Corsair Gaming K70 RGB Cherry MX Mechanical Keyboard Review

Here is my review of the Corsair Gaming K70 RGB Mechanical Keyboard, which has pretty lighting! 😀

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Lighting Profiles Shown:
Spiral Rainbow by prOBAMA22 =
megarainbow by SmSumodude20 =
Thunderstorm by Schwitz =
Electric Charge by VisualParadox =
Firestorm by Schwitz =
Knight Rider by Schwitz =
nightrider by SmSumodude20 =
Cybernetic by TheGreenGofer =


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Thanks for watching 🙂


Outro music by Approaching Nirvana
Song: Don’t Just Stand There (Instrumental)
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ApplesDotJPG says:

I feel like you went on a date with Linus Sebastian and that is what got you into tech.

Sam Slammer says:

She’s got such a FAPPY mouth, Sounds like its full of fanny juice.

ODN says:

I would love if you could sit on my face while making a review <3

Hazard Cross says:

Im a big Fan of your Channel , Are You giving autographs ? Greetings from Germany

fortas bendras says:

u should make asmr videos your voice so relaxing dont know why ;DD

Thunder Zephyr says:

keyboard or girl……….

Ayush So says:

oh no no no, her voice. i falled in her voice……..

Leave Alone says:

Corsair keyboard cover:

Castiel Wakeham says:

theres something hot about a girl that knows her shit haha 😀

AtotehZ says:

Pretty dissatisfied with the backlighting. They had it down better with the K40. Lights around the keys is counter-productive to its purpose.

Geforce are for n00bs and CHILDREN. I use Quadro to edit 10-bit content says:

My RGB keyboard emits invisible gamma radiation green. I’m a hulk. And blind.

Trotsky says:

Вери гуд

Brendan McPart says:


“BAAAHN Carrot”

Revolutions88 says:

Please make ASMR videos your voice is beautiful

teamhex says:

Short left shift and a two row enter key? Does not sound fun to type on.

Ghostie says:

Damn Girl, You fine

chrissr123 says:

Very nice and professional review! I do have a hard time understanding what you are saying bc you are mumbling a bit, not speaking very clear 🙁 Not being british or native English speaker makes it hard to understand 🙂

nääkeri Bigo says:

the tramp stamp logo

Vincent Westerband says:

You’re nice to look at, but I don’t understand a DAMN thing you’re saying.

Pranesh Arry says:

she looks so cute

Dragonballzgtvegeta says:

I love this keyboard!!!! The only thing is its hard to clean, but an awesome gaming keyboard! BTW, its cool if you don’t reply but what PC games do you like? My fav is BF4. Im not very good but its so much fun!

Skroo says:

Do the LEDs burn out like the ones on Ducky boards?

Geforce are for n00bs and CHILDREN. I use Quadro to edit 10-bit content says:

My keyboard lets me change the country code 5 times before the keys are locked. har har. BS DVD regions.

The Paranormal Voice says:

What model number is this?! 🙂 trying to find on Amazon UK

Caleb Colosky says:

Why does it take you 39 minutes to give an overview of a keyboard lol. Who is going to watch 39 minutes to purchase a keyboard?! Learn to condense and have an outline.

Endles says:

Getting this keyboard in couple days! 🙂 This is the best review out there about this keyboard.. thank you for making this 😀

LurkChard says:

Patriot or nah?

Hwrd says:

U turn my software into hardware!

KickaGamerFreak says:

is this a sort of asmr xD

NightRogue says:

Voice is so hypnotizing lol I can’t stop listening.

Ollie Burton says:

Just ordered one of these with Cherry Browns, great review! 🙂

silt sunrise says:

Ha ha, Never thought about putting tasty in gollum context relating to this channel, though I actually use that line occasionally.

Pedro Manuel Alves Santos says:

Actually if you live in Portugal you can chose btween uk and us layout but no pt.

Максим Коновалов says:

Бля просто заебок , ты такая ахуенная!!!

Art CMBDIA says:

great keyboard! i have the same one for home and work!

The Angry Voluntaryist says:

Your voice should be bottled up and sold as an anti-anxiety medication. It’s heavenly, and strangely really attractive.

Angelo says:

Wow! I would like to get my hands on those

Gladiator Spear says:

U have a nice voice for asmr and the typing was very relaxing. that is a very cool keyboard thanks for the info on it.

Velox says:

Bought this so happy with it, great review

Roberto Castillo Zamudio says:

Great video! Regards from Peru, in South America. 😀

Pigs Nation says:

1. Turn on subtitles
2. ???
3. Profit

Romick Vieira says:

Man i dont want to be dirty but id really like to fuck lauren, not like a pornstar but slowly and kissing her and shit, giving her a nice massage too and cuddle for a little bit.

Randy says:

Just bought the K70 Rapidfire. Awesome keyboard.

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