Cut the Cord – Corsair K63 Wireless Keyboard Review!

This vid is sponsored by the Massdrop Vast 35″ Gaming Monitor:
•Corsair K63 keyboard:
•Corsair Lapboard:

The Corsair K63 wireless gaming keyboard is a really great keyboard and is a top choice for a fully wireless connection without sacrificing anything. 1ms response time, blue LED lighting, media keys, compact size…it all adds up to one of the best!

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Lijane Qwer says:

Very relaxing to watch, i tought that keyboard will have insane price because of wireless model. From razer your are getting vired keyboard with just green lights, only its water resistant.Last year logitech ha wireless keboard with NO light and it cost 130$ in my country.This is crazy good deal, but i am still waiting for rewiew of K68 rgb.

Austin S says:

I did not know you were an Eagles fan!!!! E-A-G-E-L-S GO EAGLES!!!!!!!

King Yakko Cubing says:

Nice puppy

TheFuego12 says:

“What if I don’t have a num pad? Then you are poor”

AZEL 3D says:

Pretty cool idea with the lapboard, nice review Frank. Just wish the keyboard was RGB.

Zeh Zahl says:

Why don’t they make it full RGB?

c863 says:

Dog video required

RightYshar k says:

I think I should wait for k63 RGB

mlooch97 says:

I love the shirt! Go Birds!

Jonathan Chanthavong says:

They have a fully optimizable CUE and it’s only just blue…


But seriously just why? I mean they can integrate mode changes into the keyboard just like what they did to the function keys.


what for a shitty sound is it wtf

Dafaruz Irani says:

+1 like for the dog

Silky Slug says:

Man you lucky Frank I wish my corgi chilled with me like that

RoboZombie says:

can u do more gaming streams or a channel for gaming ?

William videos TV says:

Can you do a review about mics under 50$??

Rian P says:

When you only give one option for backlighting why is it not white its neutral and will fit most setups!

SpaceManJoe says:

Bought a k70 yesterday!

Xrod Gaming says:

Not RGB not buying.

Lack Hape Luis says:

THIS IS STUPID…… you still have to charge it….

Ricardo Sousa says:

These corsair keyboards all look so dull and equal to each other

ZE KENZY says:

I love corsair keyboard

Isaac Maier says:

Brown keys pls :/

SomeGuyWhoGames says:

Do a review on Alienware’s new keyboard and mouse please

NotYourAvgJoe says:

like the shirt

gregdingel says:

Gotta have a num pad.

JohnnyMation says:

By the way your content is in proper quality AND your videos are sick .

Adeel Piracha says:


Sam Mulder says:

Well, glad to see manufacturer’s finally moving into wireless keyboards after Logitech but the design of the K63… so 90’s..

Robert Kreese says:

Great review. The only thing that would bug me with this is the batterylife… My old Logitech wireless keyboard used to last for months. 15 hours? I guess you would use it plugged in charging most of the time anyway.

Tezlo says:

Rival 600 Review?

Catalyst says:

If only it had a nicer font…

Ryan Fagan says:

Someone plz give me a link to the mouse

MayonnaiseOreo says:

Great shirt! I got mine a little over a week ago.

Crunch Time says:

I’ve really been thinking about going wireless for my mouse and keyboard and i think you sold it here, great video

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