Corsair Gaming K55 RGB Keyboard Review!

• Corsair K55 RGB (From Amazon):
• Corsair K55 RGB (From Corsair):

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Products in this video:
Corsair Gaming K55 RGB Keyboard, Backlit RGB LED –


Halfish says:

Hey man, this is the first video of yours that I have watched. Have to say I was pretty impressed! Keep up the good work man! Definitely subscribing.

aka Henri says:

why is this 115$ in canada

TheRichardR says:

Really nice keyboard for this price!!!!, thanks for your reviews.

Chill Vibes says:

2:52 thought i had a mechanical keyboard cuz it sounds like it
*looks at switches*

Oskari Larsen says:

if you could control it from a software i would buy it

Platinum Chromz says:

how do you customize the macro keys

Bon QuiQui says:

mechanical switches always key bounce way too much whenever I use them like wtf

DCbebo says:

**It will only register eight keys**

**Smashes head down in keyboard**

*Send Nud*

HcoreX Despo says:

1:54 katarina pentakill

Luuk Nijkamp says:

is it possible to make all the zones green?

GengarO_o says:

eta sjityhaijtuoosahtujaitjaijtiajsdtuiha


Gal Anonim says:

for less money you can get the steelseries apex 100. It might only have one color of backlight but it almost feels like a mechanical.

lucolucas says:

Send nud lmfao

gizmondo69 says:


I lost my shit completely, i never would’ve expected that from a tech channel
Keep it up champ, i’ll sub for this shenanigan

A N O N Y M O U S says:

mm hmm

Satsu kun says:

background backlit, and the dam letters it self doesn’t light up , so what’s the dam point

Sacc says:

Anyone think that mechanical keyboards are really annoying but love the feel?

Allen Blunt says:

Im almost a hardcore Gamer and i own the K55. I really dont want to spend like 100 $ on just a Keyboard…

AnimateOut says:

Wow 50$ Keyboard and ill get a 2$ mouse 😀 seems great.

Benman2785 says:

I brought Z-88 for 56eur – mechanical (blue) RGB; 104 keys US-Layout

PascalGame indonesia says:

2.wrist rest
4.some media button
5.made by corsair
Naah there no way its gonna be mechanical for 50$

111111111111 says:

that send nud thing was hilarious, you should do add those random/funny moments in your videos more but still have that professional touch

Riaz_Grey Acount says:

my Keyboard corsair
k30 economic 😀

Harvey Jones says:


Ramontique says:

It’s not a membrane keyboard but a dome keyboard. Which is a membrane/mechanical hybrid. Look it up on wiki.

Rizart BR says:

5:02 ok

Jimmy A says:

why didn’t Corsair make a $50 10- keyless one without rgb. I use to like Corsair now they make crappie rgb components.

Joe Zokra says:

Do a vid of this keyboard vs the deathstalker?

A N O N Y M O U S says:

only 7 keys registered

Shakel Rahman says:

typing send nud using face. pro.

Wake me up inside Cant Wake Up Inside says:

There are true mechanical keyboards for 50 dollars, you will just have to live without the macros.

Assadullah Baig says:


Sam P. says:

Come on now. Just a couple years ago, ANY keyboard was just fine for gaming. Now I’m supposed to spend 3-5 times more on a keyboard for it to be considered “good enough” for gaming? 😀 I’ve never even broken a membrane keyboard.
I think I’ll stick with a membrane keyboard and “upgrade” when they bring out the pressure sensitive ones.

VidIsBoss VMDG says:

I can get a mechanical keyboard for 20 bucks

Tatai Ghosh says:


Applecake Bf says:

Why is mechanical keyboard better?

Ariel Luces says:

Lmao send nud

Luca Maistre says:

great gaming ???????????? u get mechanical for that price. you mean a great looking keyboard

LuKee says:

Tbh i really like membrane keyboards. Ty frank. 😀

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