Cheap $45 Mechanical Keyboard Round Up!

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You asked for it- today we’re reviewing the cheapest mechanical keyboards on Amazon with surprisingly decent results!

Check out bequiet’s Dark Base Pro 900:

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Buy AULA Demon King Keyboards on Amazon:
Buy E-element Z77 Keyboards on Amazon:
Buy E-element X7200 Keyboards on Amazon:
Buy E-element Z88 Keyboards on Amazon:
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[GD] DudeGuyPerson21 says:

yes we love cheap shit

Humza Asif says:

Where’s the motospeed ck888?

SimpleGamingF2P says:

I use an old imac keyboard from 2000 as my mechanical keyboard it work well and its cheap.

Alessandro Scazzero says:




Judgment says:

There”s a Razer Ornata that”s 48 Dollars on Amazon for prime members go now

Cem says:

Nice nails linus

Nertz says:

Linus might want to update this because I got and it is a good keyboard so far and there others for around the same price

Tech Yeti says:

rip max

King Pixel says:


Léon The Professional Procrastinator says:

I got that magicforce 68. Love it

Kakashi Hatake says:

The redragon k552 kumara is better than most of these other keyboards : )

Paul R says:

Monitors next sub 150 usd

an Offensive Narwhal says:

I’ve got the AUKEY 88 key mechanical keyboard. It’s a workhorse, it’s got absolutely no frills and not even a numerical keypad but DAMN! It works well for what I payed for it. It’s one of the best peripherals I’ve ever used and I even accidentally spilled juice on it once which I cleaned up by showering the board down and leaving it to dry in the airing cupboard for 3 days. Still works perfectly.

M.K.S says:

ew mechanical


no ajazz ak 33? cuz its 30 euros and its better then all of those xD

Mr Indigo says:

I always put the video on 1.25x speed XD he talks so slow

Undead Trooper says:

lmao 6:41 monty pytonon’s flying circuit

Goldstripe says:

I’m using a $30 mechanical keyboard lmao

phoslurper says:

pick one

Andrea Mello says:

Those fucking nails are making me sick

Nikolas Chatsikides says:


Ducktail says:

I have a question. Are these keyboards safe to use? They don’t contain a virus or anything right? Especially the X7200 since thats the one i’m thinking about getting. Thank you! And sorry for sounding like the overprotective annoying guy. And tell me which keyboard you guys think i should get and why, if you want.

The Computer says:



Budget keyboards ?
Umm Logitech g213 or the ms120 combo from cooler master both RGB but are hybrid swtiches .

Kurisu says:

The Larch?

max vu says:

lmao I like how the first item in the description is the fake.

gabriel mantha says:

rosewill neon?

aaron tran diep says:

who doesnt like cheap stuffs?

Heroic Wolf says:

I like small mechanical keyboards like without the keypad and has green or blue cherry mx switches.

hey whats up dude _ says:

what a gay are u i unsubscribe

Ernest Wong says:

I honestly prefer keyboards that have offable lights so I can watch movies

Pump ernickle says:

the e element looks like a drevo keyboard

TrUe -Gaming says:

Hcman mechanical keyboard? 25$

Unstable Doggo says:

Why can’t most of them just have Normal fonts? Feelsbadman

DHCuber says:

Th element z77 has different lighting settings than you showed. (Its in my channel)

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