Customised IBM 4704 Model F107 keyboard review “Project I” (capacitive buckling springs)

Skip to 9:07 for a typing demonstration.
Welcome to Project I, my restored and customised IBM 4704 107-key Model F keyboard. Now we’re cooking with gas 😀 .

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I’m Thomas and I do videos and reviews on mechanical keyboards ranging from the most sickening modern RGB gaming keyboards to vintage hardware relics, or sometimes keycaps or keyswitches ranging from Cherry MX to Alps SKCM to IBM buckling springs and anything in between.

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The practice sentence was: “Hello my name is Thomas and I’m typing on an IBM F107 right now. This must be about as close to keyboard perfection as you’re likely going to get. I mean what more could you possible want?!”



1986… made for “bankers”, my ass. That was it’s code name. I bet it was made for the military, for nuke lunch use against the commies in the cold war.

watching your videos are as upsetting as watching old commercials from the 80’s and early 90’s. Great work as always man, cheers bro.

Chris McDonough says:

I must have one

Kanga Roo says:

jesus fucking christ i love your voice

purpleravenstar says:

*High capacity assault keyboard, circa 1983*

Teal Tracks says:

Just to think that nowadays bank tellers are getting cherry MY keyboards or ibm rubber domes, such a shame

Str1kernaut says:

What do you think about dental floss mod to attenuate the pingy sound of Model F keyboards? Also i feel like the F107, the Battleship and the AT are respectively tuned in D, D# and E

genefreak says:

Over compensating?

Barry Manilowa says:

Cool as hell! Would it make sense to use a phone layout for the numpad? Also, would it be possible to 3D print the barrel plate so you can change the size keycaps? I really like the model M’s return key and I don’t like the step down keycaps as found in the ctrl, shift keys.

Szauko says:

Hey Thomas, can you record a video like “How I record my reviews?”

Jonathan Ulrich says:

Or about [ that ] much in imperial! Love it!

Steve says:

“That much in imperial”
Man this is my favorite channel.

Soei23 says:

I’ve seldom been this close to keyboard love… If this beauty had a full set of function keys AND the inverted L shaped enter key that the Steelseries v7 has + backlighting, I would start saving my dinero to fork out whatever monstrous amount this would cost to own it.
Clicky switch, ELECTRONIC BEEPS WTF!!!, the custom numpad you did (JUST AWESOME). So many good things about it, so few things lacking for my ultimate keyboard dream.
Going to favourite this vid and watch it again from time to time, that keyboard layout, the sound the switches make…

Just need to know if it’s drool resistant

Nahte Snikoh says:

And I thought the F-XT was the best board ever

toastedphantom says:

Look at this absolute UNIT!

Rich Levin says:

Imagine walking into the office carrying that for the first time.

What’s up with the 8 key jutting out?

What do you do for F keys?

Gaius Trollius says:

Put a clock in it (like the focus 9000 has) and it’s the perfect keyboard.

artman40 says:

How does lack of function key row affect the usability of this keyboard?

Azura Bayta says:


Courtney Bennett says:


SundownMarkTwo says:

I half expected you dropping it would just straight up crack your desk in half given how the Kishsaver sounded.

Chevrium says:

That keyboard sound is so… weird, but I love it. It’s like a musical instrument

Kim-Einar Larsen says:

Built to last!

Jasp Cchenn says:

how fast can u type

Mikhail Evtushenko says:

I entertained myself for a bit thinking of how funny it would be trying to pitch an idea of a TV show in pre-youtube era where no faces are shown, just hands of a narrator, and a guy would be reviewing 20-yo computer keyboards. Yet there we are, 24k subs and counting, best educational entertainment channel on youtube. Oh and this board – what a masterpiece! I almost came during typing demo.

Matt Christie says:

Speaking of Imperial, Darth Vader wants his keyboard back! Shields Up!

I was going to make a Chuck Norris joke about the keyboard, but you kept saying Imperial!

Jonathan Gaynor says:

Can I ask for specifics on the replacement foam? Type? Vendor? Excellent video and beautiful project.

haxxy says:

How many keys is that in Imperial?

Angel AR says:

It’ll probably be… that much until I can ever get my hands on one of these.

sonicase says:

ANSI layout would be better….it’s about |______| this much in imperial…because it is imperial…wait, or is it…nope

Bastien Auxer says:

Son….of….a….. Deep breath. OK I just got a unicomop model M space saver. I was on the look out for a key board with reprogramable keys….. But this…. This is so close dream keyboard. If only it had all the function keys like the terminal model.

Commodorefan64 says:

Awesome keyboard that I’m sure in a bank robbery with a single swing to the head would kill the robber from blunt force lol! However way too big for my taste, as I’d rather have a good tenkeyless board with a separate numpad to the left so my mouse is spaced closer. Also I did not mind the imperial jokes as an American, but it was a slight bit overused lol, and as always awesome video. 🙂

Laz _ says:

4.7 kilos… Are you kidding me?

David D. says:

Rose colored glasses? It sounds awful, hideous metallic twangy sound, it’s pretty ugly and apart frorm the built quality I’d want nothing to do with it,

Jonathan Saunders says:

“Extended functionally”…? Yeah, ok, show me your F1 through F12 keys.

SMGJohn says:

haha imao when he goes Imperial on the date.

Elton Williams says:

God damn I love your videos Thomas, keep up the great work

nofreenamestoreg says:

I love the video that much 😀
Thanks for the review, appreciated!


Unicomp Calims That They use Same tooling to make their Model M.. its a Lie.. Both Model F and Model M were Made in Automated Robotic Shops not by Manual Tools… IBM never Made Any Keyboard With Hands .. Type “IBM Manufacturing System – Keyboard Assembly” in Youtube Search Bar watch it how they Made all those Keyboards … It was Far Advance even in 1980s Than You think..

Raposa Dislexa says:

“Or about that much in Imperial”

Jordan Fish says:

Comma on the numpad is an historic innovation.

Herr Bert says:

I played on this as a kid. One of the best input devices ever made.

SempiTurtle1255 says:


devjock says:


Michael Cox says:

That may just be the sexiest keyboard I have ever seen.

Austin Pratt says:

I’ve been waiting for this review for a while, and it’s just as good as I expected it to be. Looking at yours almost makes me want to get mine powder coated, but the paint on mine is in such good condition it would almost be a waste.

Yang Xiao Long says:

0:28 C&C Generals Overlord tank?
4:07 too 😮
4:28 chinese heli
Generals is a great game, good taste

FreeAndEffed says:

I enjoyed this video quite a lot. Or about this much in imperial: < --->

kuvisit says:

The thockiness comparison killed me 😀

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