NASA’ keyboard with a similar form with switch guards between F keys.

minerForAHeartOfGold says:

My first Mech was a Steelseries with MX blacks, and I love the weight and the scratchiness

Ádám Babucs says:

Taran ?

un grasoso says:

i need it

August Canaille says:

Chyrosan saying “brobdingnagian” FTW.

Next week: Callypygian?

FirstPersonStranger says:

I love watching videos about giant keyboards, and then typing comments on my Gherkin

TuxmanXP says:

Now this is finally a barely sufficient number of keys.

Crawshayi says:

I love that the best compliment you have for Cherry MX switches is that they end up in cool keyboards. I totally agree with this, I have looked at so many cool keyboards that I’d never actually buy simply because they don’t offer anything other than Cherry MX…

Smugtania says:

Kish drop never gets old

Tagbush says:

What the fuck is this please more gaming keyboards

Kitsune Ultima says:

Macro challenge board accepted… later not now because money… but I’d be willing to try! (I finally have a reason for my Arduino Mega and my Raspberry Pi to exist…)

Steve Martino says:

This is a piece of art

mcmaxmcmc says:

Anything on the bottom of the board?

laserhawk64 says:

Yeah, that keyboard is going to need power as well as data to bring it up. That’s likely the reason that a simple PS/2 cable wasn’t enough to activate it — it probably needs more power than the PS/2 port can normally provide (somewhere in the neighborhood of 650-750mA at 5vDC). If you have –or can get– a manual, you may be able to find pinout information in the manual that would tell you how to wire up a supply. Otherwise I’m afraid it’s a datasheet-and-multimeter dance, to figure out what the thing needs and how to provide it… I could do that for you, but I’d have to have it in front of me… I’m in the US, though, and you’re far, far away — and international postage is not going to be kind to us, because of that…

Natalie 2k1 says:

These specialized non-mass produced boards are a treat. Always unique with lots of personality. It’s a shame the inevitable tradeoff for their uniqueness is the near impossibility of converting proprietary boards. This board seems like it’d be wonderful to use. It’s huge, it’s a looker and would be practically useful (all the extra buttons). The “Overripe Cherry” MX Bland switches are literally the only mediocre aspect. Thanks as always for the review !.

Spearra says:

4:40 If I recall, they were also on a modular keyboard. The ” *Azio Levetron Mech 5* ” if I recall correctly. As unreasonable for such a thing to exist nowadays, I low key wish a company here and there would pursue that concept again.

Madcatz tried. After coming back from the dead, it sounds like they ain’t gonna try that attempt ever again. (That being the “Madcatz Strike 7” keyboard. From what I heard, it seems to actually have a decent build quality despite its controversy)

Though at the same time, if that did exist at a modern level, either they would cut the costs by using Cherry MX (because at the end of the day they’re still the “budget” mechanical switch), or pull a Madcatz and use rubber-domes over membrane. If they didn’t cut corners anywhere, built quality included, I’d imagine it would cost a small fortune. Though considering the price of high end keycaps, honestly at a point, price in the keyboard world becomes irrelevant up to a point.

MishaFlex says:

His voice is like narrating animals like sea cucumbers, ayeaye, sea pigs, and other cool animals. lol

Justin Brewer says:

Do you have the power cable for it? I doubt it requires a KVM to function.

audax989 says:

What switches are on the little keys?

Kaiz The Monster says:


Andrzej Luxanna Roztoczynski says:

It’s beautiful <3

Robert Osswald says:

Not just any display, but a VFD one, which makes it even cooler.

TastyBusiness says:

I do not miss the Deko 1000 machines these game with. Problems abounds.

Mora Fermi says:

Time to get a lab power supply, a multimeter and Bus Pirate?

Glorious-PC- Gaming-Master-Race says:

Where’s the slinky button from again?

Frank Kelley says:

=-) you literary bastard!

Lucid Nonsense says:

We used these at uni in the multimedia suite, they won’t work unless you power them up. I’m pretty sure they stayed in use after the original stations got upgraded, so there’s a simple way to use them with Mac based computers at least.

Chris Eaton says:

Make it work!

goosenp says:

Does a keyboard exist which is made entirely from MX grey switches?

Stianofp says:

This would be nice for Arma 3 haha

Naples Keyboard Company says:

I can’t stand any linears lighter than MX Black. Alps linears are just way to light and low travel for my liking.-Typed from my Wyse WY-60 with MX Vintage Blacks

Nicholas Fiorentini says:

I would absolutely love to get this keyboard working and completely programmable. I’m a sucker for the large-layout keyboards … the more keys, the better!

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