Corsair Gaming K70 RGB Keyboard vs Razer Blackwidow Chroma – Comparison Review

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The hype for the Corsair Gaming K70 RGB keyboard has been huge, and Razer responded with their Razer Blackwidow Chroma mechanical keyboard. In this comparison video I break down everything you need to know about the two. Show all your gaming friends!


luishui :3 says:

i have some orgams when someone push a button of a blackwidow

Waffle Kid says:

I prefer razer cuz its clickier

JoelZ says:

corsair is better

isaksme says:

too bad rgb k70 is 70$ more expensive.

Ole The Viking says:

You else jacks off to the sound of their keyboard?

DesperateForSubs says:

I prefer razer’s mouses

Cheesy Halo says:

Should I buy the Coolermaster Masterkeys Lite L Combo or this and the Corsair Harpoon RGB mouse?

Adventure Guy says:

This comment was typed on a Logitech keyboard.

MaestroDeimantas//LMK Owner says:

i like razer more cuz the sound and i have RAZER BLACKWIDOW BATTLEFIELD 3 LIMITED EDITION

SVTsupercharged says:

When pressing the keys on the Corsair keyboard they don’t have that great clicking feel. It gives the keys a better and higher quality feel.

Markmarky LoL says:

Razer chroma [keyboard] is better than the other keyboarg

GamerIsCool MC says:

my chose is razer i ike the keyboard =D

Diide says:

I’m out for a cheap rgb keyboard with load sound, (not red switches), have any tips?

Vidyasagar Paleri says:

Did anyone watch until the end? MACHINIMA?!

Taco says:

razer is better end of story. corsair typing sound is worse, wrist rest is bad, the led is not good as razer, the design is worse, the corsair keyboard looks like fucking black wood, the keys are elevated to high, and if razer is just plastic then resort to smashing your razer deathadder mouse when you get pissed because if you throw your mouse against your wall it will work good as new.

Also configuring the led on the corsair too much will distract you. for the first week

Fr O z says:

fuq im jelous

Gregory Briggs says:

Great job randomfrankp!! Just recently stumbled across your channel after being a long time subscriber to LTT, Jayz2cents, Paul’s Hardware, and HardwareCanuks. I think you do a better job than any of those others in providing accurate and thoughtful tech review information that would interest the average consumer when trying to make a purchasing decision. thanks and please keep it up!

leinad12345 says:

you have so nice eyes, you are so handsome 😀
i wasnt expected on this cute face, and was more in the video for you than the keyboards haha

JoonaDz MkN says:

i like more razer blackwidow

JBeast says:

Keyboard AMSR

Sliding__ __Guy121 says:

I personnaly prefer corsair over razer

Swooshy x3 says:

Lol nerds it’s just a keyboard, I personally think razers looks the best but would never spend upwards of $150 on a keyboard

KryticalStrike says:

I like the style of the k70, but I’ve always loved the submerged key design

Mr. Charizard says:

I’m going for………………MSI.

Jacob says:

I don’t like the click of the razer keyboard that’s the only flaw for me!

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