Corsair K95 RGB Platinum Keyboard Review… is it worth it??

The K95 RGB Platinum Mechanical Keyboard from Corsair comes in at a whopping $199 USD at the time of this video. That is one of the most expensive keyboards I have ever reviewed on this channel… but was is it worth it?

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Andres DeLaRosa says:

I recently got K95 Platinum and love the build quality, I briefly owned a k70 Rapidfire RGB and previous to that a Razer Blackwidow 2014 edition.

Carrvalier Islar says:

Corsair has yet to deliver for gamers, correct me if im wrong but there
software has NO timer settings for macros. Timing is the most important
aspect for animation cancellation when is comes to combo keystrokes.
Steelseries has a great software program for macros for example. Come
on Corsair, keyboard for gamers maybe, but competitive pvp gamers sadly

P. G.M says:

It’s magnetic lol someone will put his phone on it and fuck the screen up.

RageQuit Games says:

what mouse is he using there?

TR1PW1R3 says:

It’s a nice keyboard but $200 is definitely overpriced for the extra options. $150-$170 is a more define price point for this keyboard.

Katoptrys says:

My laptop’s keyboard because I have no choice. #Icryeverytime

dwarfer777 says:

which one does jay use today

JereDaBear says:

What mouse is that?

Olympic Gaming says:

considering i bought my G19 back in the day for 250 in a store. then returned it and bought off ebay for 180, 200 is not bad. i actually just bought this keyboard for 180 too on sale. coincidence and lucky me i guess 🙂

Hamzeh Sabbagh says:

I did not have a mechanical keyboard before and I can’t decide SPEED or BROWN xD its very confusing

AnthonyBaneVlogs says:

No. That’s all folks!

Danny Minaya says:

+Jay’s two cents make a i digress tshirt

topher1976au says:

Awesome keyboard (it is $AUD349 so bloody expensive!) but I am considering getting the one with the MX Brown switches.. Do you find the speed switches are quieter??

Ryan Money says:

Multimedia keys are a must for me. I have the K70 and I use the mute and volume controls more then any other volume control. I love the volume wheel.

d1w1c1 says:

shittyest review ever. smh

Eisbrecher13 says:

Using an old Merc Stealth for at least 11 years now. I would like to get a mechanical but have gotten so used to the extra side pad for gaming on the Merc Stealth I find normal keyboard layout tough to use to again. I can’t believe how long this keyboard has lasted. My dad, my buddy and I bought them all at the same time and all 3 are still like new. This is the one I been eyeing up since I heard about it so I’ll probably go for it.

GRiM says:

The media keys. A must-have for me. I don’t want a keyboard without them as they work with every media player out there. (at least the ones I have) So yeah, I use them quite often!

EmoXardas says:

Please oh please tell me how to turn off the cpas lock. I had a K70 Veng for years and now the extra row of keys means I an constantly SCREAMING!. I juasat want to turn the dam thing off and use shift if I need a cap.

Draugluin says:

space bar balanced with metal thing? this or the strafe rgb btw ?

Φίλιππος Σρν says:

Can I set the Corsair logo on a specific solicitor colour? Also are Speed switches louder than Red ones?
The keyboard looks truly amazing I must say, but $200…

Captain Compton says:

Doing research for a new keyboard. Still using this G15 that I got for my 15th birthday back in 2010. This July will mark seven years with this thing lmao

Martijn van der Klip says:

lol.. words are hard okay?… you use words as an income, perhaps invest a little in it 🙂
Good review though, mine should arrive tomorrow (crystal mx) so i guess your sponsorship pays off for corsair as well 🙂

Blue Behemoth says:

This keyboard is more expensive than my computer. Saying that, WD 1tb hard drive is more expensive than it

Tony L says:

What kind of computer case is that?

sdf fsdf says:

sliver? brown?

Matt Grosso says:

What’s your desk? @jay

RJ Piccioni says:

just bought this keyboard. No regrets. It is rather expensive but I like certain aesthetics.

Funky Buddha says:

I’d pay for this if I could remove the lead. WTF do you do when the lead inevitably dies? What’s it like to replace?

Erl88 says:

They can take their texturized keys and stick them up where the sun doesnt shine 🙂 at least include and alternative for the spacebar at least.

MessiahWP says:

I use the media keys, it helps if you use spotify and listen to music while playing games

Vatablous Devil says:

Down here in NZ we have to pay around 200-300+ to get a good gaming keyboard like this.

Shinkajo says:

Lolwhat? I’d never buy a keyboard without media keys.

Derpasaur says:

is $160 a good price to get this keyboard

Dishant Mishra says:

I’d rather get the Masterkeys Pro L.

JustFluxz says:

I have K70 Rapidfire that I am trying to figure out if it is worth getting the K95 Platinum. I like the silver accents on the media keys and I like the RGB strip on the top.

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