BEST Cheap RGB Mechanical Keyboard?! Ajazz AK33 RGB Review

Keyboard –
Hello and welcome to another ReviewTag!
In this one we are going to be taking a look at the Ajazz AK33 RGB with red switches.

Blue switch sound comparison –

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Dudeboyman says:

Guys, I bought this keyboard with blue switches and realised that for gaming, this was a bad choice. For typing however it was great. Don’t pick blue for gaming.

MRMURK4G3 says:

Im looking for this keyboard with UK layout & red switches. Cant find it anywhere. Do you happen to know a place?

JuanjoDK7 says:

Great video. Amazon says that this item has not yet been released. Do you know when will it be available? I can’t find it anywhere.

McNugget Butts says:

the only dislike is from e element

TechnoReviews - Hardware & Periféricos says:

Friend I am very sorry to see a channel like yours, with such excellent content and good quality and with so few subscribers. Hopefully it will prosper soon, you deserve it. I also do the same content (unboxing anda review) and it really costs a lot to get subscribers and grow. You deserve millions of subscribers, your content is really very good. I give you a hug!

ElmoSuuri says:

You foegot that you can change the speed of the effects (like the downward going rainbow) with the left arrow key.

Dudeboyman says:

This keyboard does have a bit of key wiggle if that’s an issue for you.

- zpm says:

Where do you bougth?

Wiktor Buliński says:

Have you figured out what fn + f9 does?


Nice! Great Video. im glad somebody actually went over all of the lighting modes in this keyboard. I just really wished they had a 104 key version of this. This is Awesome.

MrScottyTay says:

sadly your link points to the ANSI layout version on amazon and I can’t find an ISO version on there 🙁

dank xdd says:

Great channel mic quality and camera is great you show all parts and cut video so its shorter good work. I can make free intro for you if interested. This is my old channel btw.

Fk says:

i just ordered it cuz i was checking a mechanical rgb keyboard that is small and i found this one good video

Kerim Amet says:

has this keyborad his own software, on aliexpress there was a software on the picture

DV says:

you just got a new subscriber

Vrinder94 says:

I just ordered this 10 mins ago… I noticed the Enter key is small like the backspace key unlike urs which is standard size. Did you switch yours out or? I used the link to amazon that you provided.

Slave Liberator says:

Solid review, THX bro 😉 were the switches consistent? I read a few reviews moaning about wobble…

Sightstone 4Life says:

ak33 rgb have software? or is manually for customization ?

Kalvi Animations says:

The keycaps aren’t actually double shot, they’re low quality laser edged. Double shots are way more quality then these, but these allow for the clean type face.

ThisRandomBoy - Minecraft says:

My mum (yes im British) ordered me one yesterday (Friday) so it will come on Wednesday. I’m so excited about getting it!!

Zhi Liang says:

gold plated USB is actually for aesthetics ..

Jack Hart says:

I wish this was tenkeyless, so you could replace the keycaps easier

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