CRAZY Keyboard You WEAR!

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TAP is a wearable keyboard, mouse, and game controller you can use on any Bluetooth-enabled computer or phone IRL, in AR, or VR!

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Kryogh says:

cheddar is a type of cheese

Lorenzo Gastino says:

But can it run crysis?

Theironsword says:

Really now Linus? I’m sure I could easily type a perfect sentence without looking at my keyboard.

Actually am typing all of this without looking, how’s my typing skills?

ScottySR says:

Click the player and press 3

Toq The Wise says:

“Where VR doesn’t suck” that’s like your opinion, man!

Isaiah Gilliland says:

This would be great in VR.

da says:

I got a Tap strap ad before watching this vid

๖ۣۜF-๖ۣۜβ♂¥ ²² says:

But VR doest suck

Nicolas The nubgamr says:


Mr. McNuggets says:

2:11 what the heck

Abraxis86 says:

I honestly have no idea why we still use these same shitty keyboard designs from an age where people were basically retarded.
It’s like I have to use this thing just because a bunch of technophobes would cry if they had to learn a new peripheral.
It’s like those people in games who’s brains break if you change their mouse sensitivity.
Some folks have fluid intelligence that adapts, others static that doesn’t. And we have to use this shitty slow keyboard because these neanderthals paralyze others with their static so they don’t have to feel like they’re not in control.
Just imagine though, if we could express our thoughts twice as fast… 3 times as fast… this is a universal productivity and creativity boost.
Everyone’s looking at china and wondering why they’re kicking ass. It’s because their language lets them express ideas about twice as fast as ours.
It’s beyond time we optimize our ability for digital communication.
But no. For some reason people just keep on doing things even though our science should have taught us better.

Martin Ezequiel says:

The amount of disinfecting wipes you’d need alone is not worth it.

Mikey L says:

My wpm is around 30 on a normal keyboard; how am I gonna learn that?!

Slozo says:

I wish a invisible keyboard that you can tap on the desk like a keyboard

Thecryingdemon says:

Does anyone remember Google glass?

ding dong gaming says:

I literally got an ad for the tap strap before the video started

zackington the bird says:


Alyson Burrell says:

This video review is surprisingly hilarious

Adittya Abir Dhrubo says:

2:10 woW!

wolfe980 says:

or on phone you can just use 2 thumbs

Gantkung Playz says:

I got an ad of the crazy keyboard in the video before the video LOL

Alkis05 says:

yeah, watch a youtube video about how cable TV is trying to adapt… adapt to be in museum expositions. I don’t have a TV since 2005

Joltaik says:

i got a TAP keyboard ad right before this

Gleidston Filipe says:

Unlike Linus, I don’t chuckle.

Xheen Singson says:

so can you play DOTA2 or LEAGUE OF LEGENDS with that?

Basically Me says:

This is some ready player one shit

Triple splitz says:

Lmao theres was a ad about this when i watched this vid like 5 sec ago

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